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British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms & Expletives! Some Funny Pommy Vernacular!

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Ahhh, English. No other language in the world has been as bastardised as this one! And today’post is about where it all started – British Slang!

What I mean is that this once mighty British Empire that more or less covered a quarter of the world’s land surface could not ever have imagined that English would evolve to almost a million words – and almost every single one of them would be an English slang word! Actually, every single saying are probably Jokes in English!

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Some Funny Pommy Vernacular! | British Curses, British Dirty Slang, British English, British Idioms, British Insults, British Lingo, British Phrases, British Sayings, British Slang, British Slang Dictionary, British Slang Terms, British Slang Words, British Swear Words, British Vernacular, British Vulgar Words, British Words Vs American Words, English Expletives, English Language, English Slang, English Slang Words List, English Translations, Germanic Languages, Jokes In English, Mug British Slang, Northern Irish Slang, Rhyming Slang, Scottish Slang, Tart British Slang, United Kingdom Slang, Urban Dictionary, Welsh Slang | Author: Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart Blog Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Asin=1532949553&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Format= Sl250 &Amp;Tag=Thetratar 20 | England Travel Blog | British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms &Amp; Expletives! Some Funny Pommy Vernacular! | British Curses, British Dirty Slang, British English, British Idioms, British Insults, British Lingo, British Phrases, British Sayings, British Slang, British Slang Dictionary, British Slang Terms, British Slang Words, British Swear Words, British Vernacular, British Vulgar Words, British Words Vs American Words, English Expletives, English Language, English Slang, English Slang Words List, English Translations, Germanic Languages, Jokes In English, Mug British Slang, Northern Irish Slang, Rhyming Slang, Scottish Slang, Tart British Slang, United Kingdom Slang, Urban Dictionary, Welsh Slang | Author: Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart BlogIr?T=Thetratar 20&Amp;L=Am2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=1532949553 | England Travel Blog | British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms &Amp; Expletives! Some Funny Pommy Vernacular! | British Curses, British Dirty Slang, British English, British Idioms, British Insults, British Lingo, British Phrases, British Sayings, British Slang, British Slang Dictionary, British Slang Terms, British Slang Words, British Swear Words, British Vernacular, British Vulgar Words, British Words Vs American Words, English Expletives, English Language, English Slang, English Slang Words List, English Translations, Germanic Languages, Jokes In English, Mug British Slang, Northern Irish Slang, Rhyming Slang, Scottish Slang, Tart British Slang, United Kingdom Slang, Urban Dictionary, Welsh Slang | Author: Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart Blog Q? Encoding=Utf8&Amp;Marketplace=Us&Amp;Asin=0933143400&Amp;Serviceversion=20070822&Amp;Id=Asinimage&Amp;Ws=1&Amp;Format= Sl250 &Amp;Tag=Thetratar 20 | England Travel Blog | British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms &Amp; Expletives! Some Funny Pommy Vernacular! | British Curses, British Dirty Slang, British English, British Idioms, British Insults, British Lingo, British Phrases, British Sayings, British Slang, British Slang Dictionary, British Slang Terms, British Slang Words, British Swear Words, British Vernacular, British Vulgar Words, British Words Vs American Words, English Expletives, English Language, English Slang, English Slang Words List, English Translations, Germanic Languages, Jokes In English, Mug British Slang, Northern Irish Slang, Rhyming Slang, Scottish Slang, Tart British Slang, United Kingdom Slang, Urban Dictionary, Welsh Slang | Author: Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart BlogIr?T=Thetratar 20&Amp;L=Am2&Amp;O=1&Amp;A=0933143400 | England Travel Blog | British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms &Amp; Expletives! Some Funny Pommy Vernacular! | British Curses, British Dirty Slang, British English, British Idioms, British Insults, British Lingo, British Phrases, British Sayings, British Slang, British Slang Dictionary, British Slang Terms, British Slang Words, British Swear Words, British Vernacular, British Vulgar Words, British Words Vs American Words, English Expletives, English Language, English Slang, English Slang Words List, English Translations, Germanic Languages, Jokes In English, Mug British Slang, Northern Irish Slang, Rhyming Slang, Scottish Slang, Tart British Slang, United Kingdom Slang, Urban Dictionary, Welsh Slang | Author: Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart Blog

I’ve heard all sorts of funny slang, from New Zealand, to South Africa and everywhere else!

But for starters…

What are some funny British Slang Words?

English Slang Words Expressions Expletives | England Travel Blog | British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms &Amp; Expletives! Some Funny Pommy Vernacular! | British Curses, British Dirty Slang, British English, British Idioms, British Insults, British Lingo, British Phrases, British Sayings, British Slang, British Slang Dictionary, British Slang Terms, British Slang Words, British Swear Words, British Vernacular, British Vulgar Words, British Words Vs American Words, English Expletives, English Language, English Slang, English Slang Words List, English Translations, Germanic Languages, Jokes In English, Mug British Slang, Northern Irish Slang, Rhyming Slang, Scottish Slang, Tart British Slang, United Kingdom Slang, Urban Dictionary, Welsh Slang | Author: Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart Blog

Battery operated boyfriend – a vibrator
Tactical chunder – a bout of vomiting, self-administered to enable one to drink more alcohol.
Brewers droop – An inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection due to excessive consumption of alcohol
Drain the main vein – to urinate
Follically challenged – balding
Not know one’s arse from one’s elbow – to be stupid
Piss it up against the wall – to waste money
Have a bat in the cave – to have visible nasal mucus visible up a nostril
Drop the kids off at the pool – to defecate, do a poo
Talk out of one’s arse – to talk nonsense
Nose candy – drugs
Passion killers – very unattractive underwear

Also, English just steals words from other languages if they can’t find one that fits a certain description. I mean, there are tonnes of French, German and Spanish words which have been adopted into the English language.

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That’s right, English took on a beastly form of it’s own wherever it was transported to. Some obvious examples include the Australian Slang (which I use all the time) and New Zealand expressions.

Of course, there is North American slang, South African slang and any other language that merges with English.

Sometimes we forget that the English Slang words are quite funny, humourous and downright hilarious.

As much as I like making fun of the Poms (that’s Australian slang for the English), I really love the dry witted, black and ironic English humour that graces our screens and eardrums.

British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms &Amp; Expletives!

And today, to celebrate this, I’m going to provide a really crazy list of English Slang words to further broaden your English knowledge and education!

Here it is!

British Slang Words => English Translation

This is a massive list of over 3700 words – hope you’ve got some time to waste! If you’ve got any more that are different, leave some in the comments!

Some of these phrases can be offensive, so you’ve been warned!

