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Funny Outdoor Toilet – The Re-Definition of Outhouse!

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I love it when some things are taken literally instead of figuratively!

It just adds another dimension to language conundrums that come up all around the world.

And I came across a device that we all use to relive the body’s natural functions, but it was placed in an area I wasn’t expecting!

If you’ve ever travelled overland in Africa, you would know that the ‘bush toilet’ (that is, going behind a tree) will always be much cleaner than any human public toilets that you’ll come across.

However, I have come across a latrine that is definitely cleaned by the elements from time to time! This Outdoor Toilet was spotted at an overland truck camp somewhere in southern Botswana.

The Outdoor Toilets I am normally used to consist of a hole in the ground that you don’t want to fall into – that is, an excavation that you need to cover up with a shovel once you’ve finished your thing..

That’s why I was surprised to see this fully plumbed Outdoor Toilet at the camping ground.  It’s probably not the best way to relieve nature’s call if it’s pissing down rain from a great height, but hey, at least you’d be clean afterwards!

Especially if you had contributed to the Beer Chandelier!

Outdoor Toilet in Botswana- Literally!

Outdoor Toilet - Outhouse Photos
I love this “Out House” – The Best Outdoor Toilet Ever!

But this Outdoor Toilet works perfectly and flushes efficiently – to somewhere…

It’s a bit more closer to home than this Outdoor Toilet.

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