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Funny Pig Pictures – Model Pigs In The Restaurant

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Today’s bizarre travel photo is from Charlotte from Quirky Guide. You can follow @QuirkyGuide on Twitter and say hello her. It’s about a Funny Pig Picture.

Charlotte sent me this rather bizarre photo from a restaurant when she was travelling around Spain.

Imagine you’re cruising around for a feed (Australian Slang for ‘food’) and you’re really starving, and come across this:

Funny Pig Pictures - Model Pigs In The Restaurant In Madrid Spain - El Bernadino'

The Funny Pig Picture Explanation

Charlotte explains more!

‘In Segovia, north of Madrid in Spain, it’s common to decorate your restaurant windows with impossibly cute model animals – usually