121 Spanish Swear Words, Curses, Slang, Phrases, Insults, Colloquialisms and Expletives! Learn How To Speak Spanish!

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Today, it’s Spanish Swear Words time! And I’m not just talking about the Pajero car which is sold in English speaking territories, because pajero is a Spanish Swear Word!

But if you want to learn ‘proper Spanish’ check out..

Learn Spanish

Inevitably, when you start learning a new language, you’re going to start speaking the slang or expletive expressions because that’s what the locals do! I think some of the first Spanish words I learnt were slang, thanks to some friends from Barcelona that I met in Africa.

So what are some of the best Spanish Swear Words and Curses?

Triple-hijueputa – Three times motherf&*ker.
Pelotudo – You have big balls (testicles) but in a dumb way
Perro – Dog. Often used as “Perro hijueputa”
Polla – Female chicken, also penis
Gonorrea – A really mean person, also is a sexually transmitted disease
Uy, que care-chimba – Hey, penis face.
Me cago en la leche! – I s&*t in the milk! (means something like “s&*t, i’ve have bad luck”)
Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre– I s&*t in your whore mother’s milk
Tu hermano no tiene la ingle – Your brother has no groin
Cagaste y saltaste en la caca – You s&*t and jumped in it

They were more than happy to educate me with a tonne of Spanish swear words and curses. Actually, the words of any new language you learn are probably going to be expletives (see some Russian Swear Words for examples!)

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I mean, many people don’t speak proper English, and communicate in a series of slang words, sentences, or even whole conversations!

And Spanish is no different!

The Spanish Language

Spanish is a very expressive language and I think it reflects the people that use it as their first language.

Like English, Spanish has morphed into different sorts of slang because it’s been exported all over the world, thanks to the Spanish Empire (check out some funny Spanish Translations from Colombia here!).

Of course, Spanish then mixes with the native languages and out comes something new!

So here you go, here are some Spanish Swear Words, Curses, Slang, and Expletives that range from not too bad to downright offensive!

Spanish Swear Words, Slang, Phrases, Curses, Insults, Colloquialisms And Expletives. Learn How To Speak Spanish

If you don’t like swearing, stop reading now!

A silly, not so definitive list of Spanish Swear Words, Curses, Slang and Expletives!

By the way a couple of really high search terms on the internet include “Bitch in Spanish” which is “Perra“, and “Asshole in Spanish“. The answer to this one is either Gilipollas, tontopollas, or peludo!