British Slang Word“Proper” English Translation
Abysinnia!Rhyming slang for “I’ll be seeing you!”
AC/DC Bisexual
Accidentally-on-purpose  Seemingly accidental but with disguised with malice or harm
Ace Cool!
Acid  LSD the drug – lysergic acid diethylamide
Acid house 1990s music scene
Action man  A man who participates in macho activities
Adam and EveRhyming slang of Believe
Air one’s dirty linen/laundry To discuss private matters in public
Airhead  A stupid person
Airlocked  Drunk or intoxicated
Airy-fairy Something unsubstantial
Alan WhickersRhyming slang for knickers
Alcopop  Sweet, ready-mixed alcoholic fruit drinks
Aled (up) Drunk from beer
Alkie  An alcoholic
All mod consEverything that’s expected is there
All mouth and (no) trousers All talk and no action
All over the shopDisorganised
All piss and wind All talk and no action
All time loser  Rhyming slang for a boozer, or bar
All to cock  Messed up, useless, wrongMessed up
All to potMessed up
All-nighter  An event that goes on all night
AltarTo vomit, in the toilet bowl (the porcelain altar)  
Amber NectarBeer
Anchors Brakes
Anorak A person with weird interests
Anti-Clockwise Counter Clockwise
Antwacky Old fashioned
Any copOf value, of any worth
Any roadAnyway
ApethA silly person
Apples and pears  Rhyming slang for Stairs
Argy-bargy An argument or confrontation
ArrisButtocks Rhyming slang for ‘arse’
Arrows  The game of Darts
Arse about face Back to front
Arse around Mess around or waste time
Arse loadA large quantity
Arse over kettleFall over
Arse over titFall over
ArsefaceAn ugly person
Arsehole 1. The anus 2. General atory term for a person
ArseholedVery drunk
Arse-lickTo grovel
Arse-lickerA sycophant
Arse-on  A bad mood e.g. “Keep out of his way, he’s got a the arse-on”
Arse-up  A shambles, a ‘cock-up’
As rare as hen’s teeth  Very rare ie hens don’t have teeth
As rare as rocking horse s$%tVery rare, or non existent
As right as rain  Satisfactory, comfortable, well
AuntieAffectionate but old fashioned name for the BBC
Ave it Go for it See ‘have it’
Aviation blonde  A female with hair dyed blonde
Avvy  Afternoon
Away with the mixer  Not quite in touch with reality
Awesome! Great! Excellent! 
AwlarseA contemptible person
Axe  A guitar
Ayrton10 pounds Rhyming slang for tenner, on Ayrton Senna
BabTo defecate
BabbyA baby, child
Babe  Usually applied to a young attractive female
Babe magnet  An attractive or sexually desirable male
Baboon  An oaf, a fool
Baby gravy  Semen
Back passage The rectum
Back scuttle  Anal intercourse
BackhanderA bribe
Backie A pillion ride on a bycycle
Bad  Good, excellent 
Bad egg  An untrustworthy person 
Bad hair day  A day when one is unable to arrange one’s hair well
Bad mouth  To insult or denigrate 
Bad news  A troublesome person
BadgerTo bother someone incessantly
Badly packed kebab  The female genitals
Baffies  Slippers (Scottish use)
BagAn ugly woman
Bag (of sand) £1000, rhyming slang for a ‘grand’
Bag lady A homeless woman who carries her worldly possessions in bags
Bag of bones  A very thin or emaciated person or animal
Baggin(g) A snack or food taken between meals
Bags  To claim as one’s own
BahookieThe backside, ‘arse’ (Glasgow)
Ball and chain  A wife or girlfriend 
Ball bag Scrotum
Ball-ache  A troublesome and inconvenient task. Also ballache
Balls to the wallQuickly
Balls up A bungled or messed up situation
Balm  A bread bun or roll  ‘balmcake’
BaloneyNonsense Also spelt boloney 
BalticVery cold weather
Bamboozle  To confuse, to mystify
BampotA foolish and objectionable person
BananaA penis
Bananas Insane, mad, hysterical 
BangTo copulate
Bang one outTo masturbate
Bang out of orderTotally unacceptable
Bang to rights Caught in the act
Bang up 1. To lock up in prison 2. To inject an illegal drug
Banging Exciting, energetic, wonderful, excellent
Banjaxed  Ruined or defeated
Banjo To hit or punch
Banjo string  The frenulum of the penis
BankoBank Holiday
BantsShort for ‘banter’
Baps Breasts
Bar stewardA pun on ‘bastard’
Barbie Abbreviation of barbecue
Barbs Abbreviation of barbituates
Barclay’s (Bank)  Rhyming slang for ‘wank’
Barf  To vomit
Barking mad Insane
Barmcake  A lighthearted term for a fool or idiot
BarmpotA silly person
Barmy Crazy or foolish
BarneyAn argument
Barney (rubble)Rhyming slang for trouble
Barry  Good, nice
Barry WhiteRubbish, nonsense
BashAn event or party
Bash the bishopTo masturbate
Bat for both sidesTo be bisexual
Bat in the caveNasal mucus that is visible up a nostril
Bat on a sticky wicketTo put oneself in a difficult and unfavourable position
BathersSwimming/bathing costume
BatteredVery intoxicated by drink or drugs
Battery operated boyfriendA vibrator, sex toy
Battle cruiserA pub, bar. Rhyming slang for ‘boozer’
Batty riderSkimpy shorts that ‘ride’ up to expose the wearers bottom
Beach-bumA person devoted to spending as much time as available on the beach
Beakie  Bodily secretions that accumulate at the corner of the eyes or between the toes
BeanAn ecstasy pill
BeanfeastA party, celebratory event 
Bean-flickerA lesbian. The bean refers to the clitoris
BearA gay term for a large hairy male
Bearded clamThe female genitals, inclusive of pubic hair
Beast with two backsSexual intercourse
Beat seven shades of s$%t out of someoneTo thoroughly beat up someone
BeaverThe female genitals, implying the inclusion of pubic hair
Beaver cleaver Penis See ‘beaver’ 
Beaver leaverA homosexual male. Due to not being interested in ‘beaver’
Beaver leverPenis, see ‘beaver’ 
BeddableSexually desirable, from being good enough to take to bed
Bee stings Small breasts 
Bee’s KneesAwesome
Beeb  Nickname for the BBC
BeefMuscly, strong looking males 
Beef (something) up To increase in size or volume
Beef bayonetPenis
Beef curtainsThe female genitals 
BeemerA BMW automobile
Beer gogglesWhen someone looks more attractive after alcohol
Beer tokensMoney
BeetleTo hurry about 
Belly timber  Food
Belly-ache A complaint 
Belt up!Be quiet! Shut up!
BelterAn excellent thing or event
Belting  Outstanding, wonderful 
Bender A drinking binge
Bent as a nine bob note Extremely dishonest or corrupt
Bent Dishonest or corrupt
Berk Idiot, stupid person
Berries  The best
Bespoke Custom Made
Best of British! Good luck!
Best thing since sliced breadThe best thing ever
Better half  One’s wife, husband or partner
Better than a kick in the balls/teethCould be much worse
Betty SwolloxPerspiring, uncomfortable or itchy testicles
Bevvied upDrunk, sometimes shortened to bevvied
BevvyA general term for an alcoholic drink. Taken from the word beverage
Bezzy matesBest friends
Bi  Abbreviation of bisexual
BiatchA contemptible person, usually woman. Alternative form of bitch
Bible basherA fanatical preacher of religion 
Bible thumperMeaning the same as ‘bible basher’
BickyA biscuit
BiddyUsually referring to an elderly woman
Bif  To hit
BiffaAn ugly person, often assumed to be overweight
Biftah A cigarette
Big cheeseA very important person
Big deal! A sarcastic exclamation for not being very impressed
Big girl’s blouse A feeble and ineffectual person 
Big styleGreatly e.g. “Yeah she’s into him big-style”
Big timeThe upper levels of power, success e.g. “She’s hit the big time”
Big white telephoneThe toilet (not the room)
Bike  A promiscuous woman
Bilge (water) Nonsense, rubbish e.g. “You are talking absolute bilge!”
Billy goat  Rhyming slang for a coat
Billy no matesA person who appears to have no friends 
Billy Amphetamines (from Billy Whizz, a British comic strip character)
Bimble  An ambling walk
Bimbo  A young attractive empty headed woman 
Bimmer A BMW car  ‘beemer’ 
BinTo throw away, to discard
Bin lidAn adolescent. Rhyming slang for kid
Bin offTo discard, throw away
Bin-bag  To terminate a relationship
Bingo wings  Fatty, folds of flesh on the underarms of overweight women
Binnie  A refuse collector A variation on ‘binman’
Bins  Spectacles
Bird 1. Girl, woman 2. Prison sentence
Birdbrained  Stupid, lacking commonsense 
Birmingham screwdriver A hammer
Bit of all right  Something excellent
Bit of fluff  A sexual partner
Bit of rough  A sexual partner below one’s normal standards or believed class
Bit of spare A sexually available person
Bit on the side  A sexual relationship extra to one’s usual partner, an affair
Bitch  A contemptible woman. Also used on the gay scene to describe an equally despised male
Bitch piss  Sweet, ready-mixed fruit and alcohol drink
Bitch tits  Overly developed fatty deposits on the male breasts
Bitchin!Excellent! Wonderful! Cool!
Bits and batsMiscellaneous items
Bizzie Policeman
BJOral sex. An abbreviation of ‘blow job’
Blabbermouth  A person who reveals too much in conversation, a gossip
Bladdered Drunk
Blag  To lie, or use clever talk with profit as an objective
Blag artist  A person with a reputation for using clever talk for self gain
BlaggerSee ‘blag artist’
Blah Worthless, boring or silly talk
Blank To rudely ignore
BlapsDiarrhoea, the illness
Blart  To cry
Blast An inhalation of a cigarette or ‘joint’
Blatts  Diarrhoea. E.g. “I daren’t leave the house, I’ve got the blatts”
Blaze  To set alight, usually with respect to the lighting of cigarettes
Bleed like a stuck pigTo bleed profusely
Bleeder  An objectionable person
Blighter  An insignificant or objectionable person 
Blighty (or Old Blighty) – slang for Britain
Blim A very small piece of hashish
Blimey An expression of amazement
Blimps The red hot fragments of cannabis that occasionally fall from alight ‘joints’, causing burns to skin, clothing and furnishings
BlindingExcellent, wonderful
Bling blingJewellery
Blinkin’ heck!  An old fashioned inoffensive exclamation of surprise
Blither onTo talk incessently and boringly 
BlitzedVery intoxicated, drunk
BloaterA fat and unnattractive person 
Bloke Any man or sometimes a man in authority such as the boss
Bloody hell!  An exclamation of surprise or frustration
Bloody-Nora!  An exclamation of surprise or anger
BloomerA mistake 
Blooming, blummin’Euphemism for bloody
BlooterTo kick a ball forcefully, often implying without good control
Blootered Drunk 
BlottoVery drunk
BlowCannabis or marijuana
Blow a fuseTo be very angry
Blow awayTo kill
Blow chunksTo vomit
Blow it!A dismissive exclamation of frustration and anger
Blow off To fart
Blow one’s topTo explode with fury
Blow one’s wadTo ejaculate semen
Blow out  An excessive spree of drinking, eating, spending or sex
Blow the gaff   To reveal a plot or secret 
Blow the whistle on To inform on
Blowback A method of sharing a ‘joint’ between two people
BlowerThe telephone
Blub  To sob
Blue rinser An elderly lady, from the habit of some dying their hair
Blue Policeman
Blunted Intoxicated by marijuana
Boak To vomit
Boat  Face. From the rhyming slang boat race
Bob  To visit briefly e.g. “I’m just gonna bob down to the corner”
Bob (Hope)Marijuana or cannabis Rhyming slang for ‘dope’
Bob’s Your UncleThere you go!
Bobbins  Rubbish, nonsense, useless
BobbinsedDrunk, intoxicated
Bobby Policeman
Bobby-dazzlerA amazing thing or person 
Bobfoc Acronym for a facially unattractive female, who possesses a sexually attractive body
Bo-boes  Sleep. Generally a children’s expression
Bod Short for body
Bodge To make a mess of or to fix poorly
Bog off Go away
Bog roll Toilet paper
Bog Toilet
BogeyA tiny ball of nasal mucus
Bog-standardNormal, average, usual. E.g. “It was just a bog-standard”
Bogtrotter Derogatory term for an Irishman, particularly an Irish peasant
BoilerAn unattractive woman
BollockbagThe scrotum and testicles
Bollock-brainIdiot, imbecile 
Bollocking A severe telling off
Bollocks Testicles. Also used to describe something as useless or nonsense
Bolshie  Angrily provocative. Originating from the socialist revolutionaries the Bolsheviks
Bomb A large sum of money as in ‘to make a bomb’
Bong  A water pipe used for smoking cannabis or marijuana
Bonk  To fornicate
BonnieA bonfire
BoobA mistake or ‘booboo’
Boob jobBreast enhancement by plastic surgery
Boob tubeThe television
BoogieA dance, usually to pop music
BooniesRural areas, the countryside. Abbreviation of boondocks 
BootAn unattractive person
Booty  The buttocks
Booty callA call to arrange a sexual rendezvous
Bootylicious Sexually attractive woman
Booze Alcoholic drink 
Booze cruise  A boat trip (usually just one day) to mainland Europe, involving lots of beer
Booze An alcoholic drink
Boozer 1. a pub or bar 2. Someone who drinks alcohol to excess
Booze-up A drinking spree
Bo-Peep Sleep (rhyming slang)
boracicwithout money From rhyming slang boracic lint = skint (skinned)[59]
Bore rigidTo utterly bore
Bore s$%tlessBore completely
Bore stiffReally bored
Bore the pants off (someone)To bore someone greatly
Bore the tits off (someone)Meaning the same as ‘bore the pants off (someone)’
Bored out of one’s skullAs above
BoshNonsense, rubbish
BossExcellent, good 
Boss-eyedCross-eyed or having a squint 
BossybootsA person who bosses others around, a domineering person
BostinGreat, good, enjoyable
Botch jobA makeshift construction or repair
BottleVery stupid
Bottle itTo lose courage
Bottle of chipsAn unlikely thing
Bottle 1. Nerve, courage 2. Money collected by buskers or street vendors
BottlerA person who easily gives up
Bottom burpWind from the anus, a ‘fart’. Also abbreviated to botty burp
Bottomless pitA person with an insatiable appetite for food
BottyThe buttocks. Also abbreviated to bot
Boulder houlderBra
Bounce 1. To con someone into believing or doing something 2. To forcibly eject someone 3. Swagger, impudence or cockiness 4. Of a cheque, to be refused by the bank due to lack of funds
BouncerA person employed to eject troublemakers from clubs
BovootsSturdy heavy boots
Bovver boots Heavy boots, sometimes with a steel toecap, worn by bovver boys and used for kicking in fights
Bovver boy A youth who deliberately causes or seeks out trouble
BowfinDisgusting, unpleasant 
Box cleverTo act shrewdly or in a manner so as to outwit someone
BoxedIntoxicated by drugs  ‘off one’s box’
Boy racerA young man who has a penchant for fast cars and reckless driving
BoyfAbbreviation of boyfriend
BozoAn objectionable person, an idiot 
Brad PittAn act of defecation. Rhyming slang on ‘s$%t’
BrainTo hit on the head
BrainedExtreme drug intoxication, affecting the mental faculties
Bran newExcellent, respectable
Brass monkey weatherVery cold weather
Brass 1. Money 2. Cheek, nerve 3. a prostitute
Brassed offFed-up, annoyed
Brass-neckImpudence, cheek, nerve
Brassy Very cold
BrastTo burst
BrayTo beat up, thrash
Bread Money
BreederA heterosexual. From the fact that heterosexuals actively
BrekkyAbbreviation of breakfast. Also ‘brekkers’
BrewA cup of tea, or more generally a warm drink
Brewers droopAn inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection due to excessive consumption of alcohol
BrickA helpful and reliable person 
Brick s$%thouseLarge, sturdy, strong
BrickieAbbreviation of bricklayer
Brick-itTo be very scared, terrified  ‘s$%t bricks’
BriefA solicitor or barrister 
BrillExcellent. An abbreviation of ‘brilliant’
Bring offTo help achieve orgasm
BristolsBreasts. Rhyming slang Bristol City – titty
BritneysBeers. Rhyming slang on Britney Spears
BritpopAbbreviation of British Popular music
BroAbbreviation of brother
Broke Without money. Also ‘stoney broke’
BrollyAn umbrella 
Brown bread Rhyming slang for dead
Brown troutA lump of excrement
Browned offUpset, fed up
BrowneyeThe anus
Brownie point  A hypothetical award for achievement
Brown-nose  To overly praise or behave sycophantically, ie to ‘arse-lick’
Brown-tongue As above
BrumThe City of Birmingham 
Brummie A native of Birmingham 
BubbleTo inform. From the rhyming slang bubble and squeak
BubbledFound out or discovered
Bubblehead  An empty headed and stupid person 
Buck nakedTotally naked – see ‘butt naked’
Buck upTo make happy or more cheerful
Bucket downTo rain heavily
BucksheeFree, without charge
Budge upTo move, in order to make room for someone
BuffGood looking, attractive
BugTo annoy, to bother
Bugger about (or around) To fool around or waste time
Bugger all Nothing
Bugger it!Exclamation of frustration
Bugger me!  An exclamation of surprise
Bugger off Go away
Bugger youAn exclamation of annoyance
Bugger Anal sex
Bugger-allAbsolutely nothing at all, e.g. There’s bugger-all we can do
Buggeration!An exclamation of annoyance or surprise
BuggerlugsA term of address, usually affectionate use
Bugle  Cocaine
Builder’s bumTop of the buttocks being in sight above the pants
BulgeA euphemism for the male genitals
BullNonsense. Shortened version of ‘bulls$%t’
Bulls$%t  Nonsense, rubbish
Bulls$%tterAn egocentric boaster, a teller of untruths
Bum around To mess about, to laze about
Bum cleavageThe area between the buttocks
Bum steerAn imparting of false information
BumbaclotAn idiot, an objectionable person
Bum-bagA small pouch worn around the waist or hips, or Fanny Pack in North America
Bumf Toilet roll
BumfluffAdolescent facial hair growth
Bumfreezer Any short jacket, but in particular an Eton Jacket
BummerA bad time, a bad experience, a disappointment 
Bump into (someone)To fortuitously meet with someone
Bump offTo murder
Bump startTo help motivate, assist in promoting action
Bump tummiesTo have sexual intercourse
Bumsucker A creep
BumtagA faecal deposit that has adhered to the anal hairs of a person
BumwadToilet paper
Bun in the ovenPregnant
BundleA large quantity of money
Bung Throw or pass energetically; as in, “bung it over here”
BungalowAn idiot. From not having much up upstairs 
Bunk upSexual intercourse
Bunk To leave inappropriately as in to ‘bunk off’ school or work
Bunny boilerAn obsessive and psychotic woman. Taken from a scene in the film Fatal Attraction  
Bunny huggerAn animal lover 
BuppieBread and butter
Burn rubberTo depart quickly
Burp the wormTo masturbate (for men)
BushThe female genitals, but alluding to the pubic hair
Bust  A police raid on a person and/or property
Bust one’s guts To work with great effort
ButchTough looking, masculine
Butcher’s Short rhyming slang for look, from butcher’s hoo
Butt nakedNaked  ‘buck naked’
Butt outAn impolite request to keep one’s nose out of something
Butt uglyVery ugly
ButtersAs above
ButtyA sandwich
BuzzA telephone call
Buzz alongA cheery request to hurry off
Buzz-cutA short haircut using electric clippers
Buzzin’ Thrilled and full of energy
C of EChurch of England
Cabbage A stupied person
CaboodleThe complete amount
CackRubbish, nonsense
Cack it / oneselfTo be terrified
Cack-handedClumsy, without manual dexterity
CackhanderA left handed person
CaffA cafe
Camel’s hoofAn impression of the female genitals as seen through tightly worn clothes
CampAn effeminate man
Cancer stickA cigarette, othewise known as a ‘coffin nail’
Cane (it)To travel at great speed
CanerA person who indulges in excessive bouts of drug or alcohol use
Cank To talk, chat or gossip
Cans Headphones
CantTo talk, to speak
Can’t be arsedCan’t be bothered
CardieA cardigan 
Carpet muncherA lesbian
Carrot topNickname for a person with red/ginger hair
Carry outAlcohol brought from a bar with the intention of taking it home
CaseyA leather football
Catch flies To look blankly with one’s mouth open
Catch some z’sGet some sleep
Cat’s pyjamasThe best 
Cat’s whiskersAs above
CavalierAn uncircumcised penis and consequently a male with such  ‘Roundhead’
Channel surfingSwitching from one television channel to another in search of seomthing interesting
ChapMale or friend
CharTea, from the Chinese ‘cha’
ChargedHigh on drugs 
Charity-caseA person deemed rightly or wrongly to be in need of charity, whether poor or rich
CharliesWomen’s breasts
CharverA boy, or adolescent male
Charver or charva Sexual intercourse
Chat UpFlirt
Chav Someone who is, or pretends to be, of a low social standing
Cheap as chipsExtremely cheap
CheekySomeone who is a little rude or disrespectful, but in a cute way
Cheeky chappyAffectionate name for an attractively impudent person
Cheers!A sign of appreciation or acknowledgement, or a drinking toast
Cheesed off Fed up, disgusted or angry
Cheeselog  A woodlouse
Cheesy  Corny
CherryVirginity as in to lose one’s cherry
Chevy (chase)Rhyming slang for face
Chew the fatTo talk or chat
Chick flick  A film (flick), often romantic and with a happy ending
ChickenA young person
Chicks with discksTranssexuals
Chief  A general term of address
Chieftain (tank)Masturbation, rhyming slang for ‘wank’
Chillax To relax. A combination of the words chill and relax
Chilled  Relaxed
Chill-out To relax
Chin wagTo talk or chat
Ching  Cocaine
ChinglishA mixture of Chinese and English
chinky or chinky chonky Chinese takeaway, usually considered offensive[82]
Chinless wonderA person of the wealthy upper classes
Chippy 1. A carpenter 2. chip shop 3. A prostitute or promiscuous young woman
ChipsFrench Fries
Chocker Chocolate. Also chocko or chockies
Chocolate fireguardSomething useless
Chocolate starfishAnus
Chocolate teapotSomething useless
ChoiceThe best, excellent
Choke the chickenTo masturbate 
Chong it  To smoke marijuana/cannabis constantly
Choochie face Affectionate term of address, often used with respect to children and babies
Chopper  The penis
Choppers Teeth
Chops  The mouth
Chord  A bad mood
Chore  To steal
Chrimble Christmas. Also  ‘Crimbo’
Chrome dome A bald head
Chubby chaserA person who finds fat people attractive
Chubby chopsAffectionate term of address for a podgy person
Chuck   To vomit
Chuck it down To rain, often heavily
Chuck one’s muckTo ejaculate semen
Chuddy Chewing-gum
Chuff The buttocks or anus
ChuffedWhen someone is chuffed, they are very pleased or happy about something
ChuggerA person paid to collect for charity by signing up people. The term is a cross between charity and mugger
Chuggy Chewing gum
Chump A fool, a disliked person  
ChunnerTo mutter, grumble, talk incessantly
CiggyA cigarette. Also shortened to cig 
ClagnutsFaecal remnants adhering to the anal hairs
ClangerA mistake or blunder
Clap eyes onTo notice
Clapped out Worn out, usually applied to machinery
Clarty Sticky, gooey, messy
ClassOf distinction, high quality, excellent
Clever-clogsA person who is or claims to be clever or have greater knowledge
Climb the wallsTo reach a state of severe agitation through stress or worry
ClinginUnpleasant, disgusting 
Cling-onsExcrement that adheres to anal hairs, or fur on animals
ClinkersExcrement that adheres to anal hairs, or fur, on an animal
ClippieBus conductor
ClobberClothes and personal belongings 
ClockTo notice. E.g. Once I clocked him looking suspicious, he left the shop
ClodhopperA large heavy shoe
ClotAn idiot, fool  
Cloth-earsSomeone who has poor hearing
Clown’s pocketA large or spacious vagina
CludgieA toilet. Also shortened to cludge
Clue upTo inform
Cob onA temper
Cobblers!An exclamation of disagreement
Cock a snook/snootTo openly show contempt or disrespect
Cock 1. Penis 2. Nonsense 3. A friend or fellow
CockteaserA person who sexually teases males
Cock-up To blunder, mess up or botch
CodTo hoax, to joke
CodgerAn elderly male. Usually prefixed with ‘old’ 
Codswallop Nonsense
Coffin dodgerAn elderly person 
Coin it (in)To make large amounts of money, to profit
Coked up To be intoxicated with cocaine
Cold turkeyWithdrawal from addictive drugs and the consequential pains and discomfort
Colder than a witch’s titVery cold, when applied to the weather, or air temperature
ColdfishA person who is unemotional or insensitive
Collywobbles An upset stomach or acute feeling of nervousness
ComeTo orgasm
Come ontoTo ‘chat up’
Come outTo openly reveal one’s homosexuality
ComedownThe depression and tiredness after the cessation of a bout of drug taking
CommandoWithout underwear
CommieAbbreviation of Communist
CommonAbbreviation of common sense
Common as muckVery common, usually applied to an unsophisticated and uncultured person
Complete and utterTotal. Usually prefixing atory terms such as ‘bastard’ or ‘twat’
Con artistA confidence trickster
ConflabA chat, conversation
Conk The head or the nose
Cooking with gasTo succeed, to proceed well
Cop offTo commune with someone sexually desirable
Cop A policeman (short for copper)
Cop-itTo get into trouble
Cop-outAn excuse, an avoidance of guilt 
Copper A policeman
Cop-shopA Police Station
Cor blimey An exclamation of surprise
Corker Someone or something outstanding
CorkingExcellent, splendid
Corn beef legsLegs with mottled, blotchy skin, reminiscent of the meat, corn beef
Corned beef Rhyming slang for deef, a Scottish pronunciation of deaf
CorryAbbreviation of Coronation Street, the British ‘soap’
CoshA heavy stick or bar used as a weapon 
Cost a bombTo be very expensive
