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Engrish Funnies!

Check out the funny Engrish sign of the week below. Personally, I love the Engrish signs that come from Japan and other Asian nations. Actually, sometimes they might come from countries where English is the first and official language spoken!

I get a big kick on how things don’t translate well between languages, thus creating an assortment of amusing signs and funny translations. What might seem totally innocent for one person, might take on a completely different meaning for another!

Engrish WTF?

Yes, you have to look twice at this Engrish sign! This sign is commonly seen on the impeccable public transport system in Japan. I have never experienced public transport that is so quick, clean, efficient and reasonable anywhere else in the world. But sometimes, the signs on the subway, trains and bullet trains make you think twice!

This was received via email from one of my friends.

Upon the first viewing, the sign below seems to say the following people need to have preferential seating:

  • men with large erections
  • lovers doing the cowgirl
  • men with beer guts
  • women who are giving birth!
But have a closer read of the article and all become clear! Maybe!

Engrish Funny &Amp; Amusing Japanese Sign Photo Translation Of The Week

More Engrish Stuff!

Funnily enough, you can read more at The Joys of EngrishChinglish: Found in Translation! and Here Speeching American: A Very Strange Guide to English as It Is Garbled Around the World.

For me, it would be like the Monty Python sketch where John Cleese walks into a shop with an inaccruate English-Hungarian dictionary and he starts talking stuff like “My Hovercraft is full of eels, do you want to come back to my place for bouncy bouncy”!

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Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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