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Offbeat Travel Photo – Wrong Book Shop

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The Offbeat Travel Photo of the Week is shown below, and it was sent to me via email. It’s one of those photos where you have to say the sign out loud. The louder, the better, as this makes it even funnier!

Basically, this photo highlights the language conundrums of the world. Otherwise, known as Engrish!

I’m just wondering if the returns department of the Wong Fook Hing Book Store is titled? Maybe the Fook Hing Returns section? Sorry, very corny joke!

The Wong Fook Hing Book Store!

Holy moly, the options and silly jokes that can be cracked from this sign are potentially endless!

Wong Fook Hing Book Store! Wrong Book Store Offbeat Travel Photo -

I think this photo was taken in Hong Kong after a Google search – Google knows the answer to everything… And it seems to be circulating the internet in perpetual motion, making English people laugh all over the world.

This picture could be completely doctored for all I know, but I found this Offbeat Travel Photo funny anyway and thought it was worthwhile featuring it because I scored quite a few laughs from it! If I ever come across the shop in Hong Kong, I’ll need to venture inside, and possibly buy a book – hopefully one that almost sounds just as funny as the book shop itself!

If you are still having trouble getting it, read this out loud – WONG FOOK HING BOOK STORE!  You will get the gist of it! Make sure all of your family and friends are around to witness it!


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I wonder where the right one is?

Anyway, for more joy on the misunderstanding of world languages, you can read more at The Joys of Engrish!

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12 thoughts on “Offbeat Travel Photo – Wrong Book Shop”

  1. Avatar Of Swearing

    You should travel around mainland China! You’ll find lots of great chinglish to photograph on signs and menus. In Beijing there’s a hair salon called “ASS Hair Salon.”

  2. Avatar Of J Choban

    Funny! I also saw:
    “Slip Carefully”
    “Chemist for the Tumor of Shanghai”
    And the “Pecker Lie Fallow Shoe Store”

  3. Avatar Of Malaysian

    Just to explain a little, the shop is named after a person’s name. ‘Wong’ is the sirname, while ‘Fook Hing’ is the given name.

    Apparently the parents have to really make up their minds earlier on whether the son should be addressed by ‘Won’t F Him’ or ‘F Him’!

    Gosh, what a head-spinning name!! 🙂

  4. Avatar Of Rachel

    I think this photo was taken in Hong Kong after a Google search. It could be doctored for all I know. Wrong Book Shop This entry is filed under Travel.

  5. Avatar Of Pie

    I don’t really understand why the book store name is funny? Maybe i am not getting it? Can someone please help me? Or should this be only funny to people who knows chinese?

    1. Avatar Of Alice

      I just got called racist for sharing a memory of sharing this post 8 years ago on Facebook. So you’re not the only one who doesn’t get it.

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