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Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

David Boon (affectionately known as ‘Boony‘!) is one of Australia’s most popular cricket players ever. He was the product of a bygone era when cricket players used to drink and smoke and still perform well on the cricket field!

Well, this tactic must have worked for Boony because he scored over 7,000 runs in test matches, most of that with a beer gut and handle bar mustache!

David Boon

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Boony is still so popular these days, that people still get dressed up as him at cricket matches all around the country, and even create their own hand made shirts with ‘Boony’ emblazoned across them.

However, there is another Boony shirt which takes paying homage to him to a whole new level.

Anyway, my sister has a warped sense of humour like myself. A couple of years back when she wanted to see a cricket game at the Brisbane Cricket Ground (otherwise known as the Gabba), she came up with a silly cricket shirt idea that would definitely score a lot of attention.

In fact, she decided to have some made up for herself and a friend!

So to celebrate the Boxing Day Test Match in Melbourne, which is an annual tradition, here is her silly David Boon shirt version!

Probably the best David Boon or Boony Cricket T-Shirt Ever!

Yes, silly, but an attention grabber.


I’m sure you could apply this same concept to a number of words in any language that uses the Roman alphabet, but you get the idea here!

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I reckon this idea could catch on like wildfire! By the way, because this concept has appeared on this stupid website, it’s now copyrighted so any one wishing to rip this idea off for their own profit, beware! I’ll send some soulless lawyers your way to recoup my sister’s share of intellectual property!

By the way, my sister is keen to turn this into a business opportunity, so if you feel like partnering with her, contact me and I’m sure I can arrange something as long as I receive some of the cut!

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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