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Man Ho – Funny Chinese Restaurant Name

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Today’s funny website is of the Man Ho Restaurant! It’s just one of those unfortunate cases of Engrish again I feel and not British Slang!

Man Ho Logo

It has nothing to do with being a Man Ho like Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo and selling yourself on the street.

It’s in fact, this version of Man Ho is a Chinese Restaurant with a funny name which is located in Luton, in the United Kingdom!

Check it out at!

Man Ho Food – is Chinese

Actually, the menu at this place looks all right! I really like Chinese food and I chow down on it pretty regularly. I had a look at the Man Ho Menu and my mouth started to water a bit because I like the odd bout of Szechuan Chicken or Black Bean with Beef, which I often wash down with a cold beer.

Chinese Food around the world is pretty popular because a) it tastes good and b) is usually produced at a reasonable price, making it one of the main takeaway foods of choice from down the road. Even if its listed in a funny menu like this one from Shanghai.

I’m sure Man Ho probably doesn’t mean anything offensive or silly in Chinese, but the name can be sometimes unfortunate for us English speaking types. English language slang can almost literally develop over night – a word that was once innocent and containing no innuendo, all of a sudden becomes a topic for many of us to have a giggle at!

Man Ho - Funny Chinese Restaurant Name. Peking Cuisine Food Takeaway

Oh well!

If they’re in business and they have an active website, then the food must be really good!

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Screw the name, it doesn’t really matter!

It’s like staying at the Fook Yew Hotel or buying something from the Wong Fook Hing Book Store….

More Man Ho Stuff

The Man Ho restaurant name is almost as funny as this Man Whore Magnetic Bumper Sticker. Yep, I would love to place this on the back of my car – not.

Also, try eating at the Toilet Restaurant!

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4 thoughts on “Man Ho – Funny Chinese Restaurant Name”

  1. Avatar Of Nomadic Samuel

    Some of the restaurant & store names are truly hilarious. I wonder sometimes if they’re done on purpose or just out of pure ignorance. Whatever the case, they’re often pretty Fu King funny 😛

  2. Avatar Of Maria

    Wow! This one made me choke on my coffee – although I should know better than to drink anything while perusing your blog. Thanks for the giggle.

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