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‘And would you like a Vergina?’

I really struggled not to laugh at the waitress when she asked me if I wanted to drink this funny sounding Greek Beer! Even though she prounounced it as ‘Veer-geee-na’, my brain was playing tricks on me when I saw the following beer label being presented in front of me!

The Funny Greek Beer Name Called Vergina!

I came across this Greek beer when I did a trip to Melbourne, Australia before appearing on Millionaire Hot Seat.

Try not to giggle…

Vergina Greek Beer - Funny Beer Name

Melbourne has one of the highest Greek populations outside of Athens because of large scale immigration after World War Two. This, along with immigration from many other countries since, means that you can dine on pretty much any cuisine that you want on any night of the week in most large cities in Australia.

Of course, there are many Greek restaurants in Melbourne to reflect this heritage, so when I was ordering a large lamb yiros to satisfy my caveman hunger, I had decided to order a beer to wash down this fantastic tasting meat diet.

When I was looking through the beer list, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw ‘Vergina’ under the menu. Which means I had to order it immediately so I could write about it on this silly travel blog.

Vergina is actually a small town in northern Greece, and I’m sure that the Greek translation means nothing like what you hear when you try to pronounce Vergina in English!

For the record, this is a good tasting beer and I would drink it again! It’s a red/copper looking beer with a lot of flavour, and I enjoyed mixing the contents of this bottle with the lamb yiros.

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Now all I need to do is travel to Greece so I can drink a Vergina beer so I can work out where it fits on my Beer index!

Drink up! Also check out the official Vergina Beer website!

Want more beer? There’s loads more here!

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5 thoughts on “Vergina – Funny Greek Beer Name!”

  1. Avatar Of Nick

    Vergina was the capital of the Greek Macedonian Kingdom and where King Phillip II tomb was found in 1977. Cheers 🙂

  2. Avatar Of Sławek

    I love beer and when i reading your article about how many different name beers is 🙂
    We have in Poland beer name like koks (mean like anabolic) or portowe mean like harbour.

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