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Buskers and Street Performers at La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

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La Rambla is leafy pedestrian strip of five separate streets joined together in Barcelona, Spain, containing a variety of sights ranging from sublime to seedy to downright strange. 

This straight and sloping concrete marvel is lined with Buskers and Street Performers, newsstands, bird and flower stalls, cafes, pickpockets and mime statue people who are equally spaced apart along La Rambla, ensuring the regular emptying of tourist Euro shrapnel into crudely-assembled donation containers.

But hey, the fruit and vegetable stalls look not too shabby!

Fruit Stall La Rambla Barcelona

Buskers and Street Performers – some of the most Bizarre!

Some of the Buskers and Street Performers that you might see on La Rambla include a white-suited, white painted face man presumably taking a very large white dump on a white toilet bowl, a ghostly Don Quixote who looks like he’s about to fall off his horse, and other unusual people who may have escaped the Spanish mental asylum system to earn their living on the most famous strip in Spain.

Like so! See what I mean?

Buskers And Street Performers At La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

If one’s wallet survived the initial requests from the buskers, any remaining Euro shrapnel could possibly pass into the hands of salespeople selling assorted stuff ranging from lottery tickets to jewellery.

Don Quixote

But that’s part of the charm of Barcelona. While La Rambla might be a bit touristy, it’s worth checking out just to see the strange Buskers and Street Performers that line this leafy promenade trying to earn a living. I really don’t envy these people’s day jobs at all – they can well and truly have them for the rest of their lives if the really want it! Not for me!

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