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Seafood Restaurants – Sell Grilled Crap!

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Seafood Restaurants With A Laugh

Today’s funny travel photo comes from James Clark from Nomadic Notes.

It’s off the Grilled Crap sign from a Seafood Restaurant in Malaysia! (see middle photo towards the bottom).

Seafood Restaurants Grilled Crab

Seafood Restaurants – Engrish!

Obviously, this Seafood Restaurant sign was lost in translation, and it reached the printers before anyone could do anything about it.

[pullquote]James says “Grilled Crap – at least it is healthier than deep fried crap”.[/pullquote]

This looks like one of the joys of Engrish, but hey, I hope Grilled Crap doesn’t come from the Outdoor Toilet!

Other things to do in Malaysia after eating Grilled Crap – stay at the Fook Yew Hotel and drink some Kick A Poo Joy Juice!

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7 thoughts on “Seafood Restaurants – Sell Grilled Crap!”

  1. Avatar Of Steve Thomas

    Well now, fried crap! That would certainly take the fun out of your meal!

    Crape diem!

  2. Avatar Of Steph

    Yikes! Too funny 🙂 Nice catch. I used to walk by a shop every day in London with a big sign on the window announcing their “fresh sandwitches” 🙂

  3. Avatar Of Daniel Teaching In Taiwan
    Daniel Teaching in Taiwan

    I love these! They get a little frustrating after a few years of teaching English and still seeing these errors, but they’re always worth a giggle.

    One of my favorites in Taiwan was a sign at a railroad stations saying “Do not transcend.” I guess they had a lot of Buddhists finding Nirvana there and just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

    And I loved the link to the book… I knew about the website but it never occurred to me that there would be a print book devoted to it. Especially with “library binding.”

    Thanks for the chuckle!

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