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Emirates Airline Business Class Review. Cattle Class Be Gone Forever!

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Emirates Airline Business Class – The Anti-Economy Class Beast!

As part of my quest to score as many junkets as possible before I leave the planet, I flew Economy Class on Emirates on the way to Dubai, and found that pretty comfortable. However, Emirates Airline Business Class is in a different league.

Anyway, my previous experiences on planes have been okay to downright scary. I’ve flown on a dodgy old Russian rust bucket in Kazakhstan which made me marvel at how such pieces of engineering manage to stay up in the air without falling to pieces – yet. I’ve been in some heavily turbulence that has left me almost wearing the brown underpants. And I’ve also experienced some delays which caused me to appreciate how soft an airport floor can be.

Hence, I was pleasant surprised to be offered a seat in Business Class for my Emirates trip back home to Australia!

Emirates Airlines Business Class Review Boeing 777 Meal

No, my photo skills aren’t that good. This is an official Emirates pic!

I love travelling, but I don’t enjoy flying that much. That’s because it takes forever to leave Australia to go somewhere else, and because I’m a tight arse, I choose the cheapest way possible, which means I’m cramped in a window seat for a 10 plus hour flight. Since I’m tall, that means I’m a good candidate for deep vein thrombosis some day because my knees are usually around my ears in most economy class seats.

As mentioned earlier, I found Emirates Economy to be pretty good. But you’ll never want to leave Business Class if you experience it!

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Firstly, you get to stay in the Emirates lounge which provides a welcome retreat from the bustling Dubai International Airport. The food there is excellent and is better than many restaurants I’ve eaten at!

When you actually go on the plane (I went on the Boeing 777), comfort levels are also high – seats are fully reclinable (and are comfortable for even tall people like me), and even have an in built massager!  The food onboard is also pretty good, so I arrived back in Australia not feeling too much like a zombie.

Emirates Business Class Video

I put together a short clip about my enjoyable time in Emirates Business Class to give you an idea.


Apparently first class on the A380 is something else. There are even showers there so you can spruce yourself up before you land!

I’ll have to do some major sweet talking to score that cool gig, but hey, nothing is impossible!

Disclaimer: yes, this was a freebie, but hey, I loved it!

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    There’s nothing wrong with a plush freebie. Get them while you can, that’s all I have to say.

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