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Funny Dance – The Beer Can Balancing Man. Britain’s Got Talent!

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Today, I’ve got a Funny Travel Video of a Funny DanceThe Beer Can Balancing Man!

I spotted this guy at the Notting Hill Carnival in London (official site here). This was after a big day out of drinking, chatting English Slang, eating and celebrating and he was still partying close to midnight. This dude was completely hard core and would have out-partied anyone in the city that day for sure! I was tired just watching him!

I was trying to score some food after an attack of the midnight munchies, when he wanted to show me his bizarre and unusual talents. And I’m glad he did, because I had a massive grin on my face for days after watching him boogie and do this thing!

This Guy should be on Britain’s Got Talent!

Funny Dance - Beer Can Balancing Man. Britain's Got Talent!

Basically, he moves around balancing a full can of beer on his head – without the can of Red Stripe beer spilling or falling off. This guy can even multi-task, and you will notice him light a cigarette at the same time! This proves that men can actually do more than one thing at the same time!

Also note, that before he performed this bizarre act, I tested if the beer can was full – and it was, which makes his talents all the more bizarre. He really needs to audition on Britain’s Got Talent. I’m sure he would win the competition!

So here is his Funny Dance – The Beer Can Balancing Man!


This is only one of the many attractions and sights you can see at the Notting Hill Carnival – if you haven’t experienced it, check it out!

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Hope you enjoyed this Funny Dance – I sure did!

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