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Road Safety Campaign & Signs – The Best Advertisement Ever!

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Most of us are familiar with the odd Road Safety Campaign that graces our newspapers and telvisions now and then.

You know, the ones about slowing down so you can be there for your family at the end of the day, or possibly encouraging you to trade in your dodgy rustbucket in exchange for something more safe.

These campaigns are usually commissioned by our governments and they hire an expensive advertising agency to come up with commercials and advertisements that are aimed to scare the pants off us. But over the years, I think they have worked as deaths caused by car crashes have reduced in many first world countries.

However, I found a very simple, yet effective way to promote road safety with a new kind of Road Safety Campaign. One that is very much in your face!

Road Safety Campaign Photos – The Awesome, and Non PC Way!

Check out this display I spotted on the way to Muara Takus Buddhist Temple on the way from Pekanbaru, in central Sumatra, Indonesia.

Makes you look twice, doesn’t it?

Road Safety Campaign Best Advertisement Ever Car Crash

Yes, it’s a car wreck from an actual fatal car accident, on display outside of a police station on the main highway.

The rough translation from Indonesian into English means the following:

‘Who want’s to join me? Death is always around you. So be careful when driving. Just let me be the victim. Obey the traffic rules’.

A Road Safety Campaign like this this would be politically incorrect in most Western countries, but this powerful scene grabbed my attention like rabid dog wanting to chew off part of my hand.

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Somehow, I’m not sure if the drivers involved were following the Road Rules.

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But there’s more – check out a similar motorbike memorial display!

More Road Safety Campaign Stuff

Put it this way, I took notice of this Road Safety Campaign! Check out more at Effective road safety campaigns: A practical handbook.

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13 thoughts on “Road Safety Campaign & Signs – The Best Advertisement Ever!”

  1. Avatar Of Ira

    I think this kind of campaign is very common in our country. Actually, there is one of this monument (if I could say so) near Palembang.

  2. Avatar Of James

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  3. Avatar Of Menards Patio Furniture
    menards patio furniture

    One of the best I’ve seen. And I do travel a lot and I see a lot of these signs. But this one really gives the message. Great

  4. Avatar Of Interwest Safety
    Interwest Safety

    What a gread ad campaign – I think that it really draws the target audience in and helps to get their attention. I know that if I saw this it would make me think twice about the way that I drive!

  5. Avatar Of Bob Roberts

    They’re way late… the USAF did this all the time, put a car that was the result of a drunk driving incident just inside the main gate where everyone coming or going would see it. They even posted a sign telling how many were killed and injured in the wrecks.

    Young dumb airmen and officers still drank and drive though…

    1. Avatar Of Anthony

      I guess sometimes, it doesn’t matter how gory the message is, advertising campaigns like these still don’t work sometimes!

  6. Avatar Of Red Nomad Oz

    If we were REALLY serious about reducing the appalling number of deaths by automobile accident, we wouldn’t be worrying about whether shock treatment is politically correct or not!

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