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Ever moved out of home for the first time and wondered on How To Do The Laundry because your parents had done it all for you over the past couple of decades?

Well, there’s an inventive way that clothing manufacturers in China have create to remind you on how to do it properly before you chuck all of your smelly clothes into the washing machine!

But before I get there, it’s really not that hard. Here are some life hacks from me.

This is how you do your laundry and washing:

  1. Separate your whites and colours if you don’t want your whites becoming colours. You can read the labels, right?

  2. If some of your clothes say ‘wash separately’, do them in another load!

  3. Chuck your clothes in the washing machine.

  4. Put washing powder or laundry detergent in the washing machine.

  5. Select the appropriate cycle. If you are a filthy pig and roll around in mud or day, that’s what’s called a heavy load. Everything else is pretty much regular, unless you have something fragile.

  6. Turn washing machine on and walk way for a while.

  7. When washing machine is finished, your clothes are washed!

  8. Hang out clothes on the clothes line for them to dry in the sun. If it’s raining, put them into the clothes dryer if you have one.

  9. Put clothes into clothes basket.

  10. Iron the clothes if they need ironing.

  11. If you don’t need clothes, put them away.

  12. Wear clothes.

  13. Put dirty clothes in the washing basket.

  14. Go back to point #1 and start again.

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There you go! With these amazing laundry tips, you’ll even learn how to clean my own silly travel clothes, including my awesome travel t-shirt!

Plus you can figure out how not to stuff up all of your funny t-shirts, including the ‘Must Be This Tall To Ride‘, ‘National Pornographic‘, ‘I Love Boobies‘, ‘Amsterdam Microsoft Windows‘ and the David Boon Shirts.

Anyway, back to this silly article. I received this funny travel photo from Brett Minor, who’s been living in Beijing, China for the last few years. Check out his blog at The Transformed Nonconformist. He sent me the Mariboro hat!

Here it is!

How To Do The Laundry Directions – Literally!

Ha ha!

That’s right, make the laundry directions as obvious as dog’s balls on the back!

  1. ‘How To Do The Laundry’
  2. #Hand Wash
  3. #Do Not Tumble Dry

Just brilliant!

How To Do The Laundry

I briefly considered becoming a self absorbed fashion blogger once, which meant I would have had to have learnt some more laundry tips to take care of all of the expensive clothes all of the high end fashion brands would have wanted me to spruik, but I decided to stay as a scruffy backpacker instead.

Anyway, I should do a trip to China to see what sort of funny clothes I can lay my hands on.

That’s if they’d fit me!

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Avatar Of Miss Footloose

Miss Footloose · at

No, no! Not the best directions ever! You have to weigh your loads first! European machines ask you to load by weight. Yes, it’s true! (Not that I have ever done it. Life is too short to weigh dirty clothes.) And you didn’t say in which one of the 3 sections of the soap drawer you have to put the detergent, or how much of it, and maybe where to put the bleach or the softener if you feel you need it. Doing laundry is a science, you know!

Avatar Of Transformed Nonconformist

Transformed NonConformist · at

Thanks for the shout out. My favorite t-shirt I’ve seen here, I wasn’t able to get a picture of.

It was printed on the back of a shirt and took up the entire shirt from the collar all the way down to the hem at the bottom. The top said T-SHIRT and then it was followed by the dictionary definition of t-shirt.

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