CotchTo relax
Cottage A public lavatory
Cottaging Homosexual activity in a public lavatory
Couch commandoThe person at home who has control of the TV remote control
Couch potato  A lazy person who idles away time, usually watching the television
Couldn’t organise a piss-up in a breweryTotally incompetent
Council gritterRhyming slang for ‘s$%tter’, but means anus
CouponThe face
CowA contemptible woman
Cow juiceMilk
CowboyA person who is unscrupulous and unqualified in business
CowingEuphenism for ‘f$%king’
CozzieA swimming costume
Crabby  Moody or short tempered
CrabsPubic lice
Crack Freebased cocaine
Crack of sparrow’s fartDawn, or specifically the crack of dawn
Crack on toTo come onto somebody, to make sexual advances
Crack one offTo masturbate, with reference men
Cracker Something excellent
CrackersCrazy or insane
CrackheadAn addict of ‘crack’ (freebased cocaine)
CrackingSomething excellent or brilliant
CrackpotAn insane or eccentric person
Cradle snatcherA person who dates or marries someone considerably younger than themselves
Crank upTo increase, often with reference to the volume of music
CrapperA toilet
CrappyRubbishy, useless, of poor quality
CrashTo temporarily sleep over at someone’s place
CrateA delapidated vehicle 
Crater faceA face with pock marked skin or the person with such a face
CrawlTo be obsequious 
Cream1. To ejaculate 2. To succeed
Cream crackeredTired out, exhausted. Rhyming slang for ‘knackered’
Cream one’s jeans / pants / knickersTo be very excited, so much so that one figuratively ejaculates
CreaseThe anus
Crease upTo laugh heartily
CredAbbreviation of credible
CreepA contemptible person
Creepy-crawlyAn insect, or spider, usually viewed distastefully
CribTo copy, usually in an underhand or unfair manner 
Crikey!Used to express surprise or astonishment
Crimp off a lengthTo defecate
Crimp one off To defecate
CringeworthyLikely to promote embarrassment or apprehension
CrinklyA geriatric person From the appearence of their aging skin 
CroakTo die
Crock of s$%tRubbish, a worthless item, of poor quality
CroggyA pillion ride on a single seat bicycle
CrucialGreat, excellent, essential e.g. “That tune is crucial man”
CruckleTo twist one’s ankle, to fall over on one’s ankle
CrudRubbish, something useless
CruddyUseless, unpleasant, cheap and nasty
CruiseTo search for a sexual encounter
CrumpetA sexually desirable person e.g. “The club was bursting its walls with crumpet” 
CrustieA person whose looks share that of the ‘hippie’ travellers of the 1990s
Cry on (about something)To complain (about something)
Culture vultureA person keen to acquire culture 
C#$%Vagina – extremely offensive
CuppaCup of tea
Currant bunCockney rhyming slang for the sun 
Curry-mileThe name given to an area in Manchester called Rusholme
CushtyExcellent, fine, OK Also spelt cushdy, and kushty
Cushy  A situation that is easy and without stress
Custard chuckerThe penis. Often prefixed with blue veined, or purple headed
Cut the crap!Stop talking nonsense!
Dab handA person highly skilled at a given task
Dab onA sweat on
DaftSilly, foolish 
Daft as a brushVery silly
Daft Cow Idiot
DaftieA fool, an idiot
Dago A foreigner, usually applied to Italians, Spanish and Portugese 
Daisy chainA sexual act involving 3 or more people, forming a chain
Damage  The cost or expense e.g. “What’s the damage for the meal?”
DangleberriesFaecal remnants adherring to anal hairs
Dangly-bitsThe male genitals
Danny (La Rue)Rhyming slang for ‘clue’
DapsPlimsolls, trainers (footwear)
Darbies Handcuffs
David GowerRhyming slang  for a shower. David Gower was a 1980s English cricketer
DeaconAn imbecile, idiot
DeadSubsitute for very, or extremely e.g. “Our holiday was dead good”
Dead cert  A sure thing e.g. “It’s a dead cert that the favourite will win”
Dead from the neck upUnintelligent, stupid
Dear JohnA letter, usually from a woman, terminating a relationship
Debag To remove someone’s trousers by force
Dee DahA person from Sheffield
DeekA look, or a glance
Deep s$%tSerious trouble
Deep sea diverA five pound (£5). Rhyming slang for fiver
Def (someone) out To ignore (someone)
DeffoAn abbreviation of definitely
Dekko A look or glance
Delhi bellyA severe stomach upset. A common occurrence for Western travellers visiting India
DemicA thing that is worn out or broken
DesmondA jacket. Rhyming slang for Desmond Hackett
DiamondWonderful, excellent
Diamond geezer A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable
DibbleA policeman/woman
DibsA claim e.g. “I put dibs on tasting it first”
Dick 1. Fellow 2. Penis
D#$%headA stupid person, a contemptible person
Dicks Headlice or nits
D#$%splashA contemptible person, like ‘d#$%splat’
D#$%splatA despicable person, like  ‘d#$%splash’
D#$%wadA contemptible person, idiot 
DickyUnsound, likely to fail, unhealthy
Dicky-birdRhyming slang for word
DiddicoyA gypsy
DiddleTo have sex with
DiddlyNothing e.g. “There’s diddly wrong with it” 
Diddly diddly musicIrish folk music
Diddly-squatNothing, zero e.g. “I’ve earnt diddly squat this month” 
Diesel (dyke)A butch lesbian
Dig (the grave)Rhyming slang for a shave
DildoA substitute penis used for sex 
Dilly-dallyTo dawdle, linger, loiter 
DimboAn imbecile, idiot
DimpThe filter remnants of a smoked cigarette
Din-dinsDinner. a children’s expression
Ding-a-lingPenis. Also dingaling
Ding-dongAn argument, commotion, fight 
DingleberriesFaecal remnants attached to one’s anal hairs  ‘dangleberries’
DinkySmall, cute, neat 
DinloAn idiot, a contemptible person
Dip one’s wick To have sex (male usage)
Dip A pickpocket
DippySilly, empty-headed
Dips$%tA despicable person
Dipso A drunk, an alcoholic. Abbreviation of dipsomaniac
DipstickA fool  
Dirtbag A worthless, contemptible person
DirtboxThe anus
Dirty pillowsWomen’s breasts
Dirty stop-out  A person who has stayed out enjoying themselves beyond the expected 
Dirty weekendA weekend away from home indulging in intimacies with one’s lover 
Disco biscuitAn ecstasy (MDMA) pill
DishA sexually attractive person
Dish outTo hand out, distribute
DishySexually attractive 
DissTo disrespect, ridicule, or insult
DivAn idiot
DiveA squalid place
Divvy upTo share out, distribute 
DIYDo It Yourself home improvements
Dizzy queenA giddy and flamboyant gay male
DoA party or event 
Do a bunkTo leave hurriedly, escape
Do a runnerA departure without paying for something
Do inTo beat up, to kill
Do oneTo go away e.g. “Listen, I’m going to do one and let you finish your work” 
Do one’s fruit To be extremely annoyed e.g. “Sharon’s going to do her fruit when nose into her business again”
Do one’s head inTo mentally disturb someone
Do one’s nut Become enraged
Do the businessDo what is necessary to achieve the required result
Do the dirty on (someone)To betray, to cheat on (someone)
DobTo inform on, betray
DobberA penis
DockyA snack
Docky timeMid morning break, see ‘docky’
Doddle Something simple or easy to accomplish
Dodgy Something risky, difficult or dangerous. A ‘dodgy deal’ for example
DogA sexually unattractive person 
Dog and boneTelephone – Cockney rhyming slang
Dog-breathA person with halitosis, bad smelling breath
Dog-endA cigarette end, the remnants of a cigarette after smoking
Doggie fashionAn act of sex in the manner of dogs
Dogs are barking(One’s) feet are tired and aching
Dog’s bollocks1. Anything obvious 2. Something especially good or first rate
Dog’s dinnerA mess, also expressed as  ‘dog’s breakfast’
Dog’s egg A lump of dog faeces
DogsbodyA person who does the menial and boring tasks 
DoingsNon-specific items, e.g. ‘those doings on the table’
DoleSocial security benefits 
DollA young and especially attractive woman
Doll upTo smarten up, make attractive
DollybirdAn attractive woman
Don’t Get Your Knickers in a TwistDon’t Get worked up
Done inTired out 
Done up like a kipper 1. Beaten up 2. Fitted up or framed 3. Caught red-handed by the police
DongA penis
DongerA penis
DonkeyA male who is genitally well endowed, as in hung like a donkey
Donkey’s years A very long time
Doo dooChildren’s expression for faeces
DoobieA marijuana cigarette
DoobrieSomething whose name isn’t known or has been forgotten
DoofahMeaning the same as ‘doobrie’. Also doofer
Doofer An unnamed object
DoolallyMad, crazy, insane
DoormatA person who is easily exploited
Dope1. A stupid person Derived from dopey 2. Marijuana
DopeheadAn idiot
DorkAn idiot, a contemptible person 
DoseEuphemism for a venereal infection
DossTo sleep rough 
DossdownTo sleep rough 
DosserA person who sleeps rough, a homeless person 
Dosshouse A cheap boarding house frequented by tramps
DottyEccentric or slightly mad
Double bagger  An ugly woman
Double DutchNonsense or incomprehensible talk 
Double-bubbleDouble time. Overtime worked at a twice the usual rate of pay
DoughnutAn idiot
Down in the dumps  Miserable, depressed
Down the panWasted, lost, ruined e.g. “Oh well, that’s another £1000 down the pan”
Down underAustralia 
DownerA tranquillizer
DozyDimwitted, stupid, slow 
Drag1. Dressing in the opposite sexes clothes 2. A draw on a cigarette
Drag queenA male homosexual who dresses in women’s clothes
Drain the main veinTo urinate
Drama queenSomeone who makes an excessive fuss over a situation
DrawCannabis or marijuana
DrawkTo soak
Dreaded lurgyAny unspecified disease
Dreamboat A sexually attractive male or female
DrecklyImmediately, straight away
Dressed (up) to the ninesDressed very well and fashionably
Drink from the furry cupTo perform cunnilingus
Drinky-pooA drink
DripA feeble and boring person 
Dripping withHaving an excessive amount of, usually in the context of wealth
Drive the porcelain busTo vomit 
Drive-byThe shooting of guns at a particular target from inside a car
DropTo take drugs orally, e.g. drop acid
Drop (someone) in itTo land (someone) in trouble, to incriminate
Drop a bollockTo make a mistake
Drop a clangerTo make an obvious mistake
Drop anchor in poo-bayTo have anal intercourse
Drop dead!An exclamation of annoyance directed at a person 
Drop the kids off at the poolEuphemism for defecation
Dropdead gorgeousStunningly attractive
Dropping one’s gutsTo break wind. Occasionally shortened to just ‘drop one’
DruggieA drug addict
Drum and bassGenre of dance music, like ‘jungle’, but more minimal
Drunk as a skunkVery intoxicated with alcohol
Dry slapA punch
DubA style of ‘chilled’, deeper reggae music
Duck A term of endearment used in the North of England
Duckarse  To wet the end of a cigarette, or joint, with saliva, thus making it difficult use
Duckin’ and divingA non-committal catch-phrase reply to the questioning of one’s recent activities
Duds  Clothes
Duff  Rubbishy, useless
Duff up  To beat up
DufferAn inefficient or stupid person
DukeA homosexual. Rhyming slang for Duke of Kent – ‘bent’
Dull as dishwaterVery unexciting, exceedingly plain, boring
Dull as ditchwaterVery boring, unexciting, like  ‘dull as dishwater’
Dumb assAn idiot 
DumbnutsAn idiot 
DumboA stupid, slow-witted person 
DumpAn act of defecation
Dump all over (someone)To mistreat, criticize someone 
DunkyA condom
Dust bunniesClumps of dust usually found on the floor
Dutch ovenThe act of breaking wind in bed and holding one’s partners head beneath
DweebAn imbecile 
DwileA dish cloth, a rag
DykeA lesbian
EAbbreviation of ecstasy, the drug
Eager-beaverAn enthusiastic person
Ear bashTo talk unceasingly
Ear bashingA severe reprimand
EaracheIncessant complaining or talking
Early doorsEarly, premature
EarnerA profitable job or enterprise
Eartha (Kitt) An act of defecation. Rhyming slang on ‘s$%t’
earwig To eavesdrop
EasySexually consenting with little encouragement
Easy PeasyEasy
Easy touch A person easily exploited financially
EatA euphemism for fellatio or cunnilingus
Eat out To perform cunnilingus
Eat s$%t!Expression of extreme annoyance
Eating irons  Cutlery
Ecky thump !An exclamation of surprise or shock
Eco warriorAn ecological activist
EcstasyThe drug Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA, known as E
E’d upIntoxicated by MDMA
EddressThe e-mail equivalent of an address
EejitAn idiot. Originally Anglo-Irish pronunciation of idiot
Eff allA euphemism for ‘f$%k all’ See ‘f$%k all’
Eff offGo away Euphemism for ‘f$%k off!’ See ‘f$%k off’
EffingA euphemism for ‘f$%king’
Egg banjoA fried egg sandwich
Egg chasersRugby players. From the egg shaped ball 
EggheadAn intelligent person, an intellectual person 
EggySlightly annoyed, irritated
Eh up!Hello. An informal greeting similar to ‘hi’ or ‘alright’  ‘ayup’
Elbow greaseManual hard work e.g. “We’ll never get this finished unless you put some 
ElephantsDrunk, intoxicated with alcohol Rhyming slang on elephant’s trunk
ElevensesA mid to late morning drink, approximately taken at 11 o’clock 
End away To have sex (get one’s end away)
EndzArea, place e.g. “What endz you from?”
EppyShort for epileptic fit, but used to mean a furious uncontrollable outrage
Essex girlStereotypically describing a female from the county of Essex. Characteristics may include being working class, sexually promiscuous, fashion confident and of low morals 
EvilsA hateful look
ExpatAn expatriate 
Extract the MichaelTo tease or ridicule. A play on words, derived from ‘take the mickey’
Extract the urineA pun on ‘take the piss’
EyefulA good long look e.g. “Get an eyeful of that idiot on the dancefloor”
Eyes like a s$%thouse ratDescribing a person with very sharp, observant eyesight
Eyes like piss holes in the snow Tired, deep sunken eyes
F$%k a duck!An exclamation of surprise
F$%k about/around  To mess around or idle away time
F$%k all Nothing at all
F$%k buddyA friend with whom one has sex, but without any of the expected or associated commitment 
F$%k it!A general dismissive exclamation
F$%k me(!) An exclamation of surprise or amazement
F$%k off(!)Please go away, leave
F$%k someone’s brains outTo copulate vigorously and with enthusiasm
F$%k the arse off (someone) Essentially meaning the same as ‘F$%k one’s brains out’
F$%k upTo mess up, or ‘to have f$%ked up’ meaning to have messed things up 
F$%k you!An aggressive exclamation of anger and defiance
F$%k(!)To copulate
F$%kableSexually desirable
F$%k-allNothing e.g. “I had f$%k-all to do”
F$%k-all squaredAbsolutely nothing
F$%k-bookA pornographic magazine or book
F$%ked offUtterly dejected, miserable or annoyed
F$%ked upSeverely announce one’s poor state of mental or physical health
F$%kerA contemptible person
F$%king hell!An exclamation similar to ‘F$%k!’
F$%knuggetAn idiot, contemptible person Also F$%k-nugget 
F$%knutAn idiot, a contemptible person
F$%ksocks! Expressing surprise or anger
F$%kwitAn idiot
Face like a bag of spanners Craggy faced
Face like a bulldog chewing a waspVery unnattractive
face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettleVery unnattractive  ‘face like a bulldog chewing a wasp’
Face like a dropped pieVery unnattractive
Face like a slapped arseA miserable or sad face. Also heard used with smacked instead of slapped
Face like a wet weekendA miserable, sad appearance
Face-acheMildly offensive name given for a miserable looking person
Face-fungusFacial hair, such as moustache or beard
FaffTo fuss e.g. “Let me finish doing this will you, and stop faffing” 
FagA cigarette
Fag-endA cigarette butt
Fagged (out)Exhausted, tired
FaggeretteA cigarette
Fag-hagA woman who prefers the company of ‘gay’ men over that of heterosexuals to desire sexual relations with gay men
Fair cop A legitimate arrest
Fair dosAn exclamation that a thing is reasonable or accepted
Fairy snuff!That’s reasonable! A pun on fair enough
F-allA euphemism for ‘f$%k all’
Fall off the back of a lorryA reference to goods that have been stolen
Family jewelsMale genitals, emphasising their personal occasionally shortened to ‘jewels’
Fancy (!)To like, to desire e.g. “I fancy that new receptionist who’s started in accounts”
Fancy man / womanDisparaging term for a male or female lover
Fancy the arse off (someone)To sexually desire (someone)
Fancy the pants off (someone)To sexually desire (someone)
Fanny1. The female genitals 2. A female viewed as a sexual object
Fanny about / aroundTo mess around, or waste time
Fanny AdamsNothing at all, e.g. “Sweet fanny adams since I lost my job”
Fanny batterVaginal secretions
Fanny fartA noise created by the genitals during sexual intercourse
Fanny magnet A thing that is believed to attract females
FannybawsAn idiot, fool
FanzineA cheaply produced specialist magazine
Farmer giles /Farmers HaemorrhoidsRhyming slang on piles
Far-outSplendid, an exclamation of approval
FartTo break wind from the anus
Fart about / aroundTo mess around, to waste time
Fart arse aboutAs above, to mess around
FartleberryExcrement that adheres to anal hairs or fur
FartyInsignificant e.g. “I’m not going back to that restaurant, they serve farty”
Fat chance(!)No likelihood of something happening
Fat slagsUncouth fat women who are and look promiscuous
Fat-headAn idiot, imbecile  
FatsoA name for someone who is overweight or obese 
Feck(!) An exclamation of anger or frustration
FeckerA contemptible person
Feel upTo sexually grope, or molest
FelchTo lick or suck one’s recently deposited semen from the rectum
FelcherA person who ‘felches’
FenceA person who receives and sells stolen goods
Fess upTo admit, to confess. Abbreviation of confess
FiddleTo cheat
Fill your boots(!)Help yourself! Enjoy yourself!
FillemA film, e.g. “fancy going to see a fillem tonight?”
Fill-inTo severely beat up (someone)
Filth (the) The police
FilthyExtremely (wealthy) e.g. “She’s filthy rich” 
FinA £5 note
FingerTo sexually stimulate the genitals, usually a females
Finger pieThe act of manually stimulating of the female genitals
Finger-f$%kTo sexually stimulate with the fingers, either the vagina or anus
First baseInitial success at achieving some form of sexual activity, usually kissing
FirtleTo appear busy but without actually achieving anything
FisticuffsA brawl, a fist fight
Fit as a butcher’s dogVery healthy and strong
Fit to burstFull, sated, replete
Fit up To incriminate by employing false evidence 
Fit Sexually attractive
FitbaFootball, Scottish pronunciation 
Five finger discountThe act of shoplifting, or occasionally stealing
Five knuckle shuffleAn act of masturbation
Five OThe police. Taken from the title of the US TV series, Hawaii Five O
FiverA five-pound monetary note 
FixA dose of narcotics to which one is addicted However it is now also used habit e.g. “Let’s call in this cafe and get a fix of caffeine”
FlabberghastTo confound, astonish, amaze 
FlabberghastedAmazed, astonished 
Flake outTo collapse from exhaustion 
FlameTo attack someone via an e-mail
FlamingAn intensifier such as and euphemistic for ‘f$%king’
Flaming Nora!An exclamation of surprise or annoyance
FlangeThe vagina
FlannelNonsense e.g.g ‘Oh shut up! You’re talking utter flannel’
FlapsFemale genitals. Also known as  ‘piss-flaps’
FlashShowy, ostentatious 
Flash git /getAn objectionably ostentatious person 
Flash HarryA showy and over confident young man
Flash the ashTo offer a cigarette
Flash the V’s An action of contempt, an insulting gesture Involves raising the hand and forefinger, with the back of the hand facing away from the giver
FlasherA person who indecently exposes themselves in public
Flat as a witches titVery flat
Flick the beanTo masturbate. The bean referring to the clitoris
Flick Motion picture or film. ‘The flicks’, the cinema
FlidAn idiotic or objectionable person
FlimpA taxi driver’s term for an unbooked customer or fare
Flip one’s lid To lose self control, become angry
FlippingA euphemism for ‘f$%king’ e.g. “That flipping idiot just ignored me” 
Float one’s boatTo excite, to interest e.g. “I don’t know what floats your boat, but I find custard very exciting”
FloaterA lump of faeces that wont initially flush which remains floating in the toilet
FlobSpit, phlegm
FlogTo sell
Flog a dead horse 1. To continue talking about a long forgotten topic 2. To attempt to find a solution to a problem which is unsolveable
FloozieA girlfriend or boyfriend
FlopTo fail
FluffTo make a mistake during a particular endevour
FlukeSomething caused by chance or luck
FlummoxTo confuse, confound, bewilder 
FlutterA small bet e.g. “I’m having a flutter on the horses this afternoon”
Fly lowTo have one’s trouser zip/fly undone
Fly Quick witted, clever
Flying f$%kUsed in a phrase such as “I couldn’t give a flying f$%k”, as a general negative
FoldingMoney, in particular higher denomination notes. See also ‘holding the folding’
Follically challengedBalding
FoodieA person with a particular interest in food and things culinary
Fool around To act promiscuously
FootyThe game of football, or a football itself
For crying out loud!An exclamation of anger or frustration 
For f$%ksake! An exclamation of anger
For Pete’s sake!An exclamation of anger, or frustration
ForeignerA job or work done as extra to one’s usual employment
Fork out To pay out, usually with some reluctance
Form1. A bench 2. A criminal record 
Forty winksA short sleep, a cat-nap 
FounderTo freeze, to become chilled
Four by twoCockney rhyming slang for a Jewish person
Four letter wordsAll encompassing euphemism for expletives, such as ‘f$%k’  etc
Four-eyesA wearer of spectacles 
Foxtrot oscarEuphemism for ‘f$%k off’. A pun using the phonetic alphabet
Freak someone outTo traumatise someone
Freak-out To become agitated with strong emotion, to traumatise
FreebieSomething given free, a free sample
FreeloadTo take or receive offered services and pleasures without reciprocation
FreeloaderA person who ‘freeloads’
Freeze one’s bollocks offTo be physically very cold
French letterA condom. Dated expression and rarely heard 
FresherA first year undergraduate 
Friar tuckSexual intercourse. Rhyming slang on ‘f$%k’
Friend of DorothyA euphemism on the gay scene for a homosexual. Alluding to the gay icon from Wizard of Oz 
Frig 1. To masturbate 2. When followed by ‘around’ or ‘about’, to behave aimlessly or foolishly
FriggingEuphemism for ‘f$%king’, used as a general intensifier
FritFrightened e.g. “He was too frit too complain”
FrogA French person
Frog and toadCockney rhyming slang for Road 
Front bottomTThe female genitals. A euphemism used mainly by women
Fruit1. A male homosexual 2.  A crazy or eccentric person (also ‘fruitcake’)
FubarAn acronym meaning f$%ked up beyond all recognition
FubaredTired, exhausted, ruined, intoxicated, drunk. From the acronym ‘fubar’
Fud The female genitals 
Fudge nudger A homosexual male 
Fudge packer A homosexual male 
FuglyVery ugly. A combination of the words f$%king ugly 
Full montyThe complete amount
Full of s$%tMistaken, wrong, speaking nonsense
Full whackThe maximum price or rate  ‘top whack’ 
Fun-bagsWomen’s breasts
FundyA fundamentalist, a devout religious follower Also spelt fundi, and fundie
FunkA type of music that is ‘funky’
FunkyOf music, earthy, bluesy and very rhythmic
Funny businessMisbehaviour or deception
Funny-farmA mental institution
Fur coat and no knickersA woman who is all appearance and nothing beneath, no substance 
Fur pieThe female genitals, inclusive of pubic hair
Fur-burgerThe female genitals with particular allusion to pubic hair
Furry cupThe vagina
Furry muff!That’s reasonable! A pun on fair enough
Fuzz (the) The police
F-wordA euphemism for ‘f$%k’
gA gram
GabTo chatter, talk 
GabbaA variety of fast Dutch ‘ravey’ techno
Gadge A male, often with respect to older men
Gaff House or flat
Gaffer Boss, foreman or employer
GagaInsane, just a little crazy
Gagging1. Choking or retching 2. To desperately need or want something
Galloping knob-rotSevere, uncontrolled venereal disease
GalootAn ungainly and often unrefined person. Usually affectionate usage
GammyInjured, painful. E.g. “gammy leg”
GanderA look e.g. “Will you have a gander at my job application letter?”
Gandhi’s revengeA stomach upset, and subsequent diarrhoea
Gang-bangCopulation with an individual by a group
GannetA greedy person
GansieA pullover, jumper, woollen sweater, cardigan
GarageDance music
GarmClothes. Abbreviation of garments
GaryA tablet, usually the drug MDMA
Gary GlitterThe anus. Rhyming slang for ‘s$%tter’
GaryboyA male who drives a sporty car
GasTo chat, talk incessantly
Gash 1. Surplus to requirements, unnecessary 2. Female genitalia
GasperA cigarette
GaspingTo be desperate for something e.g. “I’m gasping for a good night out, and club surrounded by gorgeous females”
Gassed Drunk
GattedDrunk, intoxicated
GawpTo stare obtrusively 
GayA homosexual male and occasionally used for such females
Gay as a gooseVery evidently homosexual
GayarseA homosexual male 
Gay-boyA homosexual male 
