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FISTS OF STEEL! And I’m not talking about the Chuck Norris Hollywood Movie either!

It’s weird Chinese stuff time again, and of course, it’s courtesy of Brett Minor.

He used to live in Beijing in China, but he’s now moved on to Vietnam. Check out his blog at The Transformed Nonconformist. 

As a quick refresher, his very funny pics for your humorous reading pleasure have included:

And today’s entry to this silly travel blog continues his great tradition of spotting something that little bit weird and doesn’t quite translate very well into English.

This time, it’s some sort of container at a supermarket!

Fists Of Steel… Huh?

Looks like that during the product formulation phase, someone had this branding confused between Chuck Norris, Superman and maybe… something else…

Fists Of Steel - Do Your Own Hero

I would think this product fits the definition of a ‘Genuine Imitation’ as I’m pretty sure the manufacturer or supplier didn’t quite check the copy right laws either!

I’d be fairly sure that DC Comics weren’t asked to see if they could use the Superman logo and wording on this product, but hey, who cares when they’re probably too tired to send their lawyers after this pink device creator?

Or they could have had a chat with the very famous Batman Bin Suparman too who has the funniest passport name in the world!

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Anyway, China is a great place to see this kind of weird stuff! I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list and I can’t wait to generate my own backlog of Chinglish!

More Funny Travel Photos About China:

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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