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It’s toilet humour time again! Yes, it’s a common theme on this silly website, and today’s post is about Urine Problems!

But not the kind when you get a bit older and can’t control your bladder and you have to go to the toilet multiple times throughout the night.

Anyway, I received this funny travel photo from Brett Minor, who’s been living in Beijing, China for the last few years. He’s keeping my blog running at the moment since I’m not doing much travel at the moment, and he has supplied me with a tonne of Chinglish gold which I’m going to feature!

Check out his blog at The Transformed Nonconformist. He sent me the Mariboro hat, the Best Laundry Instructions Ever, the rather badly disguised sporting goods knock off brand called abibas, and the Recycling Bin that might accept bodily fluid!

Here is his latest crack up!

Urine Problems – That Every Man Has..

I think all of us blokes have done this at some point in their lives!

Urine Problems

Holy splashback Batman! Looks like the guy in the sign can wet his pants when his piss ricochets off the floor!

Brett jokingly said ‘Standing closer to the urinal on the wall is standing closer to civilization.’

Ha ha!

Maybe they need the soccer net in the urinal like they have in Germany. This definitely makes men aim for the right spot!

Anyway, for more toilet humour light entertainment, find more below:

Still Bored At Work? Then Check Out:  Shop Tibet - Weird Information Sign

Have fun with this bodily function the next time you visit the urinal!

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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