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Bah Bah Black Sheep – Makes Sheep Poo Paper

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Lez Paylor doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s one half of the funny phenomena that is Sheep Poo Paper TM. That’s right, he makes paper from Sheep Crap that is transferred into useful products such as paper, envelopes, canoes, and believe it or not, air fresheners. This gives such a new meaning to the old nursery rhyme, Bah Bah Black Sheep!

And this global Sheep Poo empire is located in this modest building situated in a slate quarry in Snowdonia, Wales.

Snowdonia In Wales

Bah Bah Black Sheep – Have You Any Poo?

Lez has undertaken the ultimate in recycling. He obtains poo from local sheep farmers, processes it, and pulps it into Sheep Poo Paper TM. Obviously, this is not one thinks of when you hear the Bah Bah Black Sheep song!

Sheep Poo

How Do You Make Bah Bah Black Sheep Poo Paper?

Firstly, the Sheep Poo is washed within a cloth bag in a washing machine and then pressure cooked to remove any of the bacteria present, making it safe to handle. It’s then pureed, and then poured into a screen to set. Once the Sheep Poo Paper TM is dry, all sorts of stuff is printed on the resulting paper.

Paper can be made from any herbivorous animal poo in existence, such as elephants, where Lez first discovered this bizarre manufacturing process in Thailand.

Have a look at this picture – you will notice that the right hand side piece of paper is greener than the other.

Paper Made From Animal Droppings

That’s because the Sheep Poo Paper TM on the left was hay diet sheep, and the one on the right was a grass diet sheep!

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Here is a video taken of Lez teaching me how to make Sheep Poo Paper TM once the poo has been pureed!

However, Sheep Poo Paper TM can be used for so many other things besides paper!

For example, and Air Freshener! Yes, Sheep Poo Paper TM can be fragranced with any smell that you want, so that it can freshen up your car! I really love the irony of this!

Best Air Freshener

Sheep Poo Bricks! I wonder if you can make a ‘crap house’ out of it?

Organic Bricks

There is also the Poo Canoe, or the Sheep Ship – which is a blend of Sheep Poo Paper TM and wax!

Poo Canoe

Lez has also had brushes with fame as well. Gordon Ramsay requested that some menus be printed on his pet lamb’s poo for his restaurant. He’s appeared on a number of documentaries!

I’m just wondering if the Bah Bah Black Sheep song needs to be changed.

More Bah Bah Black Sheep Stuff

Sheep Poo Paper TM products are sent all over the world, and you can be lucky enough to have some for free!

That’s right, leave a comment after this post about why you want to receive a personally signed card from me written on Sheep Poo Paper (but not in Welsh!). The most creative comment wins! I’ll then ask you for your postal address, and a Sheep Poo Paper card is all yours!

So, there you go, an interesting take on Bah Bah Black Sheep! Thanks to Visit Britain and Sheep Poo Paper TM for this great experience!

For more weird sheep stuff, check out Sheep Shagger Beer and Ovine Gyanaecology!

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

6 thoughts on “Bah Bah Black Sheep – Makes Sheep Poo Paper”

  1. Avatar Of Ali

    I actually know a few sites around Brisbane that would do well for the poo paper manufacturing business!!!

  2. Avatar Of Lawrence Toms

    Hi! Glad you enjoyed your trip to the remote but beautiful wilderness that keeps the Twll Golau (Light-at-the-End-of-the-Tunnel) Papermill hidden from less determined explorers! Your papermaking skills looked very impressive, perhaps you’d like a full time job? We have an opening for an apprentice sh*t stirrer! Just one correction to your otherwise marverful blog on our operation, Prince Charles has NOT visited our papermill, although he has visited a number of traditional craft businesses and environmental organisations in Wales. Our theory has always been that his PR people are running shy of the tabloid headline “The Prince and The Poo-Paper” [The Prince and the Pauper??] . . .
    We wouldn’t want your readers to think that we were claiming any kind of false endorsement from the prince, and just to be clear, we’ve had no visits from Cromwell and the parliamentarians either, so we’re obviously an entirely a-poo-litical organisation 😉
    Come back and see us some time x

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