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Best Ambiance Lighting – The Beer Chandelier, at Planet Baobab, Botswana

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There’s all sorts of lighting we’ve used during our lifetimes to create that special atmosphere.

That could range from a candle lit dinner, using dimmer lights in our home, or possibly the extreme glare from fluorescent lighting in the average 7/11 store, where you need sunglasses as soon as one walks in the front door.

But I found the Best Ambiance Lighting EVER! The Beer Chandelier.

This photo was taken at the Planet Baobab Camp near the Okavango Delta in Botswana.  If you’re around that part of the world, drop in and have a drink at the bar there.  Actually, their accommodation is also surreal, and it’s worth spending a night or two there on the way to/from the Okavango Delta.

Just think of the huge amount of work that went into this amazing piece of lighting.  And that’s just drinking the beer!

However, there was an unexpected bonus from taking this shot.  At the end of 2008, I entered the Wanderlust Magazine Offbeat Travel Photo Competition with this photo.

They emailed me recently to say that this photo will be appearing in their publication of Weird World.

So that means even my dodgy travel photography is strangely being noticed!

Best Ambiance Lighting Ever! I love The Beer Chandelier!

Here is the Beer Chandelier at Planet Baobab!

Best Ambiance Lighting - The Beer Chandelier

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6 thoughts on “Best Ambiance Lighting – The Beer Chandelier, at Planet Baobab, Botswana”

  1. Avatar Of Light Microscopes

    That’s a really awesome concept and idea. Love it 🙂 I should suggest this to my husband. Especially to make use of all those beer bottles he has got lying around

  2. Avatar Of Contemporary Lighting Design
    Contemporary Lighting Design

    It looks very interesting. I have to say, though, that the green will great some very unattractive effects on people’s faces. People’s skin just looks terrible under green light. It would be interesting to try with brown bottles, though.
    .-= Contemporary Lighting Design´s last blog ..Fiber-Optic Lighting =-.

  3. Avatar Of Shower Light

    Wow, that beer chandelier is the most impressive I’ve seen in a while. I think I’ve seen a gummi bear one too and that looked delicious but the beer one looks a little more interesting. Could be vintage in a few years too!

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