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Largest Ring In The World for Engagements or Weddings

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The Largest Ring In The World – Don’t let your wives or girlfriends near this bling bling!

If you’re feeling like maxxing out your credit card as far as you can go, a good place to do this is at the Gold Souq in Dubai. It’s renowned for producing good quality gold jewellery for much less than what you would pay at home. And because local merchants are serious about their reputation, you can safely by something golden here and find that it is actually authentic and you haven’t forked out a bit of metal that has been scraped out of a slag heap! It’s also home to the Largest Ring In The World, but more on that later.

Anyway, it is literally almost bedazzling to walk around the Gold Souq. Check out this window store front as an example. This is just some of the crazy jewellery available there. There are about 350 shops in the Gold Souq, many of which cater for the elaborate dowry’s that are required as part of local wedding customs. I would hate to think how much the gold in this window is worth.

Gold Souk Dubai

However, this is nothing compared to one of the many Guinness World Records that Dubai holds, which includes the world’s biggest shopping mall and the world’s tallest building.

Check out the Largest Ring in The World – and compare it against my large hand!

Photos of the Largest Ring In The World

Largest Ring In The World

Yes, this is mental. In total, this ring weighs about 63 kilograms (around 139 pounds) with 58 kg of this ring being 21 carat gold, with the remainder being the large gems that are set within this precious metal beast. This ring is probably worth as much as the Gross Domestic Product of some countries!

Obviously, there is a security guard keeping an eye on this gold monster. It’s so large, I reckon I could wear this ring as a belt!

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There is even the Guinness Book of World Records Certificate that is proudly displayed in the front window to prove that it is the Largest Ring In The World! That is, before some other shop in the Gold Souq tries to outdo it!

Guinness World Records Certificate

Anyway, it’s worth taking a trip to the Dubai Gold Souq just to see this ring, even if you aren’t a big fan of jewellery. I managed to score an upgrade to Emirates Business Class on the way home which gave me a 40 kilogram limit, and that wouldn’t be enough to accommodate this ring!

Oh well. To the men out there, if your long term girlfriend out there starts dropping hints to go ring shopping, show her this! Then again, maybe not!

Anyway, see more on Definitely Dubai if you’ve recovered from watching this bling!

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