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Muscle Cars from Australia – Loud V8 Racing Beasts That Cause Industrial Deafness

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This one is definitely for those who love the sound of V8 Muscle Cars and other motor enthusiasts out there – otherwise called the rev heads or petrol heads.

I recorded a couple of videos about Muscle Cars as part of the Targa Tasmania trip I did with Mazda in 2011. This is a popular racing event that takes place on public roads throughout the Australian state of Tasmania for about a week. Cars need to be registered to actually be legally driven on the road, so these cars aren’t confined to a racetrack – even though they probably should be.

What this means is that rally stages are cordoned off so that unsuspecting general motorists don’t find themselves being ploughed into by a car that’s on steroids!

Muscle Cars – Mayhem!

Anyway, one of the noisiest cars I’ve ever heard in my life was a 1970s model Holden Torana that sounded like it was going to explode. This was a popular model produced in Australia that many petrol heads liked modifying in their attempts to break the land speed record. But this one was probably trying to break the ear drums of everyone that came in close contact with it.

I’ve included a couple of videos to illustrate what I mean. What you need to do is turn up the speakers on your computer as far as it goes just to get an indication of how noisy this V8 engine is – and this nowhere near as loud as being right next to this small pocket rocket.

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Video 1 – The Starting Line

Check out the start, and turn up the volume. Bear in mind, I was more or less next to this Holden Torana when it was revving the crap out of itself. And I managed to score some tinnitus from this beast in a very short period in time. You might barely hear me say ‘This is frickin loud!’ which is almost completely drowned out by the engine noise.

I can’t imagine this car being too popular  when being driven around suburban streets at night!

Video 2 – Racing a Targa Tasmania Stage

I was a little bit further away with this one, on the side of the road waiting for the cars to zoom past. You will get an idea of the acceleration and gear changes here! This sounds and looks really mean!

For some reason, these two videos of Muscle Cars have been really popular with all of the car racing fans on my You Tube Channel, judging by some of the comments I’ve received.

Some of the best ones are:

  • WTF !!! That noise !! I’ve heard some mean V8s, from Group C and A tourers, sports sedans, V8 Supercars, drag cars, but holy crap, that thing is so awesome !!
  • I think I just wet myself
  • It’s hard to fathom how people like rotaries and 4 banger turbos I think I’d pass up a date with Jenifer Hawkins to drive this thing lol
  • This is my ring tone
  • It sounds awesome because its a standard Torana hatchback with about $200,000 spent on the thing
  • My wife suggested that I change my email ring tone…..thanks Dude, you just gave that idea the nudge we need !
  • Not a Chevy small block people – It’s the original Holden 308 configuration – The exhaust is where all the power comes from…..Cheers – The Driver
  • When Chevy small blocks are properly relieved (heads, headers, and exhaust), the result is this. Pure audio heroin
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Anyway, glad to hear that these videos have brought a lot of audio joy to the world! If you’re interested in more check out what’s available about the Holden Torana on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Muscle Cars from Australia – Loud V8 Racing Beasts That Cause Industrial Deafness”

  1. Avatar Of Hannah Loveplaywork
    Hannah Loveplaywork

    We went to the V8 super car thing when we were in sydney a couple of years ago. It was a good one off and i did get a kick out of the noise but I’m kinda hoping I won’t have to go again as we head back that way next month… haha

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