GaychesterNickname for city of Manchester with its ever-growing and popular gay scene
GaydarThe ability, intuitive or otherwise, of a person to know when another person is gay – blend of the words gay and radar
GaylordA homosexual male
GayrageTerm for the UK garage music scene; a play on the words garage
GazunderA chamber pot. Named so because it goes under the bed
GazungasFemale breasts
GearIllicit drugs e.g. “Andy said he’d bring over some gear for the party”
Gee-geesHorses. Usually children and gambler’s use 
GeekAn intelligent but socially inept person 
Geezer Man, particularly an old one
GeezerbirdAn androgynous looking woman
GenInformation e.g. “What’s the gen on the economic situation?”
Gen (someone) upTo give (someone) all the information required 
Gentleman SausagePenis
GeordieA person from Tyneside or Newcastle
German helmetThe head of the penis, from its physical shape
Get a build on To roll a ‘joint’, a marijuana/cannabis cigarette
Get a life! An instructional and admonishing statement to sort oneself out
Get away with murderTo escape punishment or to go unharmed after a risky feat or misdemenour
Get crackingHurry up, get on with one’s task
Get hitchedTo get married
Get into someone’s pantsTo achieve sexual intimacies
Get it upTo achieve a penile erection
Get jiggy1. To be cool with what’s happening 2. To be active, often in a sexual sense
Get knotted!An exclamation of anger expressed at someone
Get nowhere fastTo not progress at all, despite one’s efforts
Get off at EdgehillTo perform coitus interruptus – A catholic Liverpudlian expression derived railway station before the Mersey tunnel and the last stop
Get off onTo enjoy greatly, to be thrilled, often sexually
Get off with (someone)To achieve an intimate or sexual communing with (someone)
Get on one’s titsTo annoy, to get on one’s nerves
Get on one’s wickTo annoy
Get one’s act togetherTo hurry up, to get oneself together
Get one’s arse in gearSee ‘get one’s act together’
Get one’s end awayHave sexual intercourse
Get one’s goatTo annoy someone
Get one’s kit offTo take one’s clothes off, usually heard as a sexually motivated request
Get one’s knickers in a twistTo become upset or bothered
Get one’s leg overHave sexual intercourse
Get one’s mad upTo annoy e.g. “The way he kept ignoring me really got my mad up”
Get one’s rocks offTo have sexual intercourse
Get one’s s$%t togetherSee ‘get one’s act together’
Get stuck inGet involved in, apply oneself
Get stuffed!An angry rebuke
Get the hornTo be sexually aroused
Get the nodTo get approval or permission e.g. “I’ve been given the nod by the wife to see the match on Saturday”
Get to f$%k!An exclamation of dismissive defiance or annoyance
Get up one’s noseTo irritate someone e.g. “He gets right up my nose with his constant whining”
Get Variant of git
Ghetto blasterA large portable stereo radio/CD/cassette player
GhosterA late night work shift, done immediately after a day shift
Giddy kipperAn overexcitable person
Gift of the gabThe ability to talk incessantly, persuasively, to have the knack of conversation
GiggleA good time, a lark
GilbertA small ball of nasal mucus
GimboidAn idiot, a fool
GimmerAn elderly person. Originally the term only applied to women 
Gimp1. A contemptible person, a fool 2. A sex slave
Ginger knob /mingeA person with ginger hair
GinnellAn alleyway, a passage at the rear of houses
GinormousHuge. A combination of the words gigantic and enormous
GipTo vomit
GippoA gypsy
GippySickly. Commonly heard in the phrase gippy tummy – an upset stomach
GiraffeRhyming slang for a laugh
Girlie magA pornographic magazine
GitAn idiot or contemptible person
GittyAn alleyway
Give a monkey To care, to be concerned with (negative sense)
Give headTo perform fellatio or cunnilingus
Give him /her oneTo have sex (with someone)
Give it a whirlTo attempt something e.g. “Go on, give it whirl, it can’t do any harm”
Give it some ricePut some effort in
Give it some wellyPut some force into it
Give it the/some biftasTo try hard, to put effort into a given task
Give it upTo applaud, show one’s appreciation e.g. “Give it up for this week’s guest”
Give outTo complain
Give over!Stop it!
Give someone a bellTo telephone someone
Give someone the big ETo reject someone, to dismiss someone, from ‘give someone the big elbow’
Give someone the bootTo dismiss someone from employment or a relationship
Give someone the Spanish archerTo dismiss, to sack. A pun on the ‘Spanish archer’ being called El Bow
Give someone their P45To terminate a relationship. A P45 is the official form given to someone from employment and explains tax details that are needed by a future employer
Give someone what forA severe reprimand e.g. “I’ll give you what for if you don’t shut your mouth”
Give something/it a bashTo attempt or try something e.g. “Why don’t you give it a bash, and it, we’ll give you your money back”
Give You A BellCall you
Glad-ragsOne’s finest and dressiest clothes
GlaikitStupid, idiotic, usually describing a look on someone’s face 
GlassTo break and smash a drinking glass into someones face
Glass backA fragile back or spinal area, prone to injury
Glesga kissA headbutt 
GloopyViscous, sticky, usually applied to liquids 
GlopThick viscous substance
Gloria GaynorsRhyming slang for trainers, sports footwear 
Glory holeA small hole in the dividing wall between two toilet cubicles; used for homosexual males
GlugA drink of something, particularly a large mouthful
Gnat’s pissA particularly weak and tasteless drink 
Gnat’s whiskerVery close, a small amount e.g. “I missed the target by a gnat’s whisker”
Go a bundle onLike, favour. Usually heard in a negative sense e.g. “I don’t go a bundle and tomato sandwich”
Go ape/apes$%tBecome angry, furious
Go arse over titTo fall, to trip up
Go ballisticTo explode with fury
Go commandoNot wearing underwear
Go down a bombTo be very successful and popular e.g. “The band’s new single has gone down a bomb”
Go down a treatTo be welcomed and enjoyed e.g. “That cup of coffee went down a treat”
Go down 1. To go to prison 2. oral sex as in “did you go down on her?”
Go f$%k yourself!An exclamation of anger at someone, such as ‘get lost!’
Go like the clappersTo go speedily
Go mentalTo lose one’s temper, go mad with rage
Go off on oneTo lose control
Go pear shapedGo wrong e.g. “Everything went pear shaped for UK after the Brexit referendum”
Go postalTo go crazy, go insane
Go spareTo become angry, frustrated, distressed, enraged
Go straightTo renounce a life of crime
Go tits-up1. To go wrong, to fail 2. To fall over e.g. “I went tits up on that ice on the path”
Go to potTo deteriorate
Go to the dogsTo rot, deteriorate, worsen
Go to the foot of our stairs!A exclamation of surprise
GobThe mouth
Gob ironA mouth organ, harmonica
Gob offTo talk in a opinionated and loud manner
GobbinAn idiot 
GobbleTo give oral sex
GobbledygookUnintelligible jargon, nonsense 
GobbyMouthy, offensively outspoken
Gobs$%te A person who talks nonsense or boasts to inflate their ego
Gobsmacked flabbergasted, dumbfounded, astounded, speechless
GobstruckAmazed, shocked Less common than ‘gobsmacked’
God bothererA fanatical preacher of religion, an evangelist. Also Godbotherer
God squadOrganised religion, and its devotees, particularly evangelical Christians
God-awfulParticularly unpleasant, horrible
GoitAn idiot, foolish person
Golden showerAn act of urinating on another for sexual pleasure. Also known as  ‘watersports’
Gong A medal, usually a military one
GonkAn idiot 
Good call!Good thinking! Good decision! 
Good crackAn enjoyable situation. From the Irish “craic”
Goody-two-shoesA virtuous person
GoofyA name given to a person with large protruding teeth 
Goolies The male genitals and in particular the testicles
GoonA fool or objectionable person Generally lighthearted use
GoonerAn Arsenal Football Club supporter
GooseTo poke, pinch or feel a person’s bottom, usually without their consent
GooseberryA person who is an unwanted extra, usually to a courting couple
GoosegogsGooseberries (the fruit)
GooseyA look. Abbreviation of the title of the nursery rhyme Goosey Goosey
Goppin’Disgusting, ugly
Gor blimey!An oath. A corruption of God blind me!
Gordon Bennett!An exclamation of anger or surprise 
GormAn idiot, an imbecile. Abbreviation derived from the adjective gormless
GormlessLacking sense, foolish 
GothA youth culture phenomenon, derivative of ‘punk’, characterized by black hair and dour outlook
GovernorOne’s employer
GowkTo stare obtrusively
GradeleyGood, excellent e.g. “That cup of tea was gradely”
GraftTo work hard
GrafterA hard worker
GrandExcellent, lovely 
Grand £1000
GrannyTo defeat or be defeated comprehensively e.g. “I grannied my brother in but lost in the semi-final”
GrapesHaemorrhoids, piles
GrasshopperA policeman. From the rhyming slang on ‘copper’
Graveyard shiftLate night work
Greasy spoonAn inexpensive and poor quality café
GrebA dirty, unsavoury or contemptible person
GrebbyDirty, unsavoury
GreboA lout 
Green welly brigadeMember’s of the upper middle-class who participate in countryside pursuits like shooting
GreenieNasal mucus, or phlegm
GreetTo cry, sob
GricerA railway, or train, enthusiast
GridlockA total blockage, usually refers to a traffic jam 
GriefTrouble, hassle e.g. “Listen, it’s over! I’ve said sorry, so please stop giving mw grief”
GrindA act of sexual intercourse
GrockleA holidaymaker, tourist 
GroganA lump of faeces
GroovyExcellent, wonderful
GropeTo feel a person in a sexual manner
Grot1. Dirt, rubbish e.g. “Shall we clear out all the grot in the attic?” 2. A contemptible person
Grot magA pornographic magazine. Occasionally abbreviated to grot
GrotbagA dirty or sleazy person 
GrottyUnpleasant, disgusting, shabby, of poor quality. From grotesque
GroupieA person who fanatically follows a rock/pop band, or celebrity, around
GrubFood. Originates from the Dutch, grubbelen 
GrundiesUnderwear, usually applied to male underpants. Rhyming slang for undies
GrungeA type of punk/metal/thrash crossover music
GrungeyScruffy, smelly, grimy
GruntPower, when applied to machines
Guff1. To break wind, to ‘fart’ 2. Ridiculous talk
GumbyA bumpkin, a yokel, a ‘hick’ 
GumfNonsense, rubbish. Perhaps a combination of ‘guff’ and ‘bumf’
GungeThick sticky liquid 
GungyViscous, sticky 
GunkThick gooey liquid
GurnTo make involuntary and unusual facial expressions excessive amphetamines
GurnerA person who gurns, see above
Gut-rotStomach ache 
GuttedThe original meaning of “gut” is to remove the insides of an animal before eating it. (gutting a fish, for example) It also has the meaning of being bitterly disappointed about something
GuttiesRubber soled sports shoes, trainers
GuvA term of address for a man. Derived from ‘governor’
Guzzle-gutsA person who drinks greedily
Gym queenA muscly homosexual male, who obviously works out in a gym
GypHassle, bother e.g. “My leg’s been giving me gyp since I got kicked”
GypoA gypsy. Also ‘gippo’
Gypsy’s (kiss)An act of urination. From the rhyming slang gypsy’s kiss, meaning ‘piss’
Ha ha!A sarcastic laugh
Hack (it)To manage, cope e.g. “I’m giving up my job next week, I can’t hack the boredom”
Hacked offAnnoyed, depressed
HackyDirty, scummy
Hair of the dogAn alcoholic chaser which will help relieve the symptoms of a hangover, after a drinking binge 
Hair pieThe vagina
HairyFrightening, alarming
Hairy axe woundVagina
Hairy muff!OK, that’s reasonable! A pun on fair enough, also see  ‘furry muff’, ‘fairy snuff’
Hairy-arsedRough, primitive, unrefined, coarse
Half soakedSlow witted or slow in movement, laid back
Half-arsed Unenthusiastic, feeble, incomplete
Half-cutTipsy, drunk but not incapacitated
Half-inchTo steal Rhyming slang for ‘pinch’
Half-pissedDrunk, but not incapacitated by alcohol
Hames A mess, a shambles e.g. “She made a complete hames of that meal, by lumpy gravy” 
Ham-fisted Clumsy
HammerTo take or do something to excess e.g. “I’m going to hammer the booze tonight at the pub!”
HammeredTotally intoxicated 
HammyOver-theatrical. Usually applied to an actor 
Hampton (wick)Penis. Rhyming slang on ‘prick’
HamsterdamAn intentionally jocular mispronunciation of Amsterdam in the Netherlands
Handbags A harmless fight especially between two women
Hand-jobAn act of masturbation
HandleA name, a nickname, a pseudonym, an alias 
Hand-me-downsItems, usually clothes, passed on to younger members of a family when their siblings grow out of them
Hand-shandyAn act of masturbation
Hang a left / rightTurn left / right
Hang about!Wait a moment! Hold on!
Hang toughTo act tough and arrogant
Hangin’Unattractive, nasty, unsavoury. Usually pronounced ‘angin’
HangoutA place for passing time
Hang-upAn emotional problem, a psychological disturbance
Hank MarvinCockney rhyming slang for Starving
Hanky-pankySexual misbehaviour
HappenPerhaps, maybe e.g. “Happen it’s going to rain this afternoon”
Happy as pig in s$%tVery contented
Happy bunnyA contented person
Happy clappy brigadeCollectively those with a very strong religious faith, such as a sect
Happy sackThe scrotum/testicles
HardTough and unyielding, when applied to a person
Hard as f$%kExceptionally tough and unyielding. More emphatic than ‘hard’
Hard as nailsSee ‘hard as f$%k’
Hard cheese Bad luck!
Hard-assA particularly aggressive person
HardcoreExplicit pornography
HardheadAn obstinate person
Hard-nutAn aggressive and tough person
Hard-onAn erect penis
Hard-s$%t!Bad luck, how unfortunate. Expressed with irony or sarcasm
HardstuffGeneral name for strong alcoholic drink such as spirits (whiskey, vodka) 
Harry (monk)Semen. Rhyming slang for ‘spunk’
Harry hoofterA homosexual male. Rhyming slang on ‘poofter’
HashAbbreviation of hashish, the drug 
HashcakeCake made with the added ingredients of cannabis or marijuana
Hash-headA person who frequently or habitually uses hashish or marijuana
Hate someone’s gutsTo utterly detest someone, to hate the very essence of someone 
Have1. To have sexual intercourse with e.g. “Did you have him last night or 2. To get the better of e.g. “I’ll have him for doing that to your sister”
Have a bat in the caveTo have visible nasal mucus visible up a nostril
Have a bog onTo be in a bad mood
Have a bun in the ovenTo be pregnant e.g. “she has got another bun in the oven”
Have a dab at somethingTo attempt something e.g. “I had a dab at cricket when I was young”
Have a dab onTo be hot and perspiring, consequently needing to mop or dab at the face
Have a face onTo appear miserable, or annoyed
Have a pop at (someone)To physically attack (someone)
Have a screw looseTo be a little insane
Have a slate looseTo be a little insane
Have a tortoiseSee ‘have a turtle’s head’
Have a turtle’s headHave an urgent need to defecate e.g. “Hurry up! Let me in the toilet, I have a turtle’s head coming out!”
Have a weed onBe annoyed, angry
Have a whack atTo attempt e.g. “I had a whack at plumbing in the new kitchen sink professional to finish the job”
Have armsTo fight e.g. “John’s still outside, having arms with that scary looking bloke”
Have egg on one’s chinTo have one’s trouser flies open. Often used to warn another of this
Have itGo for it, in the sense of not holding back e.g. “We were having it last night”
Have it awayTo have sexual intercourse
Have it away (on one’s toes)To escape, to run away
Have it largeTotal enthusiasm and committment to enjoyment and hedonism
Have it offTo have sexual intercourse
Have one off the wristTo masturbate
Have one’s guts for gartersA threat said as a reprimand, usually to a youngster or child
Have the painters inTo be menstruating; a euphemism
HeadOral sex e.g. “She gives good head”
Head-bangerA fan of heavy metal music, usually wearing jeans and leathers
HeadcaseA lunatic, a mentally unstable person
Headf$%kSomething or someone that is mentally disturbing e.g. “I’m not inviting headf$%k and he’d ruin the party”
Head-honchoBoss. The word honcho derives from Japanese
HeadlampsWomen’s breasts
Head-the-ballA lunatic, an idiot
HeadtripA pleasant exploration of a thought, a self-indulgent fantasy 
HeapA thing that is old and delapidated. Often a vehicle
HeavyOK! Cool! That’s very agreeable
Heavy metal Generally, highly amplified rock music and its associated long hair
Heavy mobA group of muscular or tough people gathered together to utilise their collective strength
Heebie-jeebiesAn uneasy or very nervous feeling
HeiferA woman 
HellholeA thoroughly unpleasant place
Hells bells!An exclamation of surprise
HelmetThe head (glans) of the penis, being similar in shape
HenA form of address or a term of endearment such as sweetheart
Hen-peckedUnder the control of a domineering female
HenryDrug parlance for an eighth of an ounce of cannabis/marijuana), ie. Hery the Eighth
Her Majesty’s PleasureTo be in prison
HerbertAn dull objectionable person
Here’s looking at you!A drinking toast
Here’s mud in your eye!A toast expressed before a drink 
HickA rustic, rural dweller  
HickeyA love bite. Also hickie 
HighA pleasantly intoxicated state Usually these days with regard to drug taking
High as a kiteVery intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
HinnyAn affectionate form of address, ‘Geordie’ pronunciation of honey
HippyA person who adopts the characteristic style of 1960s look with long hair, of conventional values is often embellished with drug taking
His nibsA jocular and mocking title given to a self-important person 
Hissy fitA tantrum e.g. “She had a hissy fit when I told her I’d spent all my wages”
HitAn injection of a drug
Hit for sixTo deal a severe blow, to vanquish, to affect someone severely
Hit listA list of prospective victims
Hit the hayGo to bed
Hit the roadDepart
Hit the sackGo to bed
HoA whore, a prostitute
HogA powerful high handlebarred motorbike Usually ridden by ‘bikers’
Holding the foldingHaving adequate cash on one’s person
HoleA despicable or undesirable place
Hole in the wallA bank’s externally accessible cash dispenser
HolsAbbreviation of holidays
HoneypotThe vagina
HonkA bad smell e.g. “It honks like s$%t in here, can I open a window?”
Honk upTo vomit. Occasionally shortened to honk
HonkyA white person. Generally obsolete in use, but when heard, usually jocular
Hooey (!)Nonsense
HoofTo kick
Hoo-haA commotion, trouble, a row e.g. “There was a right hoo-ha at work yesterday”
Hook it To run away quickly
Hooky or hookey 1. Something that is stolen (probably from hook = to steal) 2. Loosely used to describe anything illegal
HoolivanA police vehicle, a van, with protective windscreen grills
Hooray (Henry)A young male of the upper classes. Often abbreviated to Hooray e.g. “full of Hoorays drinking champagne and talking about how rich they are” 
Hooter Nose
HorlicksA mess. Generally dated term
HornA penile erection
Horses for CoursesWon’t work for someone else
Hospital passA pass in the game of football (soccer), to a team mate whose close proximity is likely to lead to that player receiving an imediate hard tackle and subsequent injury
Hot airEmpty talk, nonsense
Hot knives  (the) hots  A sexual desireA method of smoking cannabis without the aid of tobacco
Hot rocksThe red hot pieces of burning cannabis that occasionally fall from a ‘joint’ 
Hot to trotEager for sexual intercourse
Hottie1. A hot waterbottle 2. A sexually attractive person
Hot-wireTo start up a car engine without the aid of keys
HouseA contemporary dance music epitomised by its 4/4 beat and use of ‘samples’
How goes (it)?A greeting
HowayLet’s go, or come on
How’s it hanging? How are you? Believed to be specifically a male greeting
How’s tricks?How are you? A greeting not necessarily requiring a direct answer
How’s your fatherSexual intercourse e.g. “They are in the front room having a bit of how’s your father!”
HoyTo throw
Hubbly (bubbly)A waterpipe used for smoking cannabis or marijuana
HuffA bad mood
HugginsMany, a large amount e.g. “I got huggins of presents for my birthday”
HumTo smell unpleasant e.g. “Don’t eat that cheese, it’s starting to hum” 
HumongousVery large, enormous 
Hump 1. To carry or heave 2. To have sexual intercourse
HunA protestant and more commonly a supporter of Rangers FC
Hung like a horse / donkeyHaving a large penis
HunkA sexually attractive and masculine male 
HunkyHaving the qualities of a ‘hunk’ 
Hunky-doryOK, fine, erring on the side of wonderful
HurlTo vomit
Hutch upTo move up, or along, thus creating space
Hyped upOver-excited, manic
HyperOver-excited, nervous, agitated
I should cocoa!I should say so! The cocoa or coco is rhyming slang for say so
I’m Off to BedfordshireGoing to bed
IceDiamonds or more generally jewellery 
IckA distasteful substance. Probably derived from the adjective icky
IckleSmall, little
IckyGooey or sticky, usually denoting unpleasantly so 
Idiot box Television
IffyUnsound, incorrect, improbable, suspicious
I’ll be buggered!An exclamation of surprise
I’m all right, Jack A remark, often directed at another, indicating that they are selfish and that they don’t care about something
In bitsMentally confused e.g. “It’s no wonder he’s in bits, he’s had two tabs of acid, an ounce of draw”
In bulkLaughing e.g. “Sarah was in bulk all the way through the film”
In deep s$%tIn big trouble
In the altogetherNaked
In the buffNaked
In the clubPregnant
In the doghouseOut of favour. e.g. “I’m in the doghouse after getting wasted”
IndieA type of guitar orientated music derived from ‘punk’
Indie-kidA person who is keen on ‘Indie’ music and wears its fashions
InnieA navel or belly button that doesn’t protrude
Innit!A questioning statement e.g. “That’s got to be the best goal ever, innit!”
InsideIn prison
Inside In or into prison
IntoInterest, e.g. “What are you into?”
Into touchTo reject, discard or finish with someone/something
IronA homosexual. Rhyming slang on iron hoof meaning ‘poof’
It`s monkeys outside It is very cold
ItemA couple in a steady relationship
Ivories 1. Teeth 2. The keys of a piano 3. Dice
jA marijuana/cannabis cigarette Abbreviation of ‘joint’ 
J ArthurAn act of masturbation. Rhyming slang on J Arthur Rank, with ‘wank’
JackTo steal, often in relation to mugging. From hijack
Jack (Jones)Rhyming slang for ‘Alone’. Usually used in the expression ‘on your jack’
Jack and Danny  Vagina. Rhyming slang on ‘fanny’
Jack and JillCockney rhyming slang for a pill 
Jack inTo stop doing something e.g. “I’m going to jack in my gym session after work”
Jack it in!Stop it!
Jack offTo masturbate (males)
Jack the lad A young man who is regarded as a show off
Jack up Injecting an illegal drug
JackbitFood, or more specifically a packed lunch
JacksieButtocks, or anus
Jackson Pollocks Rhyming slang for ‘Bollocks’ or testicles
Jag  An injection 
JailbaitAn attractive female or male who, viewed sexually, is younger than the bait e.g. “I’ll warn you now, dont get involved with Ben’s sister, she’s jailbait”
Jake/JakeyA drunk
Jam jar Rhyming slang for car
Jam packedFull to capacity 
Jam ragA sanitory towel, a tampon
Jam roll1. An idiot 2. Anus
Jam sandwichA police car, specifically the white ones with a bright red band
JammyFortunate, lucky 
JannerA person from Plymouth
JarA glass of beer or lager, usually a pint
Jarred offUpset, fed-up
JasperA wasp
Jazz magA pornographic magazine
Jeez!A profane exclamation of surprise, frustration. A shortening of Jesus
JelliesCheap rubber/plastic sandals mainly worn by children
JellyTemazepam (a tranquillizer)
JellyfishA weak and ineffectual person 
Jerk-offTo masturbate e.g. “He’s in his room, jerking off to that new adult film”
JerryA German, or from Germany, often in a military context
Jessie An effeminate man or one that is weak or afraid (Originally Scottish slang)
Jesus bootsSandals
Jesus creepersSandals
Jesus freakA strong believer in Christianity 
Jesus H Christ!An exclamation of surprise, annoyance
Jesus suffering f$%k!Expressing surprise, or anger
Jesus wept!An exclamation of annoyance or surprise
Jesus!A profane exclamation of surprise, anger, frustration
JetTo move quickly or depart hurriedly e.g. “I’m just gonna jet into town to get some things”
JewelsMale genitals  ‘family jewels’
JiffyA moment, a short time Eg “Wait there a second, I’ll be back in a jiffy”
JiggerAn alleyway, back passage
Jiggered1. Confounded, e.g. I’ll be jiggered! 2. Worn out, exhausted
Jiggery pokeryDeception, trickery, dishonest behaviour 
JiggyCool and in touch with what’s happening 
Jimmy riddleAn act of urination. The rhyming slang for ‘piddle’
Jism, jissomSemen
JittersSevere nervousness 
JittyAn alleyway or passageway between buildings. Also gitty
JizzSperm Abbreviation of jism
JoannaPiano – Cockney rhyming slang
