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Funny Hotel Names – the Fook Yew Hotel, in Kuantan, Malaysia

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Funny Hotel Names – Fook Yew!

Today’s post is about Funny Hotel Names – and this one is called the Fook Yew Hotel. It’s way funnier than this Hotel Gitmo T-Shirt! Actually, I’m quite sure that the Fook Yew Hotel would be absolutely luxorious when compared to the holding cells at Guantanomo Bay!

In my travels, I haven’t come across too many shockers when it comes to the name that is emblazoned over the hotel. But today, I’ve got an absolute beauty that had me giggling a lot!

This Funny Hotel Name Travel Photo was taken by Paul Gee – you can check out Paul’s Travel Blog.

Funny Hotel Names - Fook Yew Hotel Kuantan Malaysia

Just like the Wong Fook Hing Book Store, you need to say ‘Fook Yew’ out aloud to get the joke of this Funny Hotel Name. It may look harmless when reading the name of the hotel, but just wait until you speak it. It sounds like this hotel could be worthy of a Monty Python Skit! (Ring Ring, Excuse me sir, where is the Fook Yew?).

That’s right, just stand up now and yell out ‘FOOK YEW’.  Double points for doing it to the person next to you at work. Quadruple points if you don’t manage to lose your job while saying this funny hotel name!

Funny Hotel Name Conundrums!

It obviously doesn’t mean anything offensive in Malay, but when you pronounce it ‘Fook Yew’ aloud, it sounds like an insult in English!  I’m sure the service at the Fook Yew Hotel is fine, but it just doesn’t sound right, hence why it scores today’s Funny Hotel Name!

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Sounds like another case of The Joys of Engrish!

So there you go, another example of a Funny Hotel Name! Know of any others? Feel free to leave a comment and share!


Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

9 thoughts on “Funny Hotel Names – the Fook Yew Hotel, in Kuantan, Malaysia”

  1. Avatar Of Dave And Deb

    Love it!!! And I did, I said it out loud a couple of times just because it is so funny:-)

  2. Avatar Of Study Hotel Management
    study hotel management

    Hahaha… That is a good one. If the person you’ll going said that word is in far distance it will think that you are insulting him/her.

  3. Avatar Of Malaysian

    Hiyah…Fook Yew in Chinese means prosperity!

    The owner would probably cried if he sees this link.. 🙂

    1. Avatar Of Anthony

      Awesome! I’m going to say ‘Fook Yew’ to everyone now and see if I can avoid being beaten up! I’ll be saying ‘Prosperity’ to everyone!

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