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Don’t Forget Me – A Gentle Reminder!

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It’s funny Chingrish stuff again!

Anyway, I received this funny travel photo again from Brett Minor, who’s been living in the Orient. Check out his blog at The Transformed Nonconformist. 

His photos of Chingrish gold have included… so far…:

Today he’s managed to get a shot of a rather bizarre denim jacket which might come in handy for someone who might be suffering from memory loss…

Just Don’t Forget Me!

WTF? Don’t Forget To Don’t Forget Me?

I just forgot what this was all about. I think.Don't Forget Me - A Gentle Reminder!

I think that if you saw someone wearing this rather bizarre piece of clothing, I don’t think you could ever forget them – even if you really, really wanted to! (and needed to!).

Can’t wait to see this one on the catwalks of Milan! 🙂

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