JobTo hit, punch, physically attack e.g. “Stop shouting at me, or I’ll job you!”
JobbyA lump of excrement
Jobby jabberHomosexual male
Job’s a good’un!Expressing a thing or situation is good
JobsworthA person who is very pedantic at work and strictly adheres to the rules
Jock Word or term of address for a Scottish person
Jockey’s whipsRhyming slang for Chips, French fries 
JodrellAn act of masturbation. From the rhyming slang Jodrell Bank
Joe BaxiRhyming slang for taxi
Joe Bloggs A man who is average, typical or unremarkable
Joe Soap An idiot, stooge or scapegoat
JohnGeneral term of address for a male
John ThomasPenis
Johnny Condom – also called a ‘Johnny bag’ or ‘rubber Johnny’
JointA cannabis or marijuana cigarette
JolliesPleasure, thrills e.g. “He always gets his jollies from hurting others”
JoshTo jest and joke with someone e.g. “Dad! Stop joshing me”
JoskinA rural dweller, a country bumpkin
Josser A cretin or simpleton
JoyrideA ride in a stolen vehicle 
JubbliesWomen’s breasts
JudyA woman, or girlfriend
JudyscufferA police woman. See ‘judy’ and ‘scuffer’ 
Jug handlesEars, usually implying large or excessively protruding
JumblyA jumble sale
Jump Sexual intercourse
Jumped upArrogant 
JungleA dance music based around speedy ‘breakbeats’, ‘dubby’ bass and ‘samples’
JunglistA person interested and committed to ‘jungle’ music
JunkieA heroin addict. Also spelt junky
KA thousand, a kilogram, a kilobyte
KakRubbish, nonsense
KarzyA lavatory
Keen as mustardVery enthusiastic, eager
Keep it zippedDon’t talk, stay quiet 
Keep one’s pecker upRemain cheerful 
Keep tabs onTo keep informed about
Keep your hair on!Calm down! or remain calm! 
KenTo know 
Kerb crawlerA person who drives slowly to view street prostitutes
Ker-ching!The sound of a cash till ringing, expressed to signify monetary profit
KerfuffleA commotion or fuss 
KermitThe toilet. Rhyming slang, from Kermit the Frog, meaning ‘bog’
KetSweets, confectionary, candy
KettleA watch or wrist watch
KevA young person who typically wears branded sportswear, baseball caps
Kev car A modified car, including such things as alloy wheels, spoilers, loud sound
Kevved up With reference to a car, mechanically and performance enhanced
KewlExcellent, wonderful
Khyber (pass)Buttocks, anus. Cockney rhyming slang on ‘arse’
Kibosh To end, to terminate, to finish off e.g. “We were kiboshed”
Kick (something)To give up (something), usually referring to the giving up of addictive drugs
Kick inTo begin e.g. “The drugs kicked in just as I was talking to my boss”
Kick in the arse/ass/balls/bollocksBad luck, an unfortunate setback e.g. “He had his passport and money which was a kick in the bollocks”
Kick itTo die. A shortening of kick the bucket
Kick off1. To start trouble 2. To begin 
Kick some arse/assTo beat up someone
Kick the bucketTo die
Kick the stuffing out ofTo beat up severely e.g. “Next time I see him I’m gonna kick the stuffing out of him”
Kickin’Full of life and energy Eg ” The club was kickin last night”
KidderA term of address, generally affectionate use, towards someone younger
KiddoA form of address, for a younger person than oneself. Often used affectionately
KidologyThe persistent and intentional deception and teasing of someone for pleasure
Kinnell!Exclamation of anger or surprise A contraction of ‘f$%king hell’
Kip Sleep or nap
KipperThe face e.g. “Did you see the miserable kipper on that idiot?”
Kiss arse/assTo act obsequiously
KisseMouth. Origins in boxing
Kit kat shuffleFemale masturbation
KiteTo fraudulently use dud or stolen cheques
KlemptHungry. Also ‘clemmed’
KleptoAbbreviation of kleptomaniac 
KlingonFaecal remnants that have adhered to anal hairs
KnackedMeans the same as ‘knackered’
KnackerTo wear out, to exhaust, to ruin 
KnackeredExtremely tired
KnackeringTiring, exhausting
Knackers Testicles
Knee high to a grasshopperOf a person, short in height
Knee tremblerSexual intercourse whilst standing
KneecapTo cripple someone by shooting or hitting their kneecaps
Knees-up A lively party or dance
KnickerOne pound sterling
Knickers!A exclamation of defiance or anger
Knob cheeseSmegma
Knob jockey Homosexual
Knob off!Go away! An exclamation of anger
Knob Penis
KnobberA contemptible person, an idiot
KnobbingSexual intercourse
Knob-end An idiot, or tip of penis (see bell-end)
Knobhead A stupid, irritating person
Knob-rot1. A sexually transmitted disease, specifically one affecting males  2. Nonsense
Knob-shinerA contemptible person
Knock (someone) backTo reject someone or their suggestions
Knock (something) on the head (!)To stop doing (something) e.g. “All his shouting is really annoying soon, I’m going to thump him”
Knock it off (!) Stop it e.g. “If you don’t knock it off now I’ll phone your father”
Knock the spots off To outdo 
Knock upTo make pregnant e.g. ” I knocked her up and now her brother’s after me”
KnockersBreasts. Possibly named due to the nature of their movements during activity
Knocking on (a bit)Aged, old, often implying passed its best
Knocking shopA brothel
Knock-off1. To have sex with someone 2. To steal 3. An imitation
Know one’s onions To be well acquainted with a subject
Knuckle sandwichA punch in the mouth
KookyCrazy, eccentric
KosherCorrect, legitimate  [Yiddish]
KrautA German. A shortening of sauerkraut (Offensive)
KushtyExcellent, fine, OK. Also spelt cushty and kushti
LaA form of address unique to Liverpool
LabsAbbreviation of labia
Lace intoTo attack, either verbally or physically
Lacky-bandA corruption of the words elastic band
LadPenis. Affectionate use
LaddetteA female equivalent of a male who might be considered ‘laddish’ Such brashness, loudness, sexism, enjoyment of drinking etc
LaddishOf or like the characteristics of a young man or lad, often loud, macho, arrogant
Lady GodivaA five pound note. Rhyming slang for fiver
Lady MuckThe female equivalent of ‘Lord Muck’
Lady A five-pound note Rhyming Slang, Lady Godiva-Fiver
LadyboyA male to female part transexual
Lag Convict, particularly a long serving one (an old lag)
Lager boysYoung men who over-indulge in alcohol and consequently become loutish
Lager loutA young person whose anti-social behaviour is primarily instigated by drinking loads of beer
Lagered (up)Drunk, intoxicated through the use of lager
Lagged /laggeredDrunk, intoxicated with alcohol
LaikTo play e.g. “Are your two brothers laiking out this afternoon?”
LairyKnowing, conceited
La-la-lambchopsSideburns From their shape?
La-la-landThe hypothetical place where one is out of touch with reality, often after being on drugs
LampTo hit, to clout e.g. “I can’t believe she lamped him, just for coming home late”
LangeredDrunk, intoxicated
LankyThe county of Lancashire
Lanky streak of pissA tall, thin person
LardarseA fat person, also  ‘tub of lard’  
LargeExcellent. Like ‘have it large’
Large itTo be enthusiastic
LarkAn activity one considers a waste of time
Larry LightweightA person who is easily intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, having low tolerance
Lash 1. Urinate 2. Alcohol 3. To throw away
Lashed Very inebriated. Also ‘on the lash’ meaning to go out drinking with the intent of getting drunk
Later(s)!Goodbye! Derived from see you later or catch you later
Laughing boyA sardonic nickname for a male who looks miserable
Laughing gearThe mouth
LavA toilet. Abbreviation of lavatory. Also lavvy
LayTo have sex with someone
Lay one on (someone)To hit (someone)
Lazy lobA semi-erect penis, or  ‘lob on’
LazzTo pass or throw
Lead up the garden pathTo mislead 
LeakUrination Eg “Hold on a minute, I need to take a leak”
LeanIntoxicated with alcohol or drugs
LeatheringA beating. Originates from the use of a leather belt or thong to beat someone
Leave it out!Stop it! Stop doing that!
LechTo sexually lust. Also spelt letch 
LeckyElectricity. Also ‘lecko’
LedgeShortening of the word “legend” A legend is someone who is well-known, often for doing something great or incredible
Lee MarvinStarvin’ (starving), or hungry. Rhyming slang
Left footerA Catholic 
LeftfieldTaking an unconventional view or stance 
LeftyA socialist 
Leg itTo run hurriedly
LegitAbbreviation of legitimate
LeglessVery drunk. Obvious consequences of excessive alcohol
Leg-overSexual intercourse, usually in phrase ‘get one’s leg over’
Lemon squeezyRhyming slang for ‘Easy’
LeoAn all day drinking spree. From the rhyming slang Leo Sayer – all dayer
LesboA lesbian 
Let (one) ripTo break wind, to fart
Let offTo break wind, to ‘fart’. Shortening of let off wind
Let one goTo break wind, to fart e.g. “That’s disgusting! Who’s just let one go?”
LezzerA lesbian 
Lick (out)To perform cunnilingus
Lick upTo awn, be obsequious as in ‘arse licking’
Lickety-splitFast, speedily 
LickleSmall. A lazy or childlike corruption of the word little
LiggerA ‘freeloader’, a taker of things that are freely available
Like a bastardIn a hurried or agitated state e.g. “I raced around the shops like a bastard”
Like a dog with two dicksSexually promiscuous, with the implication that men cannot control animal urges
Like a fart in a colanderUseless
Like a rat up a drainpipeVery quickly
Like flies on s$%tImplies great numbers and enthusiasm, e.g. “she would go into a bar and all the men would be all over her like flies on s$%t”
Like s$%t off a shovelVery quickly
LillyThe police
LimeyAn English person. Derived from the habit, on long journeys, of supplying citrus to prevent against scurvy
Limp-wristedFeeble, effeminate, usually applied to males, and often implying homosexuality 
LineA quantity of powdered drug, such as cocaine, that is chopped and presented
LionelsFlaired trousers/jeans. Rhyming slang on Lionel Blair’s, meaning flairs
LipImpudence, cheek
LippyImpertinent, mouthy, cheeky 
LipsThe labias
Lipstick lesbianA lesbian who prefers to wear make-up and look conventionally feminine
Liquid lunchA lunch break comprising of alcohol instead of food
Little boy’s/girl’s roomEuphemisms for a lavatory
Little fellaAffectionate term for an ectasy pill
Little man in a boatA euphemism for the clitoris
LittlesPills, or more commonly ectasy pills
LoadQuantity of semen ejaculated e.g. “shoot one’s load”
Load of crapUtter nonsense, complete rubbish, worthless. Means same as load of s$%t, a load of bollocks
Loaded1. Drunk, or drugged up 2. Wealthy
LoafHead. Rhyming slang on loaf of bread
Lob onAn erect penis
LobsterA very sunburnt person 
Local A public house close to one’s home
Lock-inThe time after a public house has closed when a chosen few are offered illegal activity, hence the locking of doors
LogA lump of excrement. From its vague similarity to a to a sawn tree trunk
Lolly Money
Long-hairA hippy 
Look like death warmed upTo look very pale and sickly
Look like something the cat dragged inTo look like a  mess
LookerAn attractive person
LookseeA look, an inspection Also looksy e.g. “Have a looksy at this brochure you”
LoonAn insane person. Abbreviation of lunatic 
LoonyAn insane. person From lunatic 
Loony-binMental institution, a lunatic asylum
LoopyMad, insane
LoppyDirty, filthy
Lord MuckThe depreciatory name for a pompous conceited man
Lose itTo become confused or out of control
Lose one’s bottleTo lose courage
Lose one’s marblesTo go crazy, to lose control
Lose one’s ragTo lose control in a fit of fury, to be very angry e.g. “You should keep rag; she’s got a lethal right hook”
Lost the PlotGone crazy
Louie A louie is a sixteenth of an ounce (as in Louie the 16th) = in weight to a decimal halfpence
LouseTo finish a job or task 
LoveA term of endearment 
Love a duck!An exclamation of surprise
Love custardSemen
Love handlesAn area and build up of fat on a person’s waistline
Love nectarSemen
Love spudsTesticles
Loved upIn love
Lovely-jubbly!Excellent! Great!
Low-lifeContemptible and despised person or persons, often with criminal leanings
Lug Ear 
Lug-holeThe ear hole
LukaSee ‘lookah’
Lumber To burden e.g. “What am I, a doctor? Don’t lumber me with all your medical jargon”
LummoxA clumsy, stupid person. Often used affectionately
Lump itTo suffer or endure something
LunchboxMale genitals
LurgyAny unspecified or indeterminate illness
LurveLove. Humourous and intentional mispronunciation
LustySexually excited
Luvvie An actor or actress
LuzzTo pass or throw e.g. “Will you luzz me that pen and paper, please?”
M and SThe nickname for Marks and Spencers, or  ‘Marks and Sparks’
Maccy D’s McDonalds, the fast food company. Also occasionally Macky D’s 
MackemA person from Sunderland
Mad aleckA person acting crazily and energetically
Mad for itEnthusiastic, eager
Mad hotExtremely hot
Mad keenVery enthusiastic
MadchesterThe original alternative pseudonym for Manchester from the late 1980s
Made RedundantFired from a job
Made upHappy, very satisfied e.g. “I’m made up about your good news”
MaftedA person, hot and bothered and oppressed by heat
MaftinHot and humid e.g. “Oh God! It’s maftin Can we go swimming today”
MaggotA despicable, devious or obsequious person
Magic spongeThe curative sponge employed by sports physios during events.
Magic!Excellent Often heard as an exclamation of satisfaction 
Mahatma (Ghandi)Rhyming slang for Shandy, the alcoholic drink
MahusiveImmense, sizable, great. Probably from massive
Make a move on someoneTo approach and chat to a person with the objective of establishing a connection
Make a rowTo make a loud noise
Make it snappy!Hurry up, do it quickly e.g. “Steve, the film starts in 5 minutes, so if better make it snappy”
Make mincemeat ofTo make a mess of something
Make tracksTo begin a journey e.g. “OK, it’s 830 and we’ve got to make tracks to London now”
Man titsMale breasts
MancA person from Manchester. Abbreviation of Mancunian
MankyScruffy, dirty, distasteful, disgusting
Manky Snatcher Rhyming slang for Maggie Thatcher (former UK Prime Minister)
ManorThe home district felt to belong to a person or gang
Mard A weak willed person, a softie
MardarseA weak willed person, a softie
MardySomeone who is easily upset, scared, or moans incessantly
Mare A woman e.g. “You silly mare! Why did you do that?” 
Mark A suitable victim for a con or swindle
Marks and SparksMarks and Spencers, the department store. Also shortened to just Marks
Marmite minerA homosexual male. Marmite is a dark yeast extract spread 
Marmite motorwayThe anus
MarraA mate, friend, ‘pal’
Mars barRhyming slang for a scar
MashTo brew a cup of tea 
MashedUtterly intoxicated by drink or drugs to the extent of being in a mess
MassiveMassive.  A group of people closely united by community and social interests
MateA friend
Matelot Sailor
MazedMad, insane
Me duckA form of address
MeatSexual organs
Meat and two veg Male genitalia
Meat market Often used with regard to nightclubs, where there are many single people looking to hook up
Meat wagonA police van
Meat-headA term of abuse, with the implication that the recipient may be stupid
Mee mawTo pull faces
MeffA scruffy, unkempt person, and consequently an objectionable person
MegaFantastic, wonderful
MegabucksA huge quantity of money
MelonsBreasts. The term usually refers to large breasts
MelvinWhen ones trousers become caught up between ones buttocks
MemberThe penis. Assumed to be from the latin membrum virile
Mental Crazy or insane
Merchant (banker)A contemptible person. Rhyming slang, meaning ‘wanker’
Mess aroundA euphemism for noncommittal sexual relations
MessagesGroceries, usually heard in ‘do the messages’ (buy the groceries)
MickAn Irishman From the popular Irish name, Michael. Generally offensive
Mickey Mouse1. Stupid looking, comical 2. Second rate, of poor quality, cheaply made
Middle for diddle!Darts to determine who will be nearest to the bullseye
Middle legThe penis
MiffedAnnoyed, peeved
MilfA sexually desirable and mature woman. An acronym of Mom I’d Like To F%&k
Milk run A safe mission. Also means all stops on public transport
MilkersWomen’s breasts
Mince piesRhyming slang  for Eyes, also known as  ‘mincers’
MincerA homosexual male
Mind like a sewerA vulgar and sexually obsessed mind
Mind out!Watch out! Excuse me! e.g. “Will you mind out, I nearly ran you over!”
Mind!Watch out! Excuse me! An abbreviation of ‘mind out’
Mind-blowingTotally astonishing or confusing
Mindf$%kA situation or person who gives one an mentally overwhelming and disorientating feeling
MingTo smell or look unpleasant e.g. “Yearghh, that’s disgusting! It mings”
Minge Vagina
MingebagA despicable pers
Minger Someone who smells
Minging    Rubbishy, unpleasant, smelly, dirty, undesirable
MingyMiserly, stingy e.g. “Don’t be so mingy, share the chocolate with your sister”
MintExcellent, wonderful
Minted Very wealthy
MintyScruffy, dirty
Misery-gutsA killjoy 
MitchTo play truant. Also mitch off e.g. “I’m mitching off with school today”
MitherTo fuss, bother, pester
MitsHands e.g. “Get your mits off my sandwich you thieving swine”
M’laddoA condescending form of address to a young male
MoAbbreviation of moment e.g. “Just a mo, wait there and I’ll be with you in one”
Moaning MinnieA person who persistently grumbles 
Mob-handedIn large numbers, en masse, with respect to people
MobyA mobile phone
Mod consAbbreviation of modern conveniences e.g. “The house had all the mod cons” 
MofoA contemptible person Abbreviation of ‘motherf$%ker’ 
MoggieA cat Also spelt moggy
Moke Donkey
Money for old ropeEasily attained profit or reward 
MoneybagsSomeone who freely displays their current wealthy status 
Mong Imbecile, idiot
Monged (out) Severely drunk/high
MonikerName, nickname, signature or mark
Monk onA bad mood, a temper
Monkey£500. Occasionally and confusingly also £50
MonkeyhangerA person from Hartlepool
MonkeytownNickname for the town of Heywood, Lancashire 
MooAn objectionable woman
Moo juiceMilk From moo meaning cow
Mooch Loiter or wander aimlessly, skulk
MoodySuspicious, not genuine e.g. “Don’t buy any watches of that crook, they’re moody”
Moody gear, or story Stolen property or an improbable tale
Moolah Money
MoonTo reveal one’s naked buttocks, usually as an insult or bawdy jest
MoonrakerA person from the town of Middleton, Manchester 
Moony Crazy or foolish
MooseA physically unattractive person
Mopper-upperA person or thing with the job or task of mopping up
MoreishAppetizing and tasty e.g. “that cake is very moreish”
MoresomeGroup sex
MorngyMoany, whingey, feeble
MorphTo change shape or form, from the word metamorphosis
MortalledDrunk, intoxicated
MoseyA look around e.g. “I’m just going to have a mosey around the shops”
MoshingA very physical style of dancing enjoyed by ‘grunge’ and ‘thrash metal’ devotees 
Moshpit An area immediately infront of the stage at gigs where ‘moshing’ occurs
Mosquito bitesSmall breasts 
MotherA less common variation on mum
Motherf$%kerA contemptible person Occasionally shortened to mother 
MotoringProceeding quickly e.g. “he was motoring to the pub!”
MouseA female’s sanitary tampon, from the vague physical similarities
MouthRhyming slang on North and South
Mouth offTo talk loudly and without thought
MozzyMosquito. Also mozzie
Muck (someone) aboutTo lead someone along
Muck (something) upTo ruin something, to mess up e.g. “You really mucked that up didn’t you?”
Muck about / aroundTo mess around, or fool about 
Muck in Share a duty or workload[208]
MuckerFriend e.g. “Alright my old mucker”
Muck-upA bungled event
Mucky pupA dirty person, affectionate use and often applied to a child e.g. “Look mucky pup! You’ve been rolling around in the dirt with Billy again, haven’t you?”
MuffThe female genitals The innuendo being inclusive of pubic hair
Muff diverA person who indulges in cunnilingus
Muffin An idiot, fool e.g. “She made me look like a right muffin”
MugA stupid or gullible person
Mug off Sell Short, Underestimate, Insult as in “Is he mugging me off?”
Mug upTo revise, learn e.g. “I’ve been staying in at the weekends, mugging up”
MugginsA fool, someone easily outwitted, usually said with regard to oneself
Mugs away!Losers to start! Originally a phrase from the game of darts
Mug’s gameA foolish activity e.g. “You won’t get away with stealing cars for long, it’s a mug’s game”
Mug-shotA photographic portrait. Often with regard to a police photo of a criminal
MulleredDrunk, intoxicated by alcohol
MulletA style of haircut, shorter at the top and considerably longer at the sides 
MunchFood, a snack e.g. “Can we stop at the next cafe and get a munch?”
MunterAn ugly person, usually applied to women Also spelt munta
MuppetAn idiot, an objectionable person
MurderEager to consume e.g. “I’m so thirsty I could murder a beer”
MuscleA collective term for sizeable and strong people, gathered to utilize their strength
Muscle MaryA muscular, homosexual male
MushThe mouth e.g. “Shut your mush you noisy git!”
MusoA musician or person particularly interested in music
MutantA foolish or objectionable person
Mutt ‘n’ jeffDeaf. Cockney rhyming slang on the cartoon characters
MuttonDeaf. Abbreviated form of the rhyming slang ‘mutt’n’jeff’
Mutton daggerA penis
Mutton dressed as lambA woman who dresses in fashions usually associated with younger females
Mutt’s nutsThe best, most excellent, like  ‘dog’s bollocks’
My arse!An exclamation of denial or disagreement
My left foot!A dismissive exclamation of denial or rejection
NabTo steal
Nab off (with something)To steal or take (something)
NackeredSee ‘knackered’
NadsTesticles. Derived from gonads
NaffRubbishy, useless, of poor quality
Naff offGet lost! Leave me alone! A euphemism for ‘f$%k off!’
Naffed offAnnoyed, depressed
NaffingUsed as an intensive, such as ‘f$%king’ e.g. “That naffing couple next door”
NanaAbbreviation of banana
NancyAn effeminate male 
Nancy-boyA homosexual male 
NangExcellent, great
NarkAn informer, particularly a police informer
NarkedAnnoyed, ill tempered
NarkyNarky is another word for moody or bad-tempered
NattySmartly and stylishly dressed
Naughty bitsA coy euphemism for the genitals
NauseAn annoying or irritating, person or thing
Nause (something) upMess up, ruin e.g. “The game was going well until Roger naused it up”
NeatA general term of approval, such as excellent, ‘cool’ 
NebbyNosey (or nosy). From ‘neb’
NeckTo kiss passionately 
Ned A lout, a drunken brawling fellow. Often said to stand for Non-Educated Delinquent
NeedleTo make jibes at, irritate 
Needle dickA small penis
NellieAn effeminate or homosexual male 
Nelson (Mandela)A drink of Stella, a lager produced by Stella Artois. Rhyming slang
NerdA geek, someone usually very smart but with bad social skills
NerdyIn the manner of a ‘nerd’, see above
NeshSomeone over-sensitive to cold
Net-headA person obsessed with using the internet
NethersA euphemism for the genitals. An abbreviation of nether regions
NettieA toilet
NewtonsTeeth. Manchester rhyming slang derived from Newton Heath, a district
Nice one!A general expression of approval
Nick1. To arrest e.g. “Right, please step out of the car, you’re nicked 2. To steal
Nicked Arrested or stolen
NickerOne pound sterling Also spelt ‘knicker’ 
NiffA bad smell 
Nifty1. Stylish e.g. “The car’s looking loads more nifty with that rear spoiler” and 2. Quick and agile 
NigglyPeevish, bad tempered
NinnyA foolish person 
NipTo go quickly, often with the implication of returning soon
NipperA child or young adolescent 
NitA stupid person 
NitheredFeeling very cold, frozen
NixNo, not, none
No copNot good, of no value
No great shakesNot very good
No joy!Expressing failure, or dissatisfaction
No kidding?Is that the truth?
No markA nonentity, a person of no worth 
No oil paintingOf a person, not attractive
No probs!No problem! That was no trouble at all!
No s$%t, Sherlock!Exclamation of surprise, usually ironic or sarcastic 
No way José!Exclamation of surprise
No way!Absolutely not! A strong denial
NobA penis
Nob jockeyA homosexual male. Also ‘knob jockey’ or ‘sausage jockey’
Nob 1. Person of high social standing 2. Head
NobbingAn act of sexual intercourse. Also ‘knobbing’
NobbleTo tamper with, to damage e.g. “We were nobbled before the race began”
Nod offTo fall asleep
Nod out To lapse into a drug induced stupour
NodderA condom
Noggin The head e.g. ” Use your noggin, and think next time”
NonceA sexual deviant, having been convicted of a sex crime against children
Noodle Brain as in ” Use your noodle for once”
NookieSexual intercourse
Nordle Hashish codeword
NorksFemale breasts
Norman (no mates)A socially inept person, and consequently one without friends
Northern monkeyA person from the North Vaguely, anywhere north of Birmingham 
Nose blowA handerkerchief or tissue for the purposes of wiping one’s nose
Nose candyCocaine 
Nose rag Handkerchief
Nose-bagFood or a meal
Nosey parkerAn overly inquisitive person 