Spanish Swear Word/ExpletiveEnglish Translation
Puta / PerraBitch
PutoThe “masculine” version of a bitch. Also, a very, very angry person
HijueputaSon of a bitch
Hijo de putaLong version of hijueputa.
Triple-hijueputaThree times motherf&*ker.
¿Estás puto?Are you mad?
PendejoA dumb or stupid person, a dork
Deje de ser tan pendejoStop being a dork
VergaSwear word: penis, but also is the arc of the crossbow and a type of sailing boat mast
Verga duraA hard penis
Verga muy grandeA very big penis
PelotudoYou have big balls (testicles) but in a dumb way
TaradoA douchebag, a retard
CogerTo have sex, but also means ‘to grab’ something
PerroDog. Often used as “Perro hijueputa”
PollaFemale chicken, also penis
CuliaoSomeone who just had anal sex
Cara de mondaPenis Face
PercantaA person who lives a criminal lifestyle
ZungaA bitch, prostitute
GonorreaA really mean person, also is a sexually transmitted disease
CagarTo defecate
TrompadaA punch in the face.
Te voy a romper la cara a trompadasI’m gonna break your face with my punches.
MalditoA cursed person
MaldiciónDamn, dammit
Uy, que care-chimbaHey, penis face.
Le quedo una chimbaIt looks amazing/awesome.
ChaperoGay bitch
Cabronf&*king Bastard
Polla, nabo, rabo, verga, cipotePenis
Gilipollas, tontopollasD$%khead, asshole
PichacortaLittle penis
Cojones, pelotasBalls
CojonazosBig balls
pelos de los huevos/coñoPubic hair
Chupame la pollaSuck my penis
ChupamelaSuck it
Zorra, guarraFox, dirty girl
Hijo de putaSon of a bitch, motherf&*ker
Follar, joder, chingarTo f&*k
Me cago en ti –I s&*t over you
Chorra, PinnusStupid
Que te jodanF&*k you
Que te den por culoF&*k off you
DesgraciadoUnlucky (literally means “son of a bitch”)
Me cago en la hostiaF&*king Damn it! (literaly: I s&*t in the communion wafers)
Me cago en la leche!I s&*t in the milk! (means something like “s&*t, i’ve have bad luck”)
Besame el culoKiss my ass
Hijo de mil putasSon of thousand bitches
Metete un palo por el culoShove a stick up your ass
Hueles a mierdaYou smell like s&*t
Jode a tu madreF&*k your mom
Valió madre/Valió vergaLiterally “It was worth mother” or “It was worth cock”, but means “something is f&*ked.”
GüeyLiterally means ox, but also means a dumb person
¡Mira qué cabrón!Don’t try to be a smart-ass
Pinche idiotaF&*king idiot
Pinche putaF&*king bitch
Tu madre es una puta feaYour mother is an ugly bitch
Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madreI s&*t in your whore mother’s milk
Me encanta tu culoI love your ass
Métetelo por el culoStick it up your arse
PendejoJackass / asshole
Tu hermano no tiene la ingleYour brother has no groin
Cagaste y saltaste en la cacaYou s&*t and jumped in it
Caquita de la vaquitaCow s&*t
Chinga tu hermanaF&*k your sister
Chinga tu madreF&*k your mother
ChingateF&*k you / Go f&*k yourself
CojemeF&*k me
Jode tu madre ayer nocheI f&*ked your mother last night
Qué chingados es eso?!What the f&*k is that?
Por huevos/cojonesLiterally “for eggs/testicles”. Means a reason is not required for someone to do something.
Costar un huevoLiterally to cost an egg. Used to indicate that something is very expensive.
Kieta el stupido elephanteShut up you stupid elephant
Tengo ganasI am horny
Tienes ganas?Are you horny?
Tirate a un posoThrow yourself in a hole
Tu eres más feo que el culo de un monoYou are uglier than the butt of a monkey
Tu madre es muy gato y feoYour mother is fat and ugly
Tu madre es una estupidaYour mom is stupid
Tu madre es una putaYour mom is a whore
Tu madre es una puta feaYour mother is an ugly bitch
Vete al infiernoGo to hell
Yo mataria tu!I am going to kill you!
HoraNasty penis
Culo peludoHairy asshole
Cara de panochaCrotch face
Cara de pitoPenis face
cara de mi huevo izquierdo-Left ball face
Puta madreFu*king sh*t
Bete a la vergaGo to hell
Mamon/MamonaIdiot or moron
Come mierdaEat s*%t
puta barrataCheap whore
Cojete mi suegraF*ck my mother in law
No me jodasDon’t f&*k with me.
La he jodidoI f&*ked it up
South/Central American Spanish Swear WordsEnglish Translation
Maraca (Chile)Slut
Pete (Argentina)Fellatio
PincheLiterally means kitchen assistant, but is a mean person or stingy
ChilitoLittle penis
Mondá (Colombia)Penis
Concha (Argentina)Bitch
El orto/ojete (Argentina)Ass
Las tetas (Argentina)Boobs
No joda (North Colombia)Shut the f*&k up, leave me alone

There you go!

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This of course, is just a small sample of the Spanish swear words and slang that’s out there.

I’m not exactly fluent in Spanish, but I’ve used some of these terms above and it’s all taken in a light hearted way!

But if you’re a native Spanish speaker, I’m sure you’ve got loads more of great expressions!

If you do, leave your funniest and favourite one in the comments below!

I’m sure they’ll be all gold!

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  1. Avatar Of Mark

    Haha this list is awesome. One I often hear in Latin America is “A la madre” which literally means to the mother, but is somehow offensive.

  2. Avatar Of Lucas

    Hi! Very nice site to learn new words. But I believe your friends from Barcelona were not Spanish at all. More than 90% of the words are originally from South America, in Spain we use different ones. My favorite is “me cago en tú Puta madre, hijo de la gran puta” 😉

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