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Sheep Shagger – It’s Beer from Scotland, not Bestiality!

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It’s time for a funny beer name and label again!

One thing that I’ve noticed when I’ve tried to consume beers around the world, that I often come across a few that look or sound funny – intentionally, or unintentionally!

There have been a few unusually named beers that have graced this silly travel blog.

Some of these include:

Today, I’ve got one from Scotland, and it’s called Sheep Shagger! And it’s a bit tastier than Beefy Bovril!

The Sheep Shagger Brew!

Yep, this nice golden ale type beer is from Scotland, and the term ‘Sheep Shagger‘ is slang for someone for someone who loves to have amorous liaisons with sheep! This term is often (derogatorily) used to describe people from Wales or New Zealand!

For example – how does a [insert nationality here] find sheep in long grass? Wonderful!

Sheep Shagger Beer From Scotland.

Anyone who has been to Scotland would understand that the Scots have a great sense of humour and are often self deprecating – that is, if you can understand what the hell they are saying through that very thick accent!

The Cairngom Brewery in the Scottish Highlands who makes this stuff, obviously wanted beer consumers to take notice of this brew with the eye catching name using a bit of British Slang – plus they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously!

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I would think a job in their marketing department would be a bit of fun!

I’m surprised the Scots came up with this first, considering that the Welsh and New Zealanders are often the butt of sheep jokes based on the large number of bleaters that exist in both of those respective countries!

But anyway, if you want to have a nice beer and have a it of a laugh at the same time, give Sheep Shaggers Gold a try!

It’s not a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad beer! 🙂 Boom Boom. For more sheep stuff, check out Ovine Gynaecology, Sheep Poo Paper, New Zealand Slang and Sheep Dog Trails.

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