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Bitter Beer – Funny Beer Label About British Beer!

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Bitter Beer – is more of an English tradition than an Australian one. You normally find this kind of beer in pubs all over the United Kingdom, as it tends to suit the climate over there.

It’s not common to drink Bitter Beer in Australia – most beers need to be chilled to ball freezing to be enjoyable, especially during an Australian summer.  Mind you, nothing tastes better than an ice cold amber ale on a really hot day. Bitter Beer is normally drunk at a higher temperature, and hence, is better to drink during a long cold winter. Sometimes the English have to microwave their beer to get it to the right temperature…;)

Anyway, I was in the local bottle shop recently and a Funny Beer Label (from a Bitter Beer) caught my eye.  Here is an interesting Bitter Beer I could add to my Beer Index.

Bitter Beer – Funny Beer Label Stuff!

Bitter Beer - Funny Beer Label - My Wifes Bitter From Burleigh Brewing Company

It’s called My Wife’s Bitter (which could be interpreted as ‘My Wife Is Bitter’…)

It’s brewed by the Burleigh Brewing Company on the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane.  This is a microbrewery that I’m yet to visit, but since I am somewhat of a Beer aficionado (meaning, Beer Addict), I think I’d better check it out!

There is a joke that English people have to heat up their Bitter Beer to have it reach their preferred temperature!  This is exploited somewhat on the back label of the beer bottle (see line about temperature for English people):

Types Of Beer - British Bitter

So if you’re coming to South East Queensland, Australia and like beer, then check out the Burleigh Brewing Company.

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More Beer Info!

I love the title and the irony of this beer! There is always a good laugh when I mention it to other beer appreciators, especially those fluent in Australian Slang and British Expressions!

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8 thoughts on “Bitter Beer – Funny Beer Label About British Beer!”

  1. Avatar Of Rhubarbpr

    Great to see that you like our limited edition My Wife’s Bitter – it’s been really popular, so we’ve made another batch! Look out for it from late November in Vintage Sellers stores across Australia – Cheers!
    Burleigh Brewing Co.

  2. Avatar Of Beer Pong Tables
    Beer Pong Tables

    Ha HA!

    I love this beer! (or at least the name, and bottle, I’ve never actually *drank* it.)

    I love some of the innovative names beer/wine companies come up with.


  3. Avatar Of Jeana Gladue

    I’m delighted! After reading your post I can tell you are passionate about your writing. Keep up the great work and I’ll return for more! Thank you.

  4. Avatar Of Silver Bullion

    Very clever lol. I think when a company shows a bit of humour in their packaging and branding it gets them noticed above their competition, as well as letting people know that there are real people behind the brand. And married men love a good joke about their wives.

  5. Avatar Of Beer Pong Table
    Beer Pong Table

    Was just in Australia and totally missed this! Know if I can get it in the US?

  6. Avatar Of Micahel Hunter
    Micahel hunter

    Bitter beer, great label, Ive heard of this beer , but have not tried it yet. Has anyone tried this beverage?

  7. Avatar Of Jon

    Breat gottle of geer. You should travel the UK, lots of wacky beers here! Seem to recall drinking Old Fart once a while back.

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