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Cut The Crap – Funny Hair Salon Name

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Cut The Crap – Cut It Off My Head Now!

Today I’ve got a funny travel photo titled ‘Cut The Crap‘, which was sent to me from Marysia from My Travel Affairs. You can follow @MyTravelAffairs on Twitter and on Facebook. Now, there is nothing like an ingenious business name to attract a bit of attention!

Anyway, Marysia says ‘I was strolling around the Klosteret District in Bergen, Norway, taking random pictures as usual with my camera and looking for some nice place to grab a glass of wine when I have spotted this fancy hair salon! At first though, I didn’t see the very sign well from afar, and that happens to those who must wear glasses from time to time!

But when I approached closer, I realised that this place really was called ‘Cut the Crap!’ I thought I was about to roll on the ground from laughter, and hance, I forgot about my wine craving and decided to enter this place. Inside, a lovely gay man welcomed me and all of the staff there were happy and polite’.

Cut The Crap - Funny Hair Salon Name


I had a quick chat with them and they said it is kind of an insider joke, and that every week some tourist will come in and say…’Can I have my crap cut?’ or ‘ I have been looking for Crap Cutting Services all my life, do you thinking about a branch in Rome? ha ha ha’

Oh well, you could see that coming lol’

Yes, there is nothing like a funny business name to attract attention and potential customers. Other examples include the Bong Collection, The George Bush BarTrailer Trash, KFC in Kabul, Man Ho Restaurant, and The Guano Cafe.

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I’m sure this hair salon didn’t appear in Cut the Crap: At Last! A Book for the Plumbing Technician.

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