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Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride. The Very Politically Incorrect Version!

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Ahh. Funny T-Shirt Time again. This time, about the sentence which seems to appear more often at a theme park than anywhere else – ‘Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride‘.

I guess it would be pretty gutting for a little kid to be knocked back from a really cool roller coaster because they are only 0.5 cm away from reaching the regulation height. There’d be nothing like watching your friends have a great time on the ride just because you’re a little bit too short!

Well, with the English language, the identical piece of wording can often be interpreted in more than one way! And today’s post has nothing to to with hopping on a thrill seeking amusement park ride!

Anyway, it seems to be the domain of the male (not always) to wear T-Shirts that have a bit of a laugh so that they can strike up a conversation with travellers all around the world.

I actually have a few funny T-Shirts that do the trick. There’s nothing like giving others a laugh so you can spread a bit of happiness around the world.

Some of the funny T-Shirts that have graced this silly website in the past include:

But here’s one that takes a bit of bravery to wear out on a night out on the town – especially if you’re trying to chat up the ladies!

Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride.. OMG!

Don’t know if it works, but hey…

Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride. Funny T-Shirt

This was spotted by one of my mates during his trip to the Philippines and he decided to send it to me for a bit of a laugh.

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He had a good chuckle at this bright yellow piece of cotton which frankly does stand out like a tonne of dog’s balls (Australian Slang for ‘standing out from the crowd)!

Not sure if I’d wear this on a big night out, but there’s obviously a market and a demand for these witty pieces of clothing and literature!

Anyway. If you’ve got a funny T-shirt anecdote, let me know and I’ll feature it!

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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