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Dental Hospitals in China – Lost In Translation!

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Ahh, the dentist. We all need to visit one many times throughout our lives to have our mouths to not resemble a scarecrows…

And in China, you’ll need to visit a Dental Hospital to get your chompers (Australian Slang for  Teeth) checked out.

Anyway, I received this rather bizarre funny travel photo from Brett Minor, who’s been living in Beijing, China for the last few years. Check out his blog at The Transformed Nonconformist. 

He’s been keeping my blog going for a while with some absolute Chinglish gold, which has included:

And now I’ve added another of his photos to this weird stuff in China list!

Dental Hospitals Translation Fail…

Ha ha! Go the KB+ Dental Hospital!

Dental Hospitals

What the hell does ‘the whole city to find the most difficult to do the teeth’ mean?

Hope they don’t mistake my front teeth for my molars!

I’m not exactly sure what the translator was trying to say here, but I’m guessing they’re trying to say this is the best dental hospital in town!

If you have your teeth examined or filled in here, let me know what it’s like!

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1 thought on “Dental Hospitals in China – Lost In Translation!”

  1. Avatar Of Ryan Biddulph

    They tried their best Anthony LOL. Reminds me of some signs I see traveling through Thailand, which pretty much guarantee every store or biz is the best business 😉


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