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Philippines Floods 2009 – Health And Safety Photo Of The Week

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Philippines Floods 2009 – Whoa!

Today’s Health And Safety Photo is one of the Philippines Floods that occurred in 2009. This poor archipelago nation often cops more than it’s fair share of natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and the odd flooding here and there.

Actually, these Philippines Floods were tragic because a number of people lost their lives.  And usually, desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes people have no choice but to make do with what they have available at the time – which is usually nothing, or if they do have something, it’s usually just the shirt on their back.

Philippine Floods 2009 Crazy Photo

Check out this photo.  I know water and electricity usually doesn’t mix, but this goes against every health and safety message that has been drilled into most people..

Philippines Floods 2009 Health &Amp; Safety Photo Flash Flooding Disaster

When you’ve got nowhere to go in this kind of situation, there’s not much else you can do. I would say that in an event like this, the electricity company would need to turn of the power supply to the affected areas otherwise there would be more than just electric eels floating around in the water.

Actually, the Philippines is a friendly place – I highly recommend going their because I was made very welcome there.  The best thing you can do to help them is visit and pump some of your dollars into their economy once the disaster and the media headlines die down a bit.

But maybe don’t visit during Typhoon Season, when the Philippines Floods are most likely to occur when the water pisses down from a great height.

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More Philippines Stuff

For more on the Philippines, check out more at Culture Shock! Philippines: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette. Somehow, I don’t think how to survive a flood is one of the subject headings in here!

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3 thoughts on “Philippines Floods 2009 – Health And Safety Photo Of The Week”

  1. Avatar Of Dave And Deb

    That photograph is insane. Very scary, but I am assuming that the power was out and completely cut off. However, how can they be sure. Crazy! I really want to visit the Philippines one day soon, we will just make sure not to visit during the monsoon for.

  2. Avatar Of Sunsets

    Haha Natalie there can’t be a best idea in that case. This is a crazy pictures, really puts the reality in your eyes. Surely hope I can go there one day.

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