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Hostel Guest Funny Sign Photo – Hanging Area

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Hostel Guests are very welcome. Maybe!

Today I’ve got a funny travel photo about Hostel Guests from Neil Skywalker (what a cool name – and I did well to refrain from the almost unlimited and very bad Star Wars Jokes I could have generated!) from Around The World In 80 Girls. This is about a book he wrote of a round the world trip of almost 3 years where he went from shy guy to a backpacking Casanova (well, sort of) and how he defeated his own personal demons while travelling through dozens of exotic countries while picking up girls.

The book is of course also packed with many backpacking adventures since he’s a backpacker first and ladies man second. Anyway, the title of the book is pretty funny and I’m planning to check out the book later on. I might have a chat to Neil about this book later!

You can also follow @neil_skywalker on Twitter and Facebook.

Anyway, check out this funny travel photo below that he spotted from his travels:

Hostel Guest Funny Sign Photo - Hanging Area

Neil says ‘This one was taken in a popular hostel (don’t remember the name) in Xian China. I captured the American flag there but it wasn’t much to write home about.’

Okay, China’s past human rights record may not be that flash, but now they want to hang their Hostel Guests?

Somehow I think is is another outstanding example of Engrish or in this case, Chinglish.

Some other great examples of Chinglish from China include signs at The Birds Nest Stadium, Shop Advertising in Tibet, and the Wong Fook Hing Book Store (say the last one out loud – preferably in a crowded place!).

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But hey, if it wasn’t for these translation mishaps, I wouldn’t have any material for this website at all!

These funny signs seem to be pretty common in China these days, as there are many cool examples of Chinglish floating around that don’t quite translate well into proper English.

Oh well!


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