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Pekanbaru Indonesia – Living With The Locals

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Pekanbaru Indonesia – Central Sumatra Surprise Package

Pekanbaru Indonesia – is in central Sumatra, Indonesia.

It’s best known as a centre for the oil production industry in Indonesia.

However, I’ve spent the last couple of days here enjoying the hospitality of one of the local blogger’s family, and meeting with the local Blogging Community here.

Here is a photo of them:

Firstly, from the top left, there is Taufik.  He works in the public service and is the chairman for the local blogging community in Pekanbaru, called Bertuah.

He has been showing me around the place, including the Muara Takus Buddhist temple which I will write about later.  He’s also introduced me to the unexpected joys of Teh Telur, or Tea With Egg.

Then there is his wife Poppy, who works part time as an English teacher whilst juggling the demands of being a mother as well.

Taufik and Poppy have two kids – Askan, who is 8 (pictured), and Aurel who is 5 months old (who was sleeping at the time of this photo).

They live together with Poppy’s parents’, Anwar and Puti, or Atuk and Nenek for Grandpa and Grandma, and Poppy’s brother.

Life In Pekanbaru, Indonesia

This kind of scenario is common in Indonesia.  While we might call this situation an ‘extended family’ in the Western World, these guys call themselves just ‘family’.

Taufik calls his in-laws his father, mother and brother.

There is no word called ‘in-law’ attached.

Family is an essential focus of daily life here.

Still Bored At Work? Then Check Out:  Muara Takus Buddhist Temple - It's Not In My Guidebook

Askan is now my new best friend. He likes to play with me and practice his very good English as well.  He was really upset about me leaving, but I’m sure I’ll see him again somewhere!

Whilst family is a major focus, the greater good is also in the forefront of people’s minds.

It’s been an interesting few days since the tragic events of the Padang Earthquake in West Sumatra.

Even though people here are poor themselves, that does not stop them from giving money to street collectors raising funds for the Padang Earthquake relief effort.

These street collectors are located all over Pekanbaru and Sumatra at the moment, and people are sparing what they can to help out the effort.

Volunteer Collecting Money For Padang Earthquake | Airasia Pesta Blogging Communities Trip 2009 | Pekanbaru Indonesia - Living With The Locals | Air Asia, Blogging Community, Indonesia, Oil Industry, Pekan Baru, Pekanbaru, Pesta Blogger, Sumatera, Sumatra, Travel Blogs | Author: Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart Blog

They also know that Australia (and other countries) are helping out with the relief effort, and I have received many comments of appreciation that my country is helping out.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the great hospitality shown to me from everyone in Pekanbaru and surrounds, and I will never forget it!

It’s been a fascinating insight into the Indonesian way of life, and frankly, people around the world do want the same things.

They want food, shelter, have fun, and to be with their family and friends.

We just do these things in different ways.

More Pekanbaru Stuff

There are more posts coming about Pekanbaru, so stay tuned!

Find out more about Sumatra at Footprint Sumatra Handbook: The Travel Guide.

Air Asia has helped me get to Indonesia to experience this fantastic trip.  Check out their website for their airfares all over the place!

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10 thoughts on “Pekanbaru Indonesia – Living With The Locals”

  1. Avatar Of Taufik

    I’ll be close here to wait the next trip of you.
    I think u’re in Palembang right now… Greeting for local bloggers there from bertuah. Thx, and have a wonderful trip

  2. Avatar Of Hj Nordin Kassim
    Hj Nordin Kassim

    Akan ke Pekanbaru bersama famili untuk menziarahi famili di indonesia yang belum pernah dikenali.

  3. Avatar Of Wispr Vaporizer
    wispr vaporizer

    most people dismiss indonesia. I personally really want to go there, and hope I get to soon. I just wish it wasn’t so far away.

  4. Avatar Of Mona Shari

    would like to find out where does the expats kids go to school in Pekanbaru? tq

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