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Lamborghini Gallardo Funny Photo – Out Of Gas!

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Todays photo is of the Out Of Gas Lamborghini Gallardo – and this happened at the recent Targa Tasmania Car Rally I checked out that Mazda Australia sent me to.

It’s rare to see this sight on the side of the road – a half a million dollar super car being filled up with fuel from a Jerry Can!

But I guess that if a vehicle relies on fuel to get from Point A to Point B, there is always a chance of it running out, especially if you’re flooring the accelerator (or pedal to the metal which is Australian Slang for driving very fast!)

Lamborghini Gallardo – If you can afford one, you can afford the Gas!

Lamborghini Gallardo Out Of Gas Funny Photo From Targa Tasmaia

To be fair, these guys had suffered some damage to the car after hitting something, which may have caused this technical problem. But hey, it’s still funny to watch an expensive car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars being filled up with only about $15 worth of fuel!

I’m thinking these guys won’t want to be Out Of Gas again with their very expensive metal beast!

Anyway, this is what the Lamborghini Gallardo looks like after it has fuel in the tank!

If you’re right into fast cars and Lamborghinis, check out Lamborghini Today: A Tempo Furioso. You can own your own Lamborghini Gallardo with this scale model Maisto Special Edition 1:18 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

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1 thought on “Lamborghini Gallardo Funny Photo – Out Of Gas!”

  1. Avatar Of Targa Tragic

    Did he forget his fuel voucher discount docket that you get from the supermarkets?

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