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Funny Chinese Food Names! Grim Casserole!

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Yay, it’s Chinglish time again, thanks once again to Brett Minor who’s been living in Beijing, China – check out his blog at The Transformed Nonconformist. 

Since I haven’t been travelling that much as of late, Brett has foolishly let me use the archive of bad English translation gold that seems to be never ending from his side of the internet.

Just to refresh your memory, some of the great pics that have kept this silly travel blog from disappearing off the end of the earth include:

But probably the best signs you’ll find in China relate to the food! Check this out.

The Best Funny Chinese Food Name!

Ha ha, what the hell does ‘Baked Casserole Is Grim’ mean?

Funny Chinese Food Name

I’m not sure if that’s the name of the actual eating establishment or a dish you can actually eat!

And if you can actually eat it, does it make you sad, or as the sign says, grim?

Who knows, because this little pic is now taking up space on the internet for your amusement and entertainment!

I wonder what translation software or app is being used here, but I’m sure it’s spat out some funny things that don’t quite make sense.

Having said that, I can’t talk. If I tried to translate something from English to Chinese, I’ll probably really stuff it up so much that I’ll start World War 3!

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Anyway, if you have more funny travel photos or signs like these, please contact me and I’m happy to do it!

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4 thoughts on “Funny Chinese Food Names! Grim Casserole!”

  1. Avatar Of Transformed Nonconformist

    Sadly, I will not be adding any new pictures to that Facebook folder of Funny English because I moved away from China last week. However, I now live in Vietnam. So, who knows what this may bring.

  2. Avatar Of Ryan Biddulph

    Casserole that is grim sounds about right for some of those Chinese foods. If it has once been sentient or is sentient, on the menu it is. Resourceful culture who wastes nothing, living or dead. LOL on da grim though. Love this per usual Anthony 🙂

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