Nosh offTo fellate. Derived from ‘nosh’ meaning to eat
Nosh up A feast or large, satisfying meal
NosheryAn eating establishment, cafe, restaurant or snack bar
Not a dicky birdAbsolutely nothing
Not a sausageAbsolutely nothing
Not all thereA euphemism for a little insane or eccentric 
Not backward at coming forwardSomeone who is direct and upfront
Not batting on a full wicketEccentric, insane, odd
Not cricketUnacceptable or unfair behaviour 
Not give a f$%k To not care at all, the absolute nonchalance The ‘f$%k’ can be replaced such as ‘s$%t’, or ‘monkey’ or ‘toss’
Not give a flying f$%kTo not care one little bit e.g. “I don’t give a flying f$%k if you want to ruin your life!”
Not give a kipper’s dickTo not be bothered, an expression of indifference
Not give a monkey’sTo not care at all, an expression of indifference e.g. “I don’t give a monkeys”
Not give a stuffNot care one little bit, usually expressing complete indifference
Not give a tossTo not care at all
Not half!Certainly! absolutely! definitely!
Not have the foggiestTo have no idea
Not know one’s arse from one’s elbowTo be stupid, know nothing
Not much copNot good, poor quality, worthless
Not on your Nellie!No way! Not on your life!
Not one’s cup of teaNot really to one’s taste
Not the brightest crayon in the boxSomeone stupid
Not worth a tossAbsolutely worthless
Nothing to write home aboutNothing spectacular
NousCommon-sense e.g. “If she had any nous, she wouldn’t have stayed out until 4am” 
Now then!A form of greeting
NowtNothing e.g. “There’s nowt wrong with it, it works fine, honest!”
NowtyMoody, angry
Nuclear subA pub (public house), a bar. Rhyming slang
NuddyNaked, e.g. ‘in the nuddy’
NuffAbbreviation and mispelling of enough
Nuff saidThere is no need to say anymore, it is understood
Nugget A pound coin, as in golden nugget
NukeTo cook something on a very high heat and quickly
NumberA cannabis or marijuana cigarette 
Number two(s)A euphemism for an act of defecation
NumbnutsAn idiot, often jocular 
Numero unoThe best
Numpty Incompetent or unwise person
Nut 1. Head 2. Eccentric person
Nutcase An insane person
Nuthouse A lunatic asylum
NutjobAn idiot, crazy person
NutmegA skilful move in football (soccer) where a player with the ball gets past their legs
NutsThe testicles
Nuts or nutty Crazy or insane
NutterLunatic, idiot
NuttyMad, eccentric or a little crazy
OatsSperm, with regard to being seeds, e.g. “sow one’s oats”
Odd-fishAn eccentric or unusual person
OddsLoose change. Probably short for odds and sods
Odds and sodsBits and pieces, miscellaneous items
Off itSee ‘off one’s head’
Off one’s boxIntoxicated
Off one’s chumpIntoxicated
Off one’s faceVery intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
Off one’s headInsane, mad
Off one’s nut Crazy or foolish
Off one’s rockerInsane, crazy
Off one’s titsVery drunk or intoxicated with drugs
Off one’s treeSee ‘off one’s head’ 
Off one’s trolleyCrazy, insane
Off the hook Free from obligation or danger
Offer someone out To challenge someone to a fight
OffyAn off licence. Also spelt offie, where you can buy alcohol
Oh my giddy aunt!A mild exclamation of surprise
OholicSuffix added to emphasise the nature of a person e.g. alcoholic, chocoholic
Oi oi savaloy!A greeting or attention seeking exclamation
OikAn unsophisticated, uncultured and objectionable person 
Oil paintingAn attractive thing. Usually in the negative as ‘no oil painting’
OilyA cigarette. From the rhyming slang ‘oily rag’, meaning ‘fag’
OJAbbreviation of orange juice 
Old bagAn disagreeable, elderly woman 
Old bangerA delapidated old car
Old beanA form of address e.g. “Hello old bean, how are you today?”
Old bill, the old billA policeman or the police collectively
Old boilerAn unnattractive woman 
Old bootAn objectionable, aging, unattractive woman See ‘boot’ 
Old chapAffectionate term for one’s penis, e.g.  ‘old fellow’, ‘old man’, ‘lad’
Old cockAffectionate term of address for a man. Also old cocker
Old fartAn elderly, old fashioned and tedious person
Old fellowAffectionate term for one’s penis  ‘old chap’, ‘old man’, ‘lad’
Old fruitA term of address
Old hatOld fashioned
Old ladyMother, girlfriend or wife
Old manFather, boyfriend or husband
Oliver (Twist)Rhyming slang for Fist  e.g. “Put up your Olivers and let’s sort this”
OnEuphemism for the menstrual cycle e.g. “No! I don’t want sex tonight, I’m on..”
On a missionSeeking a good time
On a promiseTo have been promised sexual intercourse by someone, usually one’s partner
On one’s todAlone. Rhyming slang from Tod Sloan, the name of an American jockey
On the batterDrinking alcohol, or having a drinking session
On the blinkMachinery or technology not working efficiently or temporarily out of order
On the blobMenstruating
On the burrooUnemployed, or claiming unemployment benefit 
On the cadgeBegging 
On the doleReceiving social security benefits 
On the dripPaying by installments, on hire purchase
On the fiddleIn the process of cheating, or defrauding
On the gameWorking as a prostitute
On the hoyOut getting drunk with friends
On the jobHaving sexual intercourse
On the lashOut getting drunk e.g. “We’re on the lash tonight lads”
On the piss Getting drunk, drinking alcohol
On the pullLooking for sex
On the QTOn the quiet, secretly
On the ragMenstruating
On the razz / razzleIndulging in alcohol, partying, generally having a good time
On the robThe act of thieving
On the tapMeaning the same as ‘on the pull’
On the wagonTeetotal, abstaining from alcohol
On your bike!Go away!
Once-overAn inspection, a quick look over something or someone
One for the roadA final alcoholic drink before setting off on one’s journey
One OffOne time only
One over the eightDrunk, intoxicated by alcohol
One sandwich short of a picnicA little but crazy
One-eyed trouser-snakeThe penis. Often shortened to ‘trouser snake’
One-night standA brief sexual fling
One’s head off Loud or excessively “I laughed my head off” or “She screamed her head off” for example
One’s tits offTo add emphasis e.g. “I laughed my tits off”
OojahA ‘what’s its name ?’, a thing whose name has been forgotten, e.g. “An oojah ma bob”, or “An oojah ma thingy”
Order of the bootDismissal e.g. “I can’t afford to go out tonight, my boss gave me the order of the boot”
OscarLater. Rhyming slang on Oscar Slater 
OTTAbbreviation of Over The Top, meaning excessive, beyond that which is acceptable
Our kidOne’s younger brother or sister 
OutOpenly living as a homosexual
Out of itVery intoxicated with alcohol or drugs
Out of orderOf a person or their behaviour, unfair, unacceptable, or wrong e.g. “She was well out of order”
Out of puffOut of breath 
Out on one’s arseThrown out, discarded without further consideration e.g. “Any more noise you’ll all be out on your arse”
Out on the townAn evening indulging in the nightlife of a town or city 
Out to lunchA euphemism for insane, or crazy 
OuttieA navel, belly button, that protrudes – not an ‘innie’
Over my dead body!There is no way that I will let that happen! An emphatic rejection
Over the shoulder boulder holderA very large bra
OwtAnything e.g. “Is there owt on TV worth watching?”
Oxo (cube)The London underground transport system. Rhyming slang on the nickname, ‘tube’
Oxygen thiefAn elderly person 
Pack upTo break down. Usually said of a machine
Packed outVery crowded e.g. “The bar was so packed out, it took us 30 minutes to get a drink”
Packet1. The male genitals 2. A large sum of money (earn a packet) 3. A nasty surprise (catch a packet)
Paddy 1. A fit of temper 2. An Irishman
PaggaA fight
Pain in the arseSomething or someone who is troublesome or tedious
PairA euphemism for a woman’s breasts
Paki Black High quality Hashish from Pakistan
PalA friend 
PalaverA tedious fuss or discussion e.g. “What’s all this palaver about?”
PanThe toilet (the room and the bowl itself)
Pan handleAn erect penis. From the resemblance between the two
Pan someone’s head inTo thoroughly beat someone up
panda (car)A policecar. Taken from when policecars were black and white 
PansyAn effeminate, feeble, weak-willed male
Pants!Nonsense, rubbish, bad. e.g. “The first half was pants but I stayed until the end”
PapNonsense, rubbish
PapersCigarette papers
PapsWomen’s breasts
ParaffinA tramp, vagrant. Rhyming slang on paraffin lamp
ParalyticExtremely drunk
Park one’s arseTo sit down e.g. “Park your arse there a moment whilst I find my keys”
ParkyCold, with regard to the weather 
ParpTo break wind, to fart
Party-pooperSomeone who is miserable and a spoilsport
PashAn infatuation
Passion killersVery unattractive underwear and unlikely to encourage sexual advances
PasteTo beat up
pasting A sound thrashing or heavy defeat
Pavement pizzaVomit, when lying on the street
PCAbbreviation of politically correct
PDQVery quickly, immediately. Abbreviation of Pretty Damned Quick
PeaheadA person with a comparatively small head
Peanut smugglerA woman with erect nipples, evident through her clothing
Pearl necklace  Ejaculated semen that has landed around the vicinity of the neck and upper necklace
Pear-shapedOut of shape, unorganised, wrong. Heard in the expression go pear-shaped
PeasouperA very thick fog 
PeckerThe penis 
PeckishHungry e.g. “What time is dinner? I’m feeling a little peckish” 
PeeTo urinate 
Pee it downTo rain heavily
Peelie-wallyPale looking, sickly 
Peg-itTo run, usually implying a sense or urgency, such as hurriedly
Pen and inkA stink, a bad smell. Cockney rhyming slang
Pencil pusherA person who works at a desk
Penny-dreadful A cheap, sensationalist magazine
PercyA pet name for the penis
PerishingUsed as an intensifier e.g. “That perishing dog was barking all night”
PetA term of endearment 
PetalAn affectionate term of address
Pete TongRhyming slang for wrong.  Pete Tong is a well known and respected UK radio host
PhatExcellent, pleasing, desirable
Phiz or phizog The face (colloquial shortening of physiognomy)
PhwoahUsed to express sexual desire at the sight of an attractive person
PiddleTo urinate
Piddle aboutTo mess around, waste time
Piddle it downTo rain
PiddlingTrivial, insignificant, small
PiddlySmall, trivial, insignificant
PieceA euphemism for a gun
Piece of cakeSomething very easy e.g. “I got full marks in that quiz. It was a piece of cake”
Piece of pissA thing that is very easy e.g. “walking across the road is a piece of piss”, also  ‘piss easy’
Piece of s$%tA contemptible person
Piece of skirtA female seen as a sexual object
Pie-eaterA simpleton
Pie-holeMouth, also  ‘cake-hole’
PiffleNonsense, drivel 
PifflingMeaning the same as ‘piddling’ 
Piffy on a rock bunBeing ignored, e.g “left out to like piffy on a rock bun”
Pig A policeman/woman
Pig-ignorantVery stupid, due to ignorance
Pig-itTo act in an uncouth manner, to live below one’s normal standards, to ‘slob’
Pig-outTo eat fully and enthusiastically
Pig’s breakfastA complete mess, like  ‘dog’s dinner’
Pig’s earBeer. Cockney rhyming slang
Pigs$%tRubbish, nonsense e.g. “You’re talking a load of pigs$%t!”
PikeyA gypsy
PilchardAn idiot
Pill itTo take ecstasy (MDMA)
Pill-headA frequent abuser/user of illicit drugs in pill form, such as ‘ecstasy’ tablets
PillockIdiot, fool. Originally a slang term for the penis
Pillow-biterA homosexual male 
PinA leg. Usually plural e.g. “That Brazilian model has got a fine pair of pins”
PinchTo steal e.g. “Guess who’s just lost his job for pinching from work again?”
Pink poundDisposable income that ‘gays’ ostensibly have through not having the financial pressusre of family commitments
Pint-sizedSmall and compact
Pipedown!Be quiet! Shut up! An exclamation 
PipsqueekA feeble, ineffectual person  
PishedDrunk, intoxicated
PissTo urinate
Piss all over (someone)To thoroughly defeat someone e.g. “You should have seen Chelsea piss all over West Ham Utd”
Piss around / aboutTo mess about, to waste time
Piss awayTo waste through carelessness or neglect, to squander
Piss easyVery easy
Piss in the windTo do something futile e.g. “You’re pissing in the wind if you think that will work!”
Piss itTo complete a task easily, to win effortlessly
Piss it downTo rain heavily
Piss it up (against) the wallTo waste money
Piss offTo upset, annoy
Piss oneselfTo laugh heartily e.g. “She pissed herself when I asked her out”
Piss wetVery wet, soaked
Piss-arseInsignificant, worthless
Piss-arse around / aboutTo mess about, to waste time, often to the annoyance of someone else
Piss-artistA habitual drunk 
Piss-ball aroundTo idle away time, to mess around
Piss-downTo rain
Pissed as a coot /fart /newtVery drunk
Pissed offAngry, upset or depressed
Pissed upVery drunk
Pisser1. An upset e.g. “I can’t believe what a pisser it was, losing my job like that” 2. Something very funny Taken from ‘piss oneself laughing’
Piss-flapsThe female genitals, particularly the labia
Piss-headA drunkard, a habitual drinker
PissholeA lavatory, a toilet
PissingAn intensifier, such as ‘f$%king’
Piss-poorTerrible, of low quality
Piss-potThe toilet or toilet bowl. See ‘chamber pot’
Piss-proudHaving a penile erection on awaking in the morning;
Piss-takeA joke, a tease. Derived from the phrase ‘take the piss’
Piss-upA drunken spree
PissyWeak, feeble, inferior. Often applied to drinks
Pissy queenA fastidious over fussy gay male
Pissy-arsedInsignificant, inferior
PitBed e.g. “Oh, so you’ve finally got up out of your pit then? “
Pit yakkerA coal miner
Pitch a tentTo have an erection whilst wearing clothing
PitsThe worst imaginable situation, place or event 
PizzafaceA person with bad spots, acne, or a generally very bad complexion 
PlankAn idiot 
Plant one on (someone)To hit (someone)
Plastered Extremely drunk
PlasticCredit cards, cashpoint cards etc
Plastic scouserA person from outside of the City of Liverpool who acquires a strong Liverpudlian to make others believe he/she is a true Liverpudlian
PlateTo give oral sex, but more commonly to fellate
Plates (of meat)Rhyming slang for feet
Play aroundTo be sexually promiscuous
Play gooseberryTo be an unwanted, extra person, usually in the company of a courting couple
Play it coolTo act calmly, to control ones emotions
Play merry-hellTo be very angry e.g. “Your father will play merry-hell if he finds you’ve broken his CD player”
Play silly beggars/buggersTo mess about, be uncooperative
Play the pink oboeTo perform fellatio
Play the skin fluteTo perform fellatio
Play with oneselfTo masturbate
PlebAn inferior, insignificant or common person. Abbreviation of plebeian 
PlebbyCommon, ordinary  
PlodA policeman/woman. From a character in Noddy, a children’s TV show
Plod magA pornographic magazine
PlonkCheap or inferior wine 
PlonkerA penis
Plonker 1. Something large or substantial 2. Penis 3. A general term of abuse
PlookA spot, boil, ‘zit’. Also spelt pluke
PlopTo defecate
Plug-uglyVery ugly
PlurA greeting or parting salutation, used on the underground rave scene
Pocket billiardsOf males, auto-eroticism via their trouser pockets
Pocket rocketPenis
PodgeAn overweight or obese person
Poet’s dayFriday
PogoA style of dancing born of British punk rock in 1976/77, involves keeping jumping vertically up and down
PoisonAlcohol. Usually heard in questions such as “What’s your poison?”, meaning drink?”
Poison dwarfAn unpleasant, diminutive person
PokeTo have sex
PolaxedDrunk, intoxicated 
PompeyThe City of Portsmouth
PonceA contemptible person
Ponced upDressed up, overdressed
PonceyEffeminate, with an implication of homosexuality 
PongAn unpleasant smell 
Pony £25
Poof, or Poofter homosexual
Poo-headAn objectionable person. Usually affectionate use, from ‘s$%t-head’
Poop chuteThe anus. Occasionally mispelled as poop shute, also known as  ‘poo chute’
PooterComputer. Also poota
PootleTo meander, or wander slowly e.g. “Let’s go into town and pootle about”
PopA carbonated drink, like cola
Pop one’s clogsTo die e.g. “I’m afraid old Fred has finally popped his clogs”
Pop someone’s cherryTo lose or take someone’s sexual virginity
PoppersAmyl or butyl nitrate A medicinal heart stimulant taken recreationally for a pleasurable ‘rush’
Porcelain god /altarThe toilet bowl
PorkTo have sexual intercourse
Pork daggerThe penis or  ‘pork sword’
PorkerA fat person
PorkiesLies, from the rhyming slang pork-pies
PorkingAn act of sexual intercourse
Pork-outTo eat in excess
PorridgeA period spent in prison
Porridge wogA Scottish person (Offensive)
PoshCocaine. Named so, because this is the drug of choice for the wealthy
PosseA gang or group of close friends, usually young
PostieA postman/woman
Pot-headAn frequent user of marijuana or cannibis
PotlessPoor, having no ready cash
PoundTo have vigorous sex
Pour it onTo exaggerate. Also “pour it on thick” for added emphasis
PovvyPoor, something of poor class or low quality. From the word “poverty”
Powder one’s noseEuphemism for going to the toilet, usually women’s use
PoxyRubbishy, crass, of poor quality
PrangTo knock or damage, usually with reference to having crashed a vehicle landing e.g. “My dad will kill me, I’ve just pranged his car on a lampost”
PrannetAn idiot, an imbecile, or objectionable person
PrannockAn idiot. A variation of ‘prannet’
PrannyAn idiot, a fool
Prat about / aroundTo idle away time
Prat A fool
PrawnA small, feeble and generally objectionable person
Pray to the porcelain godTo vomit, in the toilet (the porcelain god)
PreggarsA corruption of the word pregnant
Pretty-boyAn attractive young man, pretty as opposed to handsome or manly
PreviousA criminal record e.g. “Be careful has some previous”
PrezzieA present, a gift. Also pressie 
PrickThe penis
Prick-teaserSomeone who knowingly exploits the fact that they are sexually alluring
Prince AlbertA pierced penis
Prissy queenA prim and snooty gay male
Private partsThe genitals. Often shortened to privates
Prize (something)An absolute, utter (something) e.g. “I haven’t got time for him, he’s a prize”
ProAbbreviation of prostitute
Prod / proddyA protestant. Mainly used by Catholics
ProleAbbreviation of proletariat 
ProntoNow or immediately
ProperUsed as an intensifier e.g. ” I think the cat has crapped proper under the bed”
ProzzyA corruption of the word prostitute
Pub crawlA bout of drinking held by touring numerous pubs (public houses) 
PubesPubic hair
PuddingA term of endearment, e.g. ‘Hey pudding!’
PuddleA mess, a confused state e.g. “Sorry, I’ve been in a bit of puddle since yesterday”
PuffA male homosexual. Also ‘poof’ and ‘pouf’ 
PuggledCrazy, mad
PukeTo vomit
Pull1. To seduce a desirable person, to sexually attract someone 2. To arrest
Pull a fast oneTo deceive, to gain an unfair advantage 
Pull a jobTo commit a robbery e.g. “I pulled a job at the local bank”
Pull a pigTo seduce an ugly person
Pull one’s pudOf males, to masturbate
Pull someone’s plonkerTo tease someone, to pull someone’s leg e.g. “It’s true, he offered to he was pulling my plonker”
Pull the other oneSame as “pulling my leg” or “plonker”
PumpTo break wind, to ‘fart’
PumpingLively, energetic, thrilling
PunaaniFemale genitals
Punch someone’s lights outTo beat up someone
Punch upA fist fight, a brawl 
PunkA raw minimal type of rock music born on the streets in the mid 1970s
Punt 1. To gamble, wager or take a chance 2. To sell or promote
PunterGenerally a customer of any business 
PuppiesFemale breasts
Puppy’s privatesThe best. Less offensive variation on the ‘dog’s bollocks’
Pure beadWealthy e.g. “With a car like that, he’s got to be pure bead”
PurlerA forceful punch or hit
Purple-headed warrierPenis
Pushing up daisiesDead
PussyThe female genitals, alluding to the inclusion of the pubic hairs
Pussy whippedOf a man, henpecked, dominated by a woman 
Put a sock in itQuieten down, stop talking
Put it aboutHave frequent sexual liasons with numerous partners
Put lead in one’s pencilTo make virile or strong e.g. “Drink this lad, it’ll put lead in your pencil”
Put one on (someone)To hit someone. See ‘plant one on (someone)’
Put one’s face onTo apply cosmetic make up e.g. “I need to put my face on”
Put outTo readily agree to sex 
Put the wood into the holeShut the door
QueenA male homosexual, particularly one who is effeminate
QueerA homosexual
Queer as a clockwork orange 1. Very odd or unusual indeed 2. Ostentatiously homosexual
Queer as a nine bob noteVery unusual (a nine pound note doesn’t exist)
Queer bashingPrejudicial aggression or intimidation toward homosexuals
Queer someone’s pitch 1. Take the pitch of another street vendor, busker or similar 2. Spoil someone else’s efforts
Queer Street A difficult or odd situation (up Queer Street)
QuickieA brief sexual liason e.g. “I’m off home during for my lunch break for a quickie”
Quid Pound sterling
Quids-in In profit e.g. “After the deduction of my expenses I was still quids-in”
Quilt A feeble or pathetic person
QuimThe vagina
RabbitTo talk, often unceasingly 
RadExcellent, wonderful. Often an exclamation of approval
RadgeInsane, crazy
Radgie gadgieA crazy man
Radio rental(s)Crazy, mad. Rhyming slang for “Mental”
RagTo tease, annoy, torment
Rag itPush to the limits. Usually applied to driving a car
RagingGreat, immense, extreme A general intensifier e.g. “I had a raging headache”
Rain stair rodsTo rain very heavily
Rainbow kissCunnilingus when performed on a menstruating woman
RalphTo vomit
RammedVery crowded, busy e.g. “It was an awful night, the club was so rammed”
RammyVile, unsavoury, rotten
Ram-raidThe use of a vehicle to smash into a property to steal the goods
RankDisgusting, ugly e.g. “Have you seen Bill’s new girlfriend? She’s rank!”
RapA dance music style originating from black street culture and having beat and music
RapperSomeone who ‘raps’
RareGood, excellent e.g. “We had a rare time at the party last night”
Rare as hen’s teethVery uncommon, non-existent
Rare as rocking horse s$%tVery uncommon, non-existent
RasclatA contemptible person. Meaning arse cloth
RaspberryA flatulent imitative sound made with the lips and tongue
Raspberry rippleRhyming slang  for a cripple
Rat onTo inform on, betray
Rat-arsedVery drunk
RatbagA contemptible or objectionable person, a devious schemer
Rat-facedVery drunk, meaning the same as ‘rat-arsed’
RatfinkAn objectionable person 
Rats with wingsPigeons. From being considered vermin, like rats
RattleA bout of drug withdrawal symptoms
RattlingSuffering from the physical effects of drug withdrawal. Also ‘on the rattle’
RaveA large dance music party
RaverA person who frequents ‘raves’
RavingThe act of going to a ‘rave’
RazzleA good time, a pleasurable spree. An abbreviation of razzle-dazzle 
ReadiesMoney. Usually cash as opposed to cheques or credit cards
Recce Abbreviation of reconnaissance 
RedneckA bigoted narrow minded person
ReeferA marijuana or cannabis cigarette
ReetAlright, correct, OK. Basically a mispronounciation of right
Reg (Varney)Rhyming slang  for Pakistani (Reg Varney was an actor and comedian)
Rent-boyA male prostitute 
Result!An exclamation expressing a successful outcome
RetardA contemptible person A term usually used by adolescents
RibTo tease, make fun of 
Rice queenA gay male who prefers Asian partners
Richard the Third A piece of excrement (rhyming slang Richard the Third = turd)
RiddleAn act of urination, rhyming slang for riddle
RideAn act of sexual intercourse
RightReal e.g. “I made a right mess of that” 
Right CharlieAn idiot. From the Cockney rhyming slang “Charlie Ronce” meaning “ponce”
RimTo stimulate a persons anus with the tongue for sexual pleasure
Rim jobSame as “rim”
RingThe anus or  ‘ring-piece’
Ringburner 1. A very hot curry 2. Diarrhoea or painful defecation
RingerA second hand car made to appear in much better quality than it is
Ring-stingSoreness of the anus, due to diarrhoea
Ring-stingerA hot and spicy curry
RingtumThe anus
RinseTo overdo, overplay e.g. “It may be a classic but that tune’s been rinsed”
Rip the pissTo ridicule, to tease, to make fun off, like  ‘take the piss’
RippedDrunk, intoxicated, also ‘ripped to the tits’ 
RispeckTo hold someone or something in high esteem. An alternative spelling to respect
RoachThe filter of a cannabis/marijuana cigarette
RoastingSexual intercourse between at least two males and a female, an abbreviation of spit roasting
RockFreebased cocaine,  or ‘crack’. From its physical appearence
Rocket scienceSomething difficult to understand
RogeringAn act of sexual intercourse
Roister doisterA cheery and boisterous person
Rollick / rollickingTo reprimand, chastise
RollieA handrolled cigarette
Roll-upTo make a cigarette by hand
RonkA bad smell
RonsonThe anus. Rhyming slang on ronson lighter, meaning ‘s$%ter’
RopeySuspicious, dubious
Rosie LeeCockney rhyming slang  for Tea
RotNonsense e.g. “Don’t talk rot! What you’ve just said is total crap”
