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Glamping – Luxury Camping Holidays. A Five Star Room in a Tent!

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Glamping is a new word – basically an amalgamation of the words ‘Glamour’ and ‘Camping’. It’s a growing trend with travel accommodation – and a departure from the Tight Arse version of travelling I usually subject myself to – that is, not a flash luxury resort!

Glamping Camping

Glamping is widespread throughout many national parks and wildlife reserves in Africa (check out this post I did for Nomadic Matt on Safaris in Africa), but it’s a trend that’s catching on all around the world.

Basically, Glamping is where you have a 5 star room inside a tent – or Luxury Camping. That’s right, all of the mod cons such as a flushing toilet, shower, and bath tub are included, and a comfortable king size bed is thrown in for good measure.

Glamping – Camping but not roughing it!

Glamping Nsw

I had a crack at Glamping recently in Australia for a weekend away at a place called Silk Pavillions, in northern New South Wales.  This is based close to Mount Warning and Byron Bay, a popular stop on the Australian backpacking trail.

Glamping Tents

I quite like Glamping, as I like having a place to myself, but it’s close to nature as well. You can decide on whether to cook your own food, or be a lazy sod and have it done for you, or at least, have the ingredients provided to slap onto a hot barbeque.

In terms of costs, that would depend on where you go to, but Glamping is a nice change from sleeping on bus terminal floors and underneath a bridge – some of my previous travel accommodation options!

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At this particular spot, it’s close to the nearby hippy town of Nimbin, where the annual Mardi Grass festival is held.

More Glamping Stuff

So if you’re looking for a cross between luxury and camping – give Glamping a go! Especially in Stanthorpe!

You can read more at Camping in Comfort.

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18 thoughts on “Glamping – Luxury Camping Holidays. A Five Star Room in a Tent!”

  1. Avatar Of Spencer

    For me ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’ aren’t two words that will ever be used in the same sentence but I admire your sense of adventure!

  2. Avatar Of Hncworld

    Nice view at the top pic. Glamping is also popular in South Africa but they bring their own gear and tent. It’s a different kind of glamping but almost as luxurious.

  3. Avatar Of Lisa

    This is wonderful, I thought a port a potty in a four room tent was luxury. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Avatar Of Calahonda Spain
      calahonda spain

      It is luxury, i didnt even have a tent when i went camping. I have a big canvas over us and thats it. But yea i know which i wud choose

  4. Avatar Of Calahonda Spain
    calahonda spain

    Awesome!! when i went travelling i was very hungover, mine probably collapse if attempted to build one. I need to go glamour camping with the guy who build this!

  5. Avatar Of Ismail

    Comfort is not the first thing that comes to mind when camping, but if it is an option, why not. I would try it once but would probably stick to my old way of camping just because i feel it is the only way to really feel close to nature and away from all human accommodations for a little while.

    I find the idea very creative and thanks for posting!

  6. Avatar Of Tom @ Headingthere
    Tom @ HeadingThere

    Great post! I’ve recently returned from my first ‘glamping’ trip at Hadrian’s Wall. I wrote a post about it if you’re interested?


  7. Avatar Of Fiona

    Went glamping over the summer in the UK (Wales) – absolutely loved it – best thing was the clear ceiling, could see all the stars at night! Amazing:)

  8. Avatar Of John

    I know this is an old post but it’s new to me. To be honest, I’ve never been much for camping unless there is a some type of activity tied to it… like boating… or a music festival but this looks like something I could get into.

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