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Truth In Advertising – Knockout Beer!

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Today’s awesome Funny Travel Photo is going to be worthy of the Beer Index – It’s about Truth In Advertising, namely, the outstanding branding of a beverage called Knockout Beer!

I spotted this beer in a supermarket recently in Bangalore, India.

Truth In Advertising – Is So Refreshing!

Truth In Advertising - Knockout Beer From India

Note, this beer has an alcohol content of 8% – way above most full strength beers, which usually hover around 5%, and mid strength beer, which is about 3%.

I did buy a bottle for testing purposes – and I did score a good sleep after downing a bottle. I probably would have ended up comatose if I had ingested more! So I think this Truth In Advertising road test worked!

It’s an Advertising Technique that works for me!

100% Accurate Truth In Advertising!

So it will definitely knock you out if you drink a couple, so I love how honest this Beer Label is!

Funny Beer Label

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