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Crazy Travel Photo – Bong Collection

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It’s time for this weeks Crazy Travel Photo – it’s the Bong Collection shop!

When I first came across this sign, I had to do a double take. Surely, in a country where you can receive the death penalty for being a drug dealer or growing drugs, there would be no way that a shop would be housing only devices used to inhale tonnes of marijuana in one sitting. If you don’t get the death penalty, you might end up in a prison for a couple of decades instead!

But this Crazy Travel Photo was spotted in the city of Jambi, in central Sumatra in Indonesia.

Crazy Travel Photo time!

Crazy Travel Photo - Bong Collection From Indonesia

Obviously, the Bong Collection shop sells shoes and clothes, but sometimes things don’t translate well into English too well. Just to make sure, I walked past the window to take a peek inside, and yes this was definitely a fashion and clothes shop. No sign of a bong anywhere (not even Doctor Bong), let alone a collection.

However, this Crazy Travel Photo probably does have a feasible explanation.

I have a feeling that this business is owned by someone Chinese, because ‘Bong’ is the Chinese name for ‘King’, and the inclusion of a crown on the Bong Collection sign would seem to back this potential theory up.

I tried looking for a ‘Munchie Collection’ shop nearby as I thought this would make sense after one had visited the Bong Collection shop, but I had no luck. Oh well. I still had a good chuckle at this photo!

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One of my own funny travel photos even made an appearance here, so it’s worth buying for that alone… maybe..

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23 thoughts on “Crazy Travel Photo – Bong Collection”

  1. Avatar Of Cricut Cartridges
    Cricut Cartridges

    My all time favorite was a Chinese restraunt I saw in Denver. It was called “You Chow Now”
    .-= Cricut Cartridges´s last blog ..Check Out these Limited Edition Cricut Cartridges! =-.

  2. Avatar Of Las Vegas Photographer
    Las Vegas Photographer

    wondering what kind of chinees food they serve … 😀 I want to visit that resto
    .-= Las Vegas Photographer´s last blog ..Beard for Congress Branding =-.

  3. Avatar Of Braking Systems
    Braking Systems

    Yeah they have very impressive stuff, but I really had a big problem communicating with them! I wanted this amazing canvas shoe i saw online that they had, but they just kept bringing the wrong one!!

  4. Avatar Of Bill Nixon - Denver Photographer
    Bill Nixon - Denver Photographer

    The Bong Collection is my favorite store of all time. We have a bunch of those stores in Colorado only they are called “dispenseraries”

  5. Avatar Of Customer Feedback

    Travel photography is extreme fun. Its full of surprises and you’ll never know when the decisive moment will be infront of you. When we are on a vacation we always hanged the camera around our neck and clicked whatever we saw on the vision

    Benjamin McKenzie

  6. Avatar Of Denver Wedding Photographer
    Denver Wedding Photographer

    Love it! My favorite when traveling around Asia a few summers ago was a restaurant called Tai Mai Shu. Great food though!
    .-= Denver Wedding Photographer´s last blog ..There’s more than one way to devour a Mac Life =-.

  7. Avatar Of Speed Dating Nyc
    speed dating nyc

    I love finding the little things that dont translate well from one language to another … like bong shop… One of the perks of travelling.

  8. Avatar Of Danna@Portrait Photography Denver
    danna@portrait photography denver

    How I wish I have a lot of opportunity to travel to places and be able to capture some unique moments, beautiful scenes and weird stuff. That’s the beauty of bringing a camera while you’re traveling.

  9. Avatar Of Cricut Cartridges
    Cricut Cartridges

    Haha! That reminds me of the time my girlfriends and I ate at a place called Long Dong’s. Oh, don’t worry… good humor was definitely not lacking that night.

  10. Avatar Of Darwin Hotels

    It is quite funny but I admire how did you learned the world Bong. That is new to me. Now I know that Bong is King in English.

  11. Avatar Of Natalie Mitchell Photography
    Natalie Mitchell Photography

    This reminds me of a crude signage I saw in Thailand a couple of years back — “Please don’t BLACK the driveway.” Amusingly enough, folks joined in and added, i equally crude writing underneath — “Yellow;” “Red;” “White.” Funny, isn’t it? 🙂

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