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Funny Pub Signs – The Husband Day Care Center!

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Ahh, shopping. Modern man’s nemesis.

I can’t stand shopping. Except for food shopping. That’s because I know I’m about to cook myself and others a tasty meal. But I dread shopping for clothes, shoes, and pretty much everything else.

I’m the kind of guy who can walk around a shopping centre for minutes and not buy anything! That’s because I’m out of there as quick as I can and will only go in for something I really, really need!

Which is why a pub owner in the Philippines has decided to us this as a very clever marketing campaign to attract men into the local watering hole with his hilarious and very funny pub sign! Better than the Pot of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow.

Ladies, if you really love your man and he really, really detests shopping, and you don’t want him to suffer by dragging him along to your shopping jaunts all day, then send him directly to the..

Husband Day Care Center!

Funny Pub Signs - The Husband Day Care Center

Ha ha, this is gold. The ‘Famous Bollox Bar’ is owned by an English guy and he’s obviously using his ‘drier than a Pommie’s bathmat’ sense of humour (that’s Australian Slang) to pull in make patrons whenever he can so they all get drunk, buy food, and spend a lot of money in his pub. The text is brilliant!

And it looks like he’s directing this copy to the ladies so it’s all about their benefits!


Need time to relax?

Need time to yourself?

Want to go shopping?

Leave Your Husband With Us at


You Only Pay For His Food And Drinks!

Sounds good to me! This photo was taken by my mate who looks like he’s lost to the Philippines forever because he loves it there so much.

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So anyway, maybe pubs around the world need to unite and affiliate themselves with a new Husband Day Care Society so that men can destroy their livers and wallets at the same time!

Drink up at the Husband Day Care Center fellas!

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