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Unusual Road Safety Signs in Australia – Fatigue Zone Trivia!

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Falling asleep at the wheel? Well maybe you need to feast your eyes on some of these unusual road safety signs that are dotted all over Australia

These are actually practical signs that might actually save your life because you actually take notice of them – like the Sand! sign in Namibia.

Loads of us have undertaken a road trip. When you live in a big country like Australia, there are usually hundreds or thousands of kilometres/miles involve with your journey, and that involves a number of hazards such as fatigue and just being plain old tired.

Yes, the road can be hypnotising. And that’s why Australia has Fatigue Zone Trivia!

This unusual method of road safety campaign is implemented in areas where there are high numbers of crashes and incidents on certain stretches of road.

Keep an eye out for them!

Traffic Signs Meanings

At first you’ll think WTF, but there is a method behind the madness!

So how to these road safety signs work?

Well, you’ll be driving along the road and you’ll come across a sign saying ‘FATIGUE ZONE – Trivia Games Help You Stay Alert’ – like this one.

I spotted this one near Gympie in Queensland.

Unusual Road Safety Signs In Australia - Fatigue Zone Trivia!

Then you’ll come across a trivia question – pretty much what you comes across on any trivia night at any pub around the world.

Like this one. I guess this might create some competition in the car amongst all of the smarty pants people!

Fatigue Zone Trivia

A couple more minutes down the road, you’ll have the answer to the trivia question.

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How To Stop Falling Asleep At The Wheel

You know what, it’s just so simple, that it works.

And when you finally pass the Fatigue Zone, you’ll have this sign going past your rear view mirror:

Objects In The Rear View Mirror

You just never know!

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