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Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – The Beer Stein Stack Snake!

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Yay, it’s beer time! And it’s about my idea of beer nirvana – Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany!

Oktoberfest is probably the most famous beer drinking festival in the entire world. People from all over the place converge to throw down some superb and very tasty German beer! I mean, I’ve been to Germany and loved the beer when it wasn’t Oktoberfest!

It happens every September in Munich, Germany and is a great excuse to practice Darwin’s Theory Of Beer Drinking – that is, drinking beer to kill the weak brain cells so only the smart ones survive, so you in theory become more intelligent.

I’ve been testing that theory for years, and the jury is still out! 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t had the privilege of attending an Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, but it’s on my Bucket List! Hey, I’ve included a tonne of beer related travel articles on this silly website so I reckon I’m due a sponsored trip some time soon!

Drinking beer out of one litre steins is a bit of a mission because it takes a while to consume that amount of fluid, plus once you ‘break the seal’, you’ll be watering the horses all night! (note: Australian slang for going to the toilet).

And I’m always keen to follow up some beer drinking with my second favourite munchie food at 3 o’clock in the morning when I’ve had too much booze after the kebab – the Currywurst!

Anyway, my sister has been to Oktoberfest – and it looks like she’s having a great time based on the funny beer photo that she’s sent me, which she calls the German version of the Beer Cup Snake:

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – The Beer Stein Snake!

Oktoberfest Munich Germany - Beer Stein Stack!

Yes, that’s five one litre steins stacked up all on top of each other in an amazing balancing act!

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Pretty impressive.

It looks like this guy borrowed a few half consumed steins to attempt this act which was obviously a dare, but he has made this construction fairly stable and it hadn’t fallen over at the point in time when this photo was taken.

I’m guessing this is just one of the silly things that people do when they mix beer and hormones together!

I’m sure there’s lots of shenanigans going on well after the beer tents have closed up for the night (including some swearing in German!)

Anyway, Prost! Also, don’t Drink and Drive!

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2 thoughts on “Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany – The Beer Stein Stack Snake!”

  1. Avatar Of C. Randen

    Love the Darwin’s Theory of Beer Drinking, I never have heard that before. I too have been practicing it for years! Going to Germany this summer! So excited to drink some German beer!

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