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Funny Barber Shop Name – The Electric Chair!

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Here’s a business name that makes you look twice! Especially if you’re in the market for a men’s haircut! It’s not exactly your run of the mill Barber Shop business name!

I’ve featured some offbeat haircut related type content here before from around the world, including:

I do get a haircut now and then – even though I don’t have that much hair to cut anymore! By the way, my hair isn’t really orange! Yes really!

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Do you really think anyone in their right mind in a barber shop would touch this?

Anyway, I was walking around the Brisbane Central Business District when I saw what I think is a great name for a barber shop!

It definitely gained my attention! Made me almost want to walk in for the haircut, even though I’d already had a chop recently!

The Best Barber Shop Name Ever!

Politically correct? Probably not. Memorable? Definitely!

Barber Shop

The Electric Chair is actually the name of a small group of barber shops in Brisbane that cater for the guys who just need to have a quick trim to make themselves looking less daggy with shaggy hair.

However, most of us know the electric chair as a brutal method of execution invented in the United States to remove prisoners from their incarceration system. Whether you like the electric chair or not, it’s been around for a while (since the late 1890s!) and isn’t going away any time soon.

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that customers actually survive this electric chair. They’ve manage to leave some good reviews about this barber shop establishment if you google the business!

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So if you’re around in Brisbane in Queensland and you need a haircut – here’s a memorable place to go and have one!

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1 thought on “Funny Barber Shop Name – The Electric Chair!”

  1. Avatar Of Matt Wilson

    Thanks for sharing the article. I really like the name of barber shop. One of the shop name I know in Brisbane is Abbott’s barber shop. I loved this place when I visit for my haircut. They have a professional team for hairdressing and trendy styles.

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