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Recycling Bins – Litter (Literal) Translation Fail!

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Today I’ve got a funny travel photo about Recycling Bins!

Normally, recycling is a fairly dry topic that not many people take notice of, but it’s something we should all do to stop trashing the planet with our own crap, and reuse what we’ve got in the most effective way.

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Anyway, I received this funny travel photo from Brett Minor, who’s been living in Beijing, China for the last few years. Check out his blog at The Transformed Nonconformist. He sent me the Mariboro hat, the Best Laundry Instructions Ever, and the rather badly disguised sporting goods knock off brand called abibas!

You know what? I’m always up for sustainable tourism, but I think this sign is just missing the mark a tiny weeny bit…

Recycling Bins. Not just for collecting recyclables…

Oh no. If this was placed outside of an establishment that gentlemen frequent for some ‘loving’.. I’d be steering clear of this recycling bin at all costs, even if I wanted to offload my recyclable container!

Recycling Bins - Litter Collection

If you can’t quite make this one out, the sign says “LITTER CUM RECYCLABLES COLLECTION BIN”

I think it’s just a typo. I mean, if you were a garbage/rubbish collection person, you’d probably wouldn’t want to be picking up this load… pardon the pun.. 🙂

Oops. Back to the drawing board with this one!

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