RoughA person for a bit of easy sex but below one’s usual standard
Rough as a badger’s arseVery rough
Round the housesRhyming slang for trousers 
Round the twistInsane, crazy 
RoundheadA circumcised penis
Roving eyesSomeone who views others sexually e.g. “I don’t know how she puts up with him, he’s got roving eyes”
RowA noisy quarrel 
RozzerA policeman/woman
Rub-a-dubA public house. Rhyming slang for pub
Rubber chequeA monetary cheque (check) that isn’t honoured by the writer’s bank and bounces
RubberedDrunk, intoxicated
RubberneckTo stare inquisitively, to gawp
Rub-off or Rub-UpTo sexually excite by manual stimulation of the genitals
Ruby (Murray)Cockney rhyming slang for Curry
RuckThe heaving energetic mass of dancing bodies synonymous with ‘punk’ ruck
RuddyAn intensifier Euphemism for ‘bloody’ e.g. “The ruddy car won’t start!”
Ruddy-hell or Ruddy-Nora! An exclamation of surprise or frustration
Rude bitsA euphemism for genitals
Rude boyA young male, tough, style conscious and with plenty of attitude
RugA wig
Rug muncherA lesbian 
Rug ratA young child 
Rumpy pumpy Sexual intercourse, used jokingly
Run of the millOrdinary e.g. “That book you lent me was run of the mill”
RunsTo have diarrhoea
RuntA despicable person
RushA surge of pleasurable feelings from taking drugs
Rust-bucketA dilapidated rusty old car, or vehicle
Rusty bullet holeThe anus
S and MSado-masochism. Abbreviation of sadism and masochism
S$%t (!)1. Faeces 2. Excalmation of surprise
S$%t bricksTo be very scared, like  ‘s$%t one’s pants’ and ‘brick it’
S$%t for brainsA particularly stupid person
S$%t hits the fanSevere consquences
S$%t load (of something)Many, a large number
S$%t on (someone)To betray, to land someone in trouble
S$%t on a stick(!)Expression of surprise
S$%t stirrerAn insidious gossip, a person whose malicious actions cause problems
S$%t the bed!An exclamation of surprise
S$%t-a-brick!An exclamation of surprise or annoyance
S$%t-allNothing at all, see ‘f$%k-all’, ‘sod-all’
S$%tbagA contemptible person
S$%tboxThe anus
S$%teSee ‘s$%t’
S$%tehawkA despicable person
S$%t-faceA contemptible person
S$%t-faced Drunk
S$%t-headAn contemptible person
S$%t-hotExcellent, the best, extremely good
S$%thouseA messy or dirty domicile
S$%tlessVery frightened Usually preceded by the word bored or scared
S$%t-scaredVery frightened, like  ‘s$%t bricks’
S$%t-stabberA homosexual male 
S$%tstainA contemptible person 
S$%tter1. The anus 2. A toilet
S$%tting hell!An exclamation of surprise, annoyance or frustration
S$%ttyWorthless, trashy
SabAbbreviation of saboteur
SabbingAn act of sabotage
SackBed e.g. “Let’s hit the sack, I’m exhausted”
Sack-itStop it, put an end to something
Sad1. Unfortunate, pitiful or pathetic 2. Objectionable
Sad sackA miserable, pathetic person  
SaddoA pathetic or contemptible person
Safe as housesVery safe, secure, something assured 
Safe An all purpose term of approval
SaftStupid, soft
Salad dodgerA fat person 
Salmon canyonThe vagina
SandwichA sexual threesome
SangerA sandwich
SapphicOf or like a lesbian
SarkyAbbreviation of sarcastic
SarnieA sandwich 
SauceAlcoholic drink
Saucepan (lid)A child Rhyming slang on kid
SausageA penis
Sausage fingersClumsy and imprecise fingers, usually applied to when mistyping on computer
Sausage jockeyA homosexual male
Sausage sandwichA sexual act involving one man and two women
Savvy Knowledge, understanding
SBDA smelly fart – abbreviation on Silent Breaking of Wind
SBVSee ‘SBD’ Abbreviation of Silent But Violent
ScabbyUnpleasant, distasteful, rotten
ScaffyA refuse collector, street cleaner 
ScagHeroin, the opiate. Also spelt ‘skag’
Scally A hooligan youth (Scouse), short for scallywag
ScammelsProminent and erect female nipples. An abbreviated form of scammel wheel, from heavy and industrial vehicles
ScantiesFemale underwear From their often skimpy nature
Scaredy-catA person who is frightened
ScarperGo, often hurriedly
Scat queenA gay male who indulges in sexual acts involving faeces
ScattyAbsent-minded, from scatterbrained 
ScavAbbreviation of scavenger
SchemieA disparaging term for a person from a Scottish council estate
SchizzoAbbreviation of schizophrenic
SchlepTo tiresomely lug around, to do lots of leg work
SchlongPenis. Also spelt shlong
SchmoozeTo chat intimately and in a flattering manner
SchtumQuiet, e.g. “Keep schtum about it, we’ll out!”
Scive /scive offTo evade doing one’s work or duties
ScoffTo eat 
SconnerA person without pubic hair
ScoobyRhyming slang for a clue, i.e. ‘Scooby Doo’ the cartoon character
ScoopsPints of beer, drinks
ScoreTo obtain illicit drugs
Scouser Someone from Liverpool
ScragTo handle roughly
ScrambledConfused e.g. “Strewth, my head’s scrambled from all those drugs”
ScrapA fight or quarrel 
Scratter1. A slovenly dressed person, a dirty person, perhaps of low intelligence 2. A contemptible person
Scream blue murderTo make an outcry of anger or exasperation
ScrewTo copulate
Screw aroundBe sexually promiscuous 
Screw the arse offTo copulate vigorously and with great enthusiasm
Screw upTo ruin, mess up e.g. “Don’t screw up your life with drugs”
Screw you!A rebuke such as ‘get lost’ or ‘f$%k you’
ScrewedIn trouble, in a hopeless situation, messed up
ScrikeTo cry
Scrote Term of abuse, from scrotum
ScrottyUnpleasant, dirty
Scrub roundTo avoid or disregard (something)
Scrub up wellTo dress up smartly and clean
ScrubberA sexually amenable or promiscuous woman 
ScruffAn unkempt or dirty person 
ScruffsLess important clothes to work in, e.g. “I’m still in my scruffs”
ScrummyDelicious, pleasant, occasionally sexually appealing
ScrumpTo steal fruit from a garden or orchard 
ScufferA policeman 
ScumA worthless person or group  
Scumbag1. A despicable or objectionable person 2. A used condom
ScumbucketMeaning the same as ‘scumbag’
ScunderedTo be embarrassed e.g. “I was totally scundered when my girlfriend caught me out”
ScupperTo thwart, to prevent from succeeding e.g. “Don’t scupper your chances with her” 
ScutA sexually promiscuous woman
ScutchSting or smart from a slap
ScuzzbucketA despicable or objectionable person 
ScuzzyFilthy, dirty, unkempt
See a man about a dogAn euphemism for going to the toilet
See you next TuesdayA veiled insult, an acronym meaning C U Next Tuesday
Seeing toA sexual act e.g. “I wouldn’t mind giving her a good seeing to”
Seen!OK! Understood! Right!
SemiA half erect penis
SepticA person from the USA. From the rhyming slang septic tank = Yank
Set of wheelsA car or a wheeled means of transport
Seven shades of s$%tThat which can be beaten out of someone
Sex on a stickA sexually attractive, slim, woman
Sex on legsA sexually desirable person, usually applied to women
Sex weeEjaculate
ShadeUnfair, questionable, disreputable, dubious
ShaftTo fornicate
Shag Sexual intercourse
ShagbagA sexually amenable or available woman 
ShaggabilityA measure of a person’s sexual desirability
ShaggableSexually desirable
Shagged 1. The past historic of shag 2. Extremely tired (shagged out)
Shake a leg!Hurry up! Move! e.g. “Come on you two, shake a leg!”
ShambolicIn a mess, disorganised, mismanaged 
ShantA drink, usually alcohol
Sharon and TracyA disparaging name for females considered to be working class, unintelligent below the social standards
SharpishQuickly e.g. “You had better hurry to shops pretty damned sharpish, before they close!”
ShatTo have defecated, the past tense of ‘s$%t’ e.g. “I shat my pants when I saw that scary movie”
ShatteredWorn out, exhausted 
Shaz/ShazzaA form of the name Sharon
ShedSomething dilapidated, such as  ‘shed on wheels’
Shed load (of something) A large quantity of (something)
SheddedVery intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
SheepshaggerA rural person 
SheetPaper money, monetary notes e.g. “My new computer cost me 800 sheets”
Shell outTo pay up, to hand over 
SherbetAn alcoholic drink
Sherbet (dab)A taxi. Rhyming slang on cab
ShermanAn act of masturbation. Cockney rhyming slangon Sherman tank, meaning wank
ShiftTo move quickly e.g. “You should have seen him shift when I told him downstairs” 
Shift one’s arseTo move out of the way or to hurry up e.g. “Come on, shift your arse, he will be here soon”
Shiner Black eye
ShirtA male nightclubber whose ideal night out will be to drink excessively,seduce women and complete the night with a drunken brawl
ShirtlifterA male homosexual 
Shirty Ill-tempered e.g. “Pete got all shirty with me when I didn’t invite him out for a drink”
Shock horror!That’s not surprising. An ironic exclamation
Shoot blanksA man who is sterile. Also phrased as fire blanks
Shoot offTo leave quickly, to hurriedly go e.g. “I’m just going to shoot off down to the shops” 
Shoot one’s load / wadTo ejaculate semen
Shoot!A euphemism for ‘s$%t’ 
Shoot-upTo inject a drug
ShopTo tell or inform on
ShoppingA euphemism for illicit drugs as brought from a drug dealer
Short and curliesRefers to pubic hairs, but used figuratively meaning having complete power over someone
Short-arseA person who is small in stature 
ShotWorn out, exhausted 
ShotgunA way of smoking cannabis/marijuana between two people
ShoutA round of drinks e.g. “Go on, get to the bar you lazy sod, it’s your shout”
Shove it up your arse!An exclamation of contempt
Shove it!A dismissive exclamation of anger
Shove off!Go away
ShowerA derogatory and all encompassing term for a motley group of people
Shower of s$%te/s$%tContemptible person, persons or thing
ShrapnelMoney in the form of loose change
ShrimpTo lick, suck and kiss the toes for sexual gratification
ShroomsMushrooms, often with regard to hallucinogenic ‘magic mushrooms’
ShufflebuttA fidgety, restless person
ShuftyA look, a glance e.g. “Have a shufty at the that new website” 
ShushyAn  extravagant style ‘camp’
Shut your face / gob / trap /Shut up
Sick as a parrotDepressed, upset, very disappointed
SickieA period away from work with illness, and usually without just medical
SickoA disturbing and unsavoury person, a pervert 
Sign one’s pantsTo be in need of defecation
Sile downTo rain heavily
Silent but deadlyDescribing the silent emmision of wind from the anus, a ‘fart’
Silent but violentThe same as ‘silent but deadly’
Silly buggerAn idiot, a fool  ‘play silly beggars/buggers’
Silly cow or Silly MooA idiotic or foolish woman
Silly sausageA foolish person
Single fishAn act of urination. Rhyming slang on ‘pish’, meaning ‘piss’
Siphon the pythonTo urinate
SissyAn effeminate, weak, or cowardly person  
SitterIn sport, an easy catch or shot, that should result in points being scored
Six-packStrong and evident abdominal muscles 
Sixty-nine (69)A couples simultaneous oral stimulation of each others genitals
Size queen A gay male with a sexual preference for partners with large genitalia
Skank1. To steal, thieve e.g. “Someone’s skanked my cigarettes” 2.  Someone or something disgusting, or unpleasant e.g. “He’s a bit of a skank, expecting Debbie to sleep with him”
SkankyDirty, unnattractive, ugly, smelly
Skanky pantsDirty, or disgusting, lingerie or underwear. Also occasionally skanky panties
SkedaddleMove, go away 
SkegA look at e.g. “Give us a skeg at your paper”
SkerretA tiny amount
SketA promiscuous woman
Skew-whiffOut of alignment, incorrect 
SkidmarkA faecal smear or stain in one’s underwear
SkinA skinhead (bald person)
Skin and blisterCockney rhyming slang for Sister 
Skin fluteThe penis
Skin upTo roll or build a cannabis/marijuana cigarette (a joint)
SkinfulA sufficient quantity of alcohol to make one drunk
SkinsCigarette papers, but refers more to those used in a ‘joint’
SkintHaving no money, poor
SkirtA woman or women  ‘bit of skirt’ 
SkitTo make fun of, to tease
SkiveLazy or avoiding doing something
SkivviesUnderwear, particularly with reference to pants 
SkivvyA servant for menial tasks  
SkooshA squirt of cream from an aerosol
SkunkweedA type of very strong marijuana, also known as ‘skunk’
Sky (rocket)Rhyming slang for Pocket 
SkypilotA priest, vicar or similar preacher of religion
Sl^tA promiscuous woman
SlagPromiscuous woman or prostitute
Slag off To criticise or slander
Slam dancingAn aggressive and physical dance style adopted by ‘thrash metal’ fans
SlapCosmetic make-up
Slap the monkeyTo masturbate
Slap-head A bald man
Slapper Promiscuous woman or prostitute
SlappyA pie sandwich. Usually a meat pie on a bread bun
Slap-upTo apply cosmetic make-up
Slash Urinate, urination
SlaughteredVery intoxicated by drink or drugs
SleazebagA despicable, sleazy, fawning person  
SleazeballMeaning the same as ‘sleazebag’ 
SlimeballA repugnant person. Also shortened to slime 
Sling one’s hookGo away. A demand or order to leave
SlitThe vagina
SlobAn uncouth, unsavoury and lazy person  
SlobberchopsA name for a person with a particularly salivery mouth
Slog one’s guts outTo work very hard
Slo-moSlowly. Abbreviation of slow-motion
Sloppy secondsAn indulgence by a second person involving the sharing of drink, or more often it applies to a sexual act
SlotHurt, injure, stab, shoot e.g. “I slotted that bastard last year”
Slum-itTo live without the usual pleasures
SlummockA dirty, untidy or lazy person 
SlummyLoose change 
SmackerA loud kiss
SmackheadA heroin addict, junkie 
SmackieA heroin addict, junkie 
Small potatoesAn insignificant amount, often with regard to money
SmarmyObsequious, condescendingly flattering 
Smart-arse A person who smuggly displays their intelligence
Smarty-pantsA know-all
SmashedVery intoxicated with drink or drugs
SmashingExcellent, brilliant 
SmashinglyVery well, without any problems
SmegAbbreviation of smegma
SmeggyUnsavoury, horrible. The word derives from smegma
Smeg-headAn imbecile, an objectionable person. From the Red Dwarf sit-com
SmelliesScented toiletries and perfumes
SmellyA biker, usually unkempt, long haired, and a listener of rock music 
Smelly-bridgeThe perineum. From the area bridging one smelly place to another 
SmidgeonA little, a small amount 
SmoggyA person from Middlesbrough. From the area’s heavy industry and resulting pollution
Smog-monsterA person from Middlesbrough. Term not used by the locals!
SmokeA cigarette
SmoothieA person who is over stylish and suave 
SNAFUA bad situation, a mistake, a foul-up
SnatchThe female genitals
SnazzySmart or attractive in an ostentatious way
SnicketAn alleyway
SnidedVery crowded, busy e.g. “It was New Year’s Eve, the club was snided”
SnifterA small drink of alcohol, usually a shot of spirits
SnigNasal mucus. Often extended to sniggy
SnitchTo inform on somebody
SnitcherAn informer
SnockeredDrunk, intoxicated
SnogTo kiss lengthily, passionately or lustfully. French Kiss.
Snog someone’s face off To kiss someone deeply and passionately
Snook-cockingShowing contempt
SnookeredDefeated, thwarted
SnortTo inhale via the nose a small quantity of powdered drug, such as cocaine
SnotNasal mucus
SnotterThe nose
Snotty or snotty nosedOver proud and conceited
SnoutTobacco, or a cigarette
Snuff movieA violent movie showing real murders or torture. Snuff meaning to murder
Snuff-itTo die
SnurgeA person who smells bicycle seats for sexual pleasure
SoakA drunkard
So-and-soA contemptible person. Mildy offensive 
Soap-dodgerAn unkempt, dirty person 
Soapy tit wankAn act of masturbation between a woman’s breasts with the use of some soap
SobsMoney. A mispronunciation of ‘sovs’ (sovereign, meaning £1 sterling)
SodA contemptible or objectionable person
Sod about / aroundTo waste time
Sod it!A exclamation of contempt or frustration e.g. “Sod-it! I’m giving up”
Sod off Go away
Sod this for a lark!I give up! An intolerant, impatient exclamation
Sod you!General exclamation of dismissal, rejection, hostility
Sod Annoying person or thing
Sod-allNothing e.g. “I’ve done sod-all this vacation, but I still feel like I need a break”
SoddingUsed as an intensifier e.g. “It’s always that sodding idiot who wakes me up!”
Soft in the headStupid, dimwitted
Soft-lad / lassAffectionate expression for an inept or overly sentimental male/female
SoftyA weak, feeble or overly sentimental person 
Sonny JimA condescending term of address, usually to men
SoopyA supermarket
SoppyFeeble, sickly sentimental 
SortAn attractive woman
Sort (someone) outTo beat (someone) up
Sorted Arranged
SoundOK, wonderful, similar to ‘sorted’
Sound as a poundWonderful, excellent, correct
SoundsTunes or music e.g. “Have you brought any new sounds for tonight’s party?”
Sow one’s oats To have sexual intercourse, usually during a period of youthful sexual activity
SozzledDrunk, but not incapacitated 
SPAbbreviation for “Starting Price”. Used in expressions such a ‘what’s the Sp?’ meaning what’s happening?
SpacAn imbecile, objectionable person
Space cadetAn eccentric or crazy person, someone not thinking normally
SpacecakeCake made with the added ingredients of cannabis or marijuana
Spaced out A light-headed stupification resulting from the use of drugs
SpaceyAmbient, ethereal
SpackheadAn idiot, contemptible person
SpackyIdiotic, stupid
SpadgerA sparrow
Spam fritterThe anus. Rhyming slang for ‘s$%tter’
Spam javelinPenis. Spam is a meat product derived from pork
Spaniel’s earsSaggy, flat, droopy breasts. From their similarity
Spank the monkeyTo masturbate (for men)
SpannerAn idiot, a contemptible person
spareA sexually available, unattached person, e.g.  ‘bit of spare’
Spare prick at a weddingA useless or unwanted person
Spare-tyreA roll of fat around one’s midrift
SparkAn electrician
spark outTo pass out, become unconscious
Spark upTo light a cigarette, and often with regards to a ‘joint’
SparrowfartDawn, morning’s break, used in  ‘crack of sparrow’s fart’
SpatchcockTo add a phrase, clause or sentence in a context that is inappropriate 
Spawny Lucky
SpazImbecile, socially inept person, objectionable person
Spaz chariotAn invalid’s car, see ‘spaz’
Spaz outTo have a tantrum, lose control, become extremely emotional
SpazmoImbecile, objectionable person, see Spaz
SpazmobileA car for the disabled
SpecA viewing point
Special KThe drug ketamine
Specky-four-eyesA juvenile name for a person wearing spectacles 
SpeedThe drug amphetamine sulphate
Speed freakA compulsive user, or addict of amphetamines
Speed garageA genre of dance music which encompasses ‘garage’ styles with ‘dubby’
SpeedingUnder the influence of amphetamine sulphate
SpellA splinter
Spend a pennyTo urinate, to go to the lavatory. A euphemism derived from a fee charged only in the women’s
SpendsMoney to spend on oneself, often with respect to children’s pocket money
SpeshAbbreviation form of special e.g. “Last night was really spesh!”
Spew one’s guts upTo vomit
Spew-upTo vomit
Spider’s legsThe pubic hairs which protrude from beneath one’s underwear
SpielPersuasive speech, sales patter
SpiffingExcellent, first rate
SpiggyChewing gum or ‘spoggy’
Spill one’s gutsTo confess or reveal the truth
Spit (out) one’s dummyTo throw a tantrum like a child discarding its pacifier (a dummy)
SplickDistasteful or unpleasant viscous substances
SpliffA cannabis or marijuana cigarette
Split arseA woman 
Split beaverAn explicit pornographic pose fully revealing the female genitals
SploshTea (the drink)
SpodA studious person, like ‘swot’ 
SpoggyChewing gum, like ‘spiggy’
SpogsConfectionary, any kind of sweet
SpondulicksMoney. Also spelt spondulics and spondulix
Spoon1. To nestle against one another in bed whilst both facing the same way 2. To miss hit a ball during a sporting activity
Spot onCorrect, exactly right 
SpraffTo chat, talk e.g. “Don’t just stand there spraffing, find some work to do”
Spread it on thickTo exaggerate
SpreathedSore through exposure to cold weather, chapped
SprogA child
Sprogged upPregnant. From ‘sprog’ meaning child
Spud uglyVery ugly
SpudsThe hands. Children might be heard to say “Put your spuds in”, when chanting
spugglyVery ugly. A contraction of ‘spud ugly’
Spunk (up)To ejaculate semen
Spunk bucketA woman, implying of easy morals 
Spunk dustbinVagina. As viewed as a receptacle for semen
Spunk 1. Semen 2. Courage or bravery
SquaddieA soldier
SquareA person who is reactionary, old fashioned and set in their ways 
Square root of f$%k-allAbsolutely nothing, like  ‘f$%k-all squared’
Square-eyesA humourous address for someone who watches too much television
Square-goA fist fight, a punch up 
SquatTo defecate
SquealTo inform (on). Often used in the simile, squeal like a pig
SquickSomething distasteful, vile, disgusting. See ‘squick someone out’
Squick (someone) outTo disgust (someone)
SquidA jocular term for one pound sterling, derived from ‘quid’
SquidgeyFeeling soft, squashy or soggy e.g. “I think the ground’s a little too squidgey”
SquiffyA little drunk 
SquillionA very large indefinite amount
SquireA term of address 
SquirtA diminutive and insignificant person  
SquityHaving diarrhoea e.g. “I not coming into work, I’m a bit squity”
SquizA look, a glance e.g. “Have a squiz at the photos”
StackedOf a woman, well built or large breasted
Stag Night Bachelor party or buck’s party
Stage-divingThe act of climbing onto the stage during a gig, to then leap off and be caught by the crowd
StalkAn erect penis
Stark bollock nakedTotally naked
StarvedOf a person, very cold, freezing
StashIllicit drugs
Steaming Extremely drunk
SteckyA tantrum, an fit of anger. Also throw a stecky
StendersAbbreviation of Eastenders, the British TV soap
Steve McQueensRhyming slang for jeans , often shortened to Steves
Stick1. Hassle, excessive criticism, trouble e.g. “Keep giving him stick” 2. Effort e.g. “Go on, give it some stick”
Stick in the mudA boring, unadventurous, old-fashioned person  
Stick one on someoneTo hit or beat up someone e.g. “I’m going to stick one on him”
SticksRural, remote areas such as in the countryside 
Sticky wicketA difficult situation, used in the expression  ‘Bat on a sticky wicket’
Sticky-fingeredLiable to steal
StiffA dead body
StiffyAn erect penis. Also stiffie
Stinker1. A contemptible person 2. A bad situation
StinkingExtremely objectionable e.g. “That stinking idiot deserves all he got”
StinksSuspicious e.g. “Don’t lie to me, your excuse stinks”
Stitch upTo betray with false evidence. Also phrased to stitch someone up
StoaterSomething impressive or excellent 
Stoke on TrentA male homosexual
StokedExcited, pleased, thrilled e.g. “My dad was stoked when I passed my driving test”
StompingLively, energetic e.g. “That last tune was stomping”
Stone bonkerA sure thing, a certainty
Stone me!An exclamation of surprise
Stone the crows!An exclamation of surprise
StonedIntoxicated with drink or more frequently by marijuana
StonkerAn erect penis, usually implying great size
StonkingImpressively large
StookieA plaster cast on a broken limb
Stoppy backAn after hours drink at a public house (bar)
StormingMarvellous, excellent e.g. “We had a storming night out at the club, the best!” 
StottieA flat coarse bread, made from the scraps of dough leftover in baking
Stove inTo smash up e.g. “When I see that idiot again I’m gonna stove his head in”
Stowed outCrowded, packed out, full to capacity
StraightA heterosexual 
Straight edgeA lifestyle choice based around the philosophy of abstention from things alcohol, drugs and sexual promiscuity
Strap upTo make a cannabis/marijuana cigarette
Strap-onA substitute penis that can be worn by females to simulate male to female sex
Strapped1. Lacking, short of e.g. “Can you give it some thought? I’m strapped” 2. Poor, e.g. “I can’t come out tonight, I’m strapped”
Strawberry Creams Breasts
StreetHaving to do with the street life of a city
StretchA period spent in prison
Strewth!An exclamation of surprise, annoyance or frustration
Strike a light!An exclamation of surprise
Strike me pink!Another exclamation of surprise
StringbeanA tall, thin person 
StrobingAn effect similar to seeing a series of stills as when viewed under a stroboscope
StropA bad mood, e.g. “I got in a strop after that bloke knocked over my drink!”
StroppyBad tempered 
StrumAn act of female masturbation
Strung outEmotionally stressed, in mental turmoil
Strut ones stuff To act proudly, confidently and without inhibitions
Stuck-upConceited, snobbish 
StudmuffinAn attractive male
StuffTo copulate
Stuff it!An exclamation of anger, contempt or indifference
Stuff one’s faceTo eat greedily or fully
Stuffed 1. Exhausted 2. Having a stomach full of food
StuffingSexual intercourse, from a male point of view
Stump upTo pay up, to hand over what is owed
Stupid o’clockAt an unreasonable, early time
SuckTo be worthless, contemptible or disgusting e.g. “The players suck”
Suck s$%tTo be worthless, contemptible
Suck upTo flatter
Sucking dieselDoing very well, progressing well
Sugar!A euphemism for ‘s$%t!’
SuitA white-collar worker, a business executive
suited and bootedVery smartly dressed. From wearing a suit and formal footwear
SummatSomething e.g. “There’s summat up with the engine”
SunshineA form of address e.g. “Alright sunshine! Show us what you’ve got”
SurfTo browse different Websites
Surf-bumSomeone whose life revolves around surfing
SussTo work something out, to understand, to ascertain
SussedKnowledgeable, well-informed, able to look after oneself
SwagMoney or items, as taken by a thief or burglar 
SwallyAlcoholic drink 
Swamp donkeyAn ugly person 
Swap spitTo kiss deeply
Sweat cobsTo perspire profusely, to sweat excessively
Sweaty BettyAn insult for a woman suffering excess perspiration
Sweaty sockA Scot. From the rhyming slang
SwedgeA fight 
SweetExcellent, a general term of approval
Sweet as a nutOK, great, fine, satisfactory
Sweet FANothing at all. Euphemism for “sweet f$%k-all” and “sweet fanny adams”
Sweet-peaA term of affection
SwigTo drink greedily 
SwimboAcronym. One’s wife or girlfriend. Standing for She Who Must Be Obeyed
Swing both waysTo be bisexual 
Swing the leadTo waste time, to shirk one’s duties
SwingerA person who indulges in partner swapping for sexual variety
SwotA person who studies hard 
Swot upTo study hard 
Syphon the pythonTo urinate
Tab Cigarette
Tab-endA cigarette butt
Tab-hangTo eavesdrop
Table-enderAn act of copulation on or at a table
TackleThe male genitals
TackyOf poor taste, lacking style 
Tactical chunderA bout of vomiting, self-administered to enable one to drink more alcohol.
Tad A little bit
TadgerA penis Usually affectionate usage
TaffyA Welsh person. Usually offensive. Abbreviated to Taff
TagA pseudonym or other identifying mark used as a signature by a graffitti artists
TagnutsFaecal remnants that adhere to anal hairs
Tailor-madeA factory produced cigarette, as opposed to a hand-rolled cigarette
TaintThe perineum. Something of a pun, because it aint the anus, and it aint the penis!
Take a dive To feign a foul or knockdown in sports
Take a hand to someoneTo tease, ridicule
Take a hikeTo depart. Usually a demand by someone
Take a pop at (someone) To verbally or physically attack (someone)
Take a running jump!A dismissive rebuff
Take fiveHave a brief rest or respite from one’s current activities
Take it easyGoodbye, a parting salutation
Take it up the arse/ass To be on the receiving end of anal sex
Take the biscuitTo beat all competition, to take all the honours, usually said ironically
Take the mickey To tease or mock
Take the piss (out of) To mock
Talk out of one’s arse   To talk nonsense
Tally-ho!Goodbye, a cheerful parting salutation
Tandoori two-stepHaving diarrhoea and an upset stomach
TankTo travel rapidly, to charge at great speed e.g. “We tanked it up from London for the football match”
Tanked upDrunk and in a state rowdiness
Tap offTo seduce a sexually desirable person
TappedInsane or a mentally unstable
Ta-ra!Goodbye! or ‘ta-ta’
Tara-a-bit!Goodbye! Also t’ra a bit
Tart1. Shortened version of sweetheart 2. A prostitute or promiscuous woman The often unisexual nature of contemporary is now applied to promiscuous males 
Tart fuelSweet, ready-mixed fruit drinks containing alcohol
Tart upTo smarten up 
TashAbbreviation of moustache 
TasticSuffix added to words to show excellence e.g. “She took a sextastic night”
Tat1. Rubbish, junk. Abbreviation of tatty 2. Abbreviation of tattoo
TatersA corruption of the word potatoes 
TaxTo rob a person in public by the use of, or threat of aggression
Tea leafCockney rhyming slang for thief 
Tea-baggingThe oral manipulation and sucking of testicles during sex
Tear-arse about / aroundTo hurry about e.g. “I’ve been tear-arsing about without a break all day”
Tear-jerkerA film or story likely to be over sentimental and promote tearful emotions
Technicolour yawnAn act of vomiting Jocular usage
TechnoA type of electronically created dance music
TeenthDrug parlance for a sixteenth of an ounce
Telephone numbersVery large amounts, usually applied to money e.g. “So what price are you service? Are you talking telephone numbers?”
Tenner Ten pounds
Thanks a bunch!An ironic thank you very much
Thanks for nothing!An exclamation of annoyance at someone’s unhelpfulness
ThatchPubic hair
That’s the stuffSaid as an approval of a thing done or said 
The boxTelevision
The pondThe Atlantic Ocean 
The TellyTelevision
Thick as a brickVery stupid
Thick as pigs$%tVery stupid
Thick as two short planksVery stupid
Thick earA slap around the head, often used as an idle threat Eg “If you don’t come up, I’ll give you a thick ear” 
ThickoAn stupid, unintelligent person 
Thingy-ma-bobA something whose name escapes one. Also a thing-ma-jig
This arvoThis afternoon 
This avvyThis afternoon 
ThrapTo masturbate
Thrash metal Similar to ‘thrash’ but having a more ‘heavy-metal’ slant
Three sheets to the windDrunk
Threepenny bitsWomen’s breasts. Rhyming slang on ‘tits’ 
ThreesomeA sexual congress between three people, a menage a trois
ThroneThe lavatory
ThrowTo vomit A shortening of ‘throw up’
Throw a sickie Falsely claim to be ill, usually to avoid work
Throw a Spanner in the WorksScrew up
Throw a whiteyTo feel like vomiting, derived from the action of losing all your colour
Throw a wobblyBecome very angry
Throw an eppyHave a fit of anger
Throw upTo vomit 
ThunderboxA toilet
ThunderthighsA person with fat or very bulky legs, usually applied to women
Tick offTo reprimand, to tell off
Tickety-booFine, all right, in order e.g. “Yes indeed, everything is just tickety-boo”
Ticking offA reprimand e.g. “I got a right ticking off from the boss”
Tickled pinkVery pleased
TiddlyA little drunk 
TidyGood, satisfactory
Tight as a duck’s arseMiserly
Tight as a gnat’s chuffExtremely frugal, very miserly
Tight-arseA mean, selfishly frugal person
TightwadA miserly person
TimeA prison sentence e.g. serving one’s time, or doing time
Tin bathRhyming slang for a laugh
Tinkle1. An act of urination 2. A phone-call e.g. “I’ll give you a tinkle at the weekend” 
TinnieA can of beer 
TipA style, manner
Tip it downTo rain heavily e.g. “It’s been tipping it down for 40 days and nights”
Tip offTo give information secretly
TitA woman’s breast, usually applied in the plural, as tits
Tit about / aroundTo waste time, to mess about e.g. “Stop titting around”
Tit wankA form of masturbation whereby the penis is sandwiched and rubbed between two breasts
TitchA lighthearted nickname for a small person 
TitferCockney rhyming slang for a hat. From tit for tat
Tit-headAn idiot, a despicable person
Tits-upTo fall over
TizzyA confused, flustered state e.g. “She was all emotional and in a tizzy”
To the maxTotally, completely, to the limit
Toddle offTo casually leave 
TodgerA penis. A variation on ‘tadger’
Todger dodgerA lesbian. From, avoiding contact with the penis (todger)
Toe-jamThe dirt that collects between one’s toes
Toe-jobAn act of licking/sucking a person’s toes, usually for sexual gratification
Toe-ragA contemptible or worthless person
Toff Posh person
ToiletA place that is considered dirty, squalid or unkempt e.g. “His place is a toilet”
TokeTo smoke a ‘joint’
Toley A lump of excrement. Also spelt toly and tolli
Tom1. A prostitute 2. Jewellery, from the rhyming slang, Tom Foolery
Tom and DickRhyming slang for sick 
Tom, Dick and HarryAnybody, any person regardless of specifics
TommingOut seeking sex, being sexually promiscuous
TommyA British soldier in WWI
Tommy (tank)An act of masturbation. Rhyming slang for ‘wank’
Tommy KTomato ketchup
Tommy-rotNonsense, rubbish e.g. “Don’t believe a thing he says, he’s talking absolute tommy rot”
TomtitAn act of defecation From the rhyming slang for ‘s$%t’
Ton 1. £100 2. 100 MPH 3. Any unit of 100
TongueTo perform cunnilingus
Tonk1. To hit or kick hard e.g. “He tonked the football into the opposition’s half” 2. To have sexual intercourse
Tonsil hockeyPassionate, deep kissing, also ‘tonsil tennis’
Too right!I agree! An exclamation of aggreement
ToolA penis
Tooled upArmed, carrying weapons
Toon ArmyCollectively the supporters of Newcastle United Football Club
TootOriginally to snort drugs but now also smoking
TopTo kill e.g. “He took a full bottle of pain-killers and topped himself”
Top bananaThe leading person, the boss 
Top bollocksA woman’s breasts
Top dog  The leader, boss
Top oneExcellent, expressing that something is the best
Top tottyVery attractive woman, or women
Top whackThe maximum price or rate ‘full whack’ 
TopperAn exceptional thing or person
TorchTo set alight
Tosh Nonsense
Toss1. Rubbish, nonsense e.g. “That place was toss, we should have gone somewhere else” 2. An act of masturbation
Toss offTo masturbate (men)
TossbagA contemptible or worthless person
Tosser Someone who masturbates (to toss off)
TossingAn intensifier e.g. “I’m not doing the tossing washing up, it’s your turn!”
Tosspot Drunkard or habitual drinker
TottySexually alluring female or females, also applied to men e.g. “There was plenty of totty at the party”
Touching clothHave an urgent need defecate
Tough cookieA strong unyielding person
Tough guyA particularly hard and unyielding male
Tough nutA difficult or obstinate person
Tough s$%t!Hard luck! Often expressed with irony
Tough titty!Hard luck!
Tough!Short for tough luck! A sarcastic and bitter exclamation
Town bikeA promiscuous woman from the local district, because everyone gets a ride
TownieA person, usually young, who typically wears casual, brand-name sportswear
ToyboyA woman’s evidently younger male lover
TrackyTracksuit e.g. “Can I borrow your tracky bottoms? Mine are in the wash”
TracyA disparaging name for a female considered to be working class, unintelligent
TradeA sexual partner or collective term for such (used in gay community)
Tradesman’s entranceThe anus, the back passage. Traditionally tradesman delivered their goods at the back door
TrainspotterGenerally a usually intelligent but particularly anally retentive person
TramlinesThe scars created by the constant injection of illicit drugs
TrannieA cross-dresser, usually male wearing female attire
TrapThe mouth e.g. “Shut your trap you noisy bugger”
Trap offTo attain a liason with a sexually desirable person
Tree huggerAn environmentalist, a green activist
TribalA type of ‘house’ music which is very rhythmic and deep 
TrickA prostitutes client
Trick cyclistA pun on psychiatrist
Triffic!Excellent! A contraction of terrific
TriffidAny large or sprawling plant, usually a house plant
Trip The time spent under the influence of a hallucinatory drug such as LSD
TrippyThe experiences and qualities felt under the influence of hallucinogens
TrogAn ugly, uncouth person. Derived from troglodyte
TrollAn ugly person, usually referring to a woman
Trolley dollyAn airline flight attendant, mainly applied to females
TrolleyedVery intoxicated by drink or drugs. An extension of ‘off one’s trolley’
TrolleysUnderwear, specifically knickers and underpants
TrolliedVery drunk
TrompTo trudge, to walk e.g. “I’m worn out, having tromped around the shops”
TrotsHaving diarrhoea. The need to hurry to the toilet
Trouble and strifeCockney rhyming slang for wife 
TroughTo eat. The imagery is of eating like an animal
TrouserTo pocket e.g. “Chris trousered all his winnings and left the casino”
Trouser departmentThe male genitals
Trouser snakeEuphemism for the penis. A shortening of ‘one-eyed trouser-snake’
TrouseredDrunk, or very intoxicated
TrousersDrunk, or very intoxicated
TroutAn unattractive woman, often prefixed with old 
TrumpTo break wind from the anus, to ‘fart’
Tub of lardA fat person, or ‘lardarse’ 
TubbyA fat person, often of short stature
TubeThe London Underground
Tuck inTo eat, usually with enthusiasm
Tuck shopA confectioners, a sweet shop
TugAn act of male masturbation
Tummy bananaA penis
TumshieA turnip 
TupTo headbutt e.g. “He said my girlfriend looked like Quasimodo, so I tupped him!”
TurdA lump of faeces
TurfThe area felt to belong to a person or gang
Turf outTo expel a thing or a person, to throw out e.g. “Haven’t you turfed out that rubbish yet?”
TurkeyA stupid or idiotic person
Turn overTo rob by ransacking a premises e.g. “The library got turned over”
TurnipAn idiot
Turn-offTo disgust
Turn-onTo excite, often sexually
TutRubbish, nonsense e.g. “Whatever he told you about me is just a load of tut”
TVAbbreviation of transvestite or  ‘trannie’
TwagTo play traunt e.g. “No wonder he failed his exams, he’s been twagging”
TwannockAn idiot, an objectionable person
TwatThe female genitals
Twat faceA contemptible person
TwatfacedIntoxicated with alcohol or drugs
TwattedVery intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs
TwattingA general intensifier e.g. “You wouldn’t twatting believe it”
Twentyfour-sevenAll the time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
TwerpAn imbecile, a fool. Also twirp
TwigTo understand, to realise e.g. “Once I saw the look on her face I twigged” 
Twigs & BerriesGenitalia
Twilight zoneRecognition of a bizarre occurrence 
TwirlyA senior citizen, or OAP (old age pensioner)
TwistingA telling off, a scolding, a reprimand
TwitAn idiot. Patronising but often jocular
TwitchellA narrow alleyway
TwitcherA bird watcher, an ornithologist
Two bob bitAn act of defecation, rhyming slang on ‘s$%t’
Two cans short of a picnicAn eccentric, insane person
Two finger saluteThe insulting hand gesture which involves raising the hand with two fingers
Two fingersSame as two finger salute
TWOCAcronym – Taking With Out Consent. Originally and usually applied to stealing
TwockerA person who steals vehicles, see ‘TWOC’
Two’s up!Putting a claim on a share of something, often a drink or cigarette
Two-timeTo be unfaithful to one’s partner e.g. “He’s been two-timing on his girlfriend”
TwuntAn idiot, a fool. A combination of the words ‘twat’ and ‘c$%^’ 
TykeA person from Yorkshire, England
U-ee  A u-turn A term used by drivers
Ugly as sin  Very ugly
UmpteenMany, a lot of e.g. “There was umpteen colours to choose from”
Uncle DickRhyming slang for sick
Uncle NedRhyming slang for head 
Under the weatherOut of sorts, not currently in good health 
Undercrackers  Underpants
UnhingedInsane, mentally unstable and unpredictable
Uni College/University
Uni  Abbreviation of university
Unmentionables  A coy euphemism for undergarments
UnrealFantastic, excellent, wonderful
UpIntoxicated by drugs, high
Up for it Willing to have sex
Up on blocksA menstruating woman
Up s$%t creek In serious trouble
Up sticksTo move on, to settle or live elsewhere 
Up the duff Pregnant
Up the spoutPregnant
Up the suffDown the drain
Up the swannyIn a hopeless situation. Meaning the same as ‘up s$%t creek’
Up the wrong ‘unUp the anus. From ‘up the wrong one’
Up your bum!  An angry and dismissive exclamation
Up yours! Exclamation of anger or defiance
Uphill gardenerA homosexual male
UpperA stimulant drug, usually amphetamine sulphate
Uptight Frigid, conventional, stressed  
Use one’s loaf  To think, to use one’s ingenuity, to use one’s head
Use one’s nogginMeaning the same as ‘use one’s loaf’
Vadge  Vagina
Vagitarian Lesbian. A pun on vegetarian
Vanilla Gay expression for conventional sex without any kinky extras
Veggie  Abbreviation of vegetarian 
Veg-out  To vegetate, chill-out
Vera (Lynn) Rhyming slang for gin
Vertical bacon sandwichFemale genitals
VibeThe atmosphere or feelings in a situation
Vicky-verky Vice versa. A humourous and deliberate mispronunciation
Village  Useless, of no value, poor quality, not up to one’s expected standards
Vinegar strokes  The last thrusts of sexual intercourse, just prior to reaching orgasm
Vino  Cheap inferior wine
Vinyl  Gramophone records, not CDs
Voddy  Vodka
WackA term of address
WackoCrazy, insane 
Wack-offTo masturbate, of males
WackyCrazy, zany
Wacky backyA euphemism for marijuana or cannabis
WadA large amount of money
WaddedHaving large amounts of money, wealthy
WaffleTo talk aimlessly 
Wafty crankAn act of masturbation, perhaps implying one done at a particularly opportunist
Wag off Skyve or play truant
Wagwan!A form of greeting. A contraction of What is happening?
Walking disasterA person who is prone to having accidents or mishaps
WalliesFalse teeth 
WallyAn idiot or imbecile
WangTo throw
WangerA penis. Also spelt whanger
WangleTo obtain by scheming e.g. “I even wangled myself a backstage pass”
WankTo masturbate. Also phrased as wank off
Wank bankMemory, with respect to sexually stimulating thoughts and recalled e.g. “I’ve put her in my wank bank”
Wank magA pornographic magazine
Wanker 1. Someone who masturbates 2. Abusive term, someone the speaker doesn’t like
WankeredVery intoxicated
Wanking spanner(s) Hand(s)
WankstainA contemptible person
WannabeA person who aspires to be someone else, usually a celebrity and consequently
WapA wasp. Also wappy
War paintFacial cosmetics, make-up e.g. “She’s in the bathroom putting on her war paint”
Warts and all Including all negative characteristics
WassockAn idiot, imbecile. Also ‘wazzock’
Wass-upA form of greeting
WasteTo kill, to thoroughly beat up e.g. “My mum will waste me for failing my exams”
Waste of spaceA useless and contemptible person e.g. “That lazy brother of yours is a waste of space”
Waste of spermA useless and contemptible person
WastedDescribing being thoroughly intoxicated to a point of uselessness
WatersportsThe act of urinating on another for the sexual pleasure of both parties involved
WaterworksThe act of crying e.g. “As expected my mum turned on the old waterworks”
Way-outUnusual, unconventional, avant garde
WazooThe bottom, the anus, the rear end Also, occasionally spelt wazzoo
WazzTo urinate
WazzockAn idiot, imbecile Also ‘wassock’
WeanA child or baby From wee ane (wee one)
Wear the trousersTo be the dominant and controlling partner in a relationship
WeaselA despicable, usually sly and deceitful person
Weasel (and stoat)Coat, or jacket – Cockney rhyming slang
Weasel-waterA drink that is weak and insipid, often used with reference to tea
Wedding tackleA euphemism for the male genitals
WedgeMoney, usually implying a large amount
WedgieAn adolescents prank whereby a victim’s underwear is pulled vigorously thus causing great discomfort to the wearer
Wee1. To urinate. Generally inoffensive and mainly regarded as a children’s expression  2. Small, tiny (Scottish)
Wee ‘unA child or baby, see  ‘wean’
WeepyA film that is sentimental and emotional
Wegie /WeegieA Glaswegian, a person from Glasgow [Scottish use, mainly Edinburgh]
Weigh intoTo tackle something forcefully and enthusiastically 
Well hungHaving a large penis
WelliedDrunk, intoxicated
WellyTo kick forcefully
WellybobsWellington boots, see  ‘welly-gogs’
Welly-gogsWellington boots, see  ‘wellybobs’
Welly-topDescriptive of a large vagina. Supposedly having the roominess and appearance
WetFeeble, emotional, effeminate  
Wet blanketA miserable person unwilling to participate in an enjoyable event or moment
Wet nellieA feebleminded person 
Wet oneselfTo laugh heartily, to find something particularly amusing
Wet the baby’s headTo celebrate the birth of a baby with a drink of alcohol
Whack1. To promptly insert or place (something) e.g. “Whack the contract in 2. Hit or strike 
WhackedTired, worn out 
WhackingAn intensifier such as ‘steaming’ or ‘mad’ e.g. “It was a whacking great spot”
What the dickens!  An exclamation of surprise or annoyance 
WhatchamacallitSomething whose name escapes one
What’s cooking?What’s happening? Also used as a form of greeting
What’s he /she like?A rhetorical question in response to unusual or extreme behaviour
What’s the crack?What’s happening? What’s the news?
What’s the damage? What’s the cost?
What’s the score?Meaning the same as ‘what’s the crack?’
What’s the SP?What’s the situation? From the horse racing and betting term
What’s-his-faceA reference to anyone whose name one has forgotten
WheelsA motor vehicle or bicycle
Wheels of steelA DJ’s record decks
When the s$%t hits the fanWhen the truth is discovered the consequences will be felt
WhiffySmelling unpleasant 
WhingeTo persistently complain, in an irritating manner 
WhingerA person who complains incessently See ‘whinge’ 
WhingeyIn the manner of a ‘whinger’, see above 
WhipTo steal e.g. “I had my wallet whipped last night”
WhippingA thorough beating or defeat
Whip-roundContributions collected from a group of people for a specific purpose
WhirliesDizziness induced by excessive intoxication, usually alcoholic
Whistle (and flute) A suit, Cockney rhyming slang
White van manAn ill-mannered and aggressive driver of commercial delivery vehicles
WhiteyA short period of feeling sick, or queasy; often a reaction to excessive consumption of alcohol
Whizz1. To urinate 2. Amphetamine sulphate
Whoop-di-do!An expression of joy, however is often used sarcastically 
WhoopsieExcrement, a deposit of faeces
WhopperSomething very large
Wicked Cool!
WiddleTo urinate. Possibly a combination of the words ‘wee’ and ‘piddle’
WideSelf-assured, clever, sharp
Wide-boyA male characterized by his cocky charm, petty illicit dealings
Wide-oAn insensitive and objectionable person 
Wierdo /wierdyA person perceived as objectionably unusual, an eccentric  
Wife-beaterStella Artois lager
WiggaA white person who admires black culture
William (Pitt)An act of defecation. Rhyming slang for…
WilliesNerves, worries, frights 
Willy warmerA jokey item of clothing intended to keep the penis warm
Willy Penis
Willy-waving Acting in an excessively macho fashion
Willy-woofterA homosexual male, like  ‘woofter’ and ‘woolly-woofter’ 
WimpA feeble or ineffectual person  
Wimp outTo lose courage
Wind bagSomeone who talks incessantly 
Wind up To tease, irritate, annoy, anger
Window lickerA mentally handicapped person 
Wind-upTo infuriate someone. Pronounced as in wind up a clock
Wind-up merchantA person who ‘winds-up’ regularly
Wing1. To throw away 2. To improvise, take things as they happen
WinkleAffectionate name for a penis
WinnetsFaecal remnants that adhere to the anal hairs
WinoA habitual and often destitute drunkard
Wiped outExhausted
WiredStressed, nervy or anxious
WitchA despicable, nasty, or spiteful woman
Witter onTo talk incessantly and superficially 
Wizard!Excellent! Great! Dated expression
Wizard’s sleeveA large or spacious vagina
WolfTo eat greedily or quickly
WonkyUnstable or misalligned e.g. “Watchout for that rear wheel, it’s wonky”
WoodAn erect penis or ‘woody’
WoodworkThe goalposts in football (soccer)
WoodyAn erect penis  ‘wood’
WoofterA homosexual, a variation on ‘poofter’ or ‘woolly-woofter’
WooliesWoolworths, the store
WoollyA woollen jumper or cardigan
WoollybackA person from the provinces of Liverpool
Woolly-woofterA homosexual
WopAn Italian
Work one’s arse/ass/butt off To work really hard
Workie ticketA trouble maker
Workman’s bumThe area of the buttocks (bum) made visible when trousers slip down
Worm out ofTo evade or escape an unpleasant situation by undignified behaviour
Worship at the porcelainTo vomit in the toilet
WrapA tiny paper envelope for holding a quantity of illicit powdered drug
WreckTo hurt
WreckedVery intoxicated with alcohol or drugs
WrinklyAn elderly person 
Wrong’unA bad person
WuppTo thoroughly beat e.g. “I’m going to wupp his ass if he tries that again”
Wuss An inneffectual, feeble person
XTC  Abbreviation of the drug ecstasy
Yack!An exclamation of disgust A variation on ‘yuck!’
YackyDisgusting, vile
Yam  Home
YampyCrazy, mad, insane
Yap To talk a lot
Yard  One’s home
Yawn  Something that is very boring
Y-bone steak  Female genitals
Yikes!  An expression of surprise or astonishment
Yo! A greeting
Yob A lout or hooligan
YobboMeans the same as ‘yob’
YompTo walk hard and with vigour
YonksA very long time
Yucky  Very unpleasant or distasteful
ZapperTV remote control unit
ZedThe letter Z
Zilch  Nothing, zero
Zip it Shut up, stop talking
ZitA pimple on the skin
Zonked  Worn out, tired
Zoot  A marijuana/cannabis cigarette, a ‘joint’
Z’s  Sleep, a nap 

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  1. Avatar Of Jean

    The correct word is ‘confab’ not ‘conflab’
    Otherwise a great list of words of British Slang.

  2. Avatar Of John

    “Woollybacks” is generally applied to Welsh farmers due to their alleged close relationships with their sheep, not Liverpool citizens ( usually known as Scousers)

    Suggested addition. “Talk to the great white telephone” means to vomit into the toilet bowl after excessive drinking

  3. Avatar Of John Mulligan

    Do you know what the word ‘arkenshaw’ means? (Seen in the humorous short story ‘On Ilkley Moor b’aht Frog’ by John Wells).

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