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Princess Diana Memorial – the Cafe Diana Coffee Shop in London

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I had a chance to meet one of my all time favourite travel writers, Peter Moore on my recent visit to the United Kingdom. He’s appeared in my list of Funny Travel Books, and check out my interview with him here! But I met him at a bizarre Princess Diana Memorial – more on that later!

I had an awesome chat with him, especially about his new project, Vagabond Editions – a new travel writing imprint that he is starting up very soon.

Peter Moore - Funny Australian Travel Writer

A couple of days before we caught up to chat, we were trying to figure out a place to meet, and he was going to travel to a Tube Station first – until the Tube broke down.

He then called me to suggest another place to meet – the Cafe Diana, which to me, is a defacto Princess Diana Memorial – judging by the huge number of images plastered on the wall there.

Princess Diana Memorial – A Coffee Shop!

This cafe was often frequented by Princess Diana, as it is directly across the road from Kensington Gardens, near where she lived. The front end of the cafe is shown below. You can sit outside when it’s a nice sunny day in London, which isn’t that often! ;P

Cafe Diana

The current owners of Cafe Diana have obviously capitalised on this, as the entire wall space is covered in Princess Diana Photos or newspaper/magazine articles about her life. It’s a bit weird when you first walk in there, and I’m sure this place is a pilgrimage site for those where are still fans of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana Memorial – The Photos

See what I mean?

Princess Diana Memorial And Tribute

It was a bit spooky seeing this Princess Diana Memorial and/or Shrine! It’s almost as elaborate as some of the Vietnamese Coffee Shops in Ho Chi Minh City!

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But if you’re around in London, check out this bizarre Princess Diana Memorial for something a bit different. Eek. You’ll be using a few British Expressions in no time!

For more Princess Diana Memorial stuff, check out the Princess Diana: The People’s Princess Plate.

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3 thoughts on “Princess Diana Memorial – the Cafe Diana Coffee Shop in London”

  1. Avatar Of Peter Moore

    Hi Anthony – glad you liked it. Certainly more interesting than out front of Bayswater Tube Station where we were supposed to meet. (And Cafe Diana makes better coffee.) I

    t’s like both us have always believed. The best travel experiences come when things go wrong.

    So thank you London Underground and your random signal failures!

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