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Travel Advertising and Influencer Marketing

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Travel Advertising and Influencer Marketing – Why Advertise on The Travel Tart?

Anyway, this travel blog website is all about having a bit a fun – which is what travel is all about and attracts people with a sense of adventure and a sense of humour.

If you target all sorts of travellers, including independent travellers, backpackers, flashpackers, gap-year students, campers, or anyone who loves travel with a dash of humour, and you want to enhance your website or brand awareness, there may be an advertising opportunity right for you on this website.

I have also worked with a number of top Tourism Authorities and travel related companies who have benefited from working with me – for example, press trips and blogger trips.

Travel Advertising And Influencer Marketing- Sponsored Posts And Brand Partnerships

The Travel Tart has a very strong brand and is a highly regarded blog related to travel. As an Australian Travel Writer and Blogger, I also branch into print and other online publications.

The website attracts a global readership across all demographics who are interested in travel destinations and experiences around the world across multiple niches – including budget, luxury, offbeat, and adventure travel.

So you could have your brand in front of the following:

  • Unique visitors: 50-60,000 per month, page views: 60-70,000 per month. 48% of visitors are from North America (20% Europe, 17% Asia, Oceania 11%)
  • Twitter Followers: 26,500+
  • YouTube Channel Video Views: 3,200,000+ with over 1,800 subscribers
  • Pinterest Views: 100,000 per month and over 6,300 followers
  • LinkedIn Connections: 5,500+
  • Facebook Page Fans: 5,200+

Interested in advertising on this website?

Please read the below first and then Contact Me.

If you are interested in advertising/sponsored posts, please include the following in your email so that we can cut down on the email ping pong!:

1) Who the advertising is for, and

2) How much (you know what your budget is – just be upfront about it and say what it is!). Put it this way. My background is Sicilian. So please give me an offer that I can’t refuse!

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    Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!