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Today I’ve got a funny guest post from Stuart who runs the website Am I Nearly There Yet? It’s about the funny Shanghai Restaurant menu that he spotted on a night out in this massive Chinese city.

Stu and Eloise are a couple of Pommies (for the North Americans out there reading this – Poms are English people – Australian Slang!) travelling the globe long term, sharing their travel adventures through photography, humour, stories and advice! You can follow @StuAndEloise on Twitter and Facebook.

Stu contacted me and said ‘We’ve been travelling through China for the past month and while spending a week in Shanghai we came across the most ridiculous menu we’ve ever seen.. Items like ”Delicious Roast Husband” and ”Keeping the baby” – Literally NO idea what they were! Ha! I thought it would make an easy going and hilarious article, with photos taken from the Shanghai Restaurant menu and a few quips about each one!”

Well like The Godfather, this sounded like an offer too good to refuse for me! Here it is!

I want to eat at this Shanghai Restaurant for a good belly laugh! Crazy Chinglish Chinese Menu!

Stu says: During a recent visit to the crazy city of Shanghai on China’s east coast, we found a restaurants with possibly the weirdest and worse translations we’ve ever seen!

English menus are quite rare in China – Most people have heard of weird and wonderfully bad English translations – But these?!

Keeping The Baby
Shanghai Restaurant - Funny Chinese Food Menu

What the hell are these things?! Do you eat them? ‘Keeping the baby’, ‘Delicious Roast Husband’, ‘Assorted Vegetarian intestines’ ?!

Weird Menu

Deep green fries the sacrificial Intestines – mmm yes please!

Bizarre Menu

The palace EXPLODES the diced chicken – Please don’t.

Funny Restaurant Menus

Mushroom THERMAL EXPLOSION – I didn’t know mushrooms made you fart?

Chinglish Chinese Food Menu

Coconut Juice with string bean SLOB – Looks a bit like green rice to me

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Thankfully we walked away unscathed, unpoisoned, very confused and with empty stomachs…

Is there a McDonalds nearby?

More Shanghai Restaurant Stuff

Oh my god, I was pissing myself laughing when I first laid eyes on these photos! This was some Chinglish gold! I definitely think that this hilarious Shanghai Restaurant Menu should appear in Chinglish: Found in Translation.

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Avatar Of Stuart Edwards @ Am I Nearly There Yet?

Stuart Edwards @ Am I Nearly There Yet? · at

Haha! Excellent stuff. Contender for the worst menu ever!

Really… What the hell were they thinking?!

Avatar Of Samuel Jeffery

Samuel Jeffery · at

These are Gold! Engrish at its best 😉

Avatar Of Samantha

Samantha · at

hahaha these are hilarious! Gotta love typos on menus and signs. I saw one where they mistyped “crab” as “crap” so the Crap soup was made of crap and vegetables with a strong taste of crap.

Avatar Of Christoffer Moen

Christoffer Moen · at

Man, gotta love Chinglish! Stay away from the shroooms.. it’ll explode! 🙂

Avatar Of Noah @ Somewhere Or Bust

Noah @ Somewhere Or Bust · at

Normally I get sick of reading a menu, but I could read these forever.

Avatar Of Gina

Gina · at

Ha ha, I already ate there some delicious chicken.
I want to try some spicy food as well, but I don’t know yet what to choose.

Avatar Of Wilfred Moses

Wilfred Moses · at

Haha Chinese never fail to amuse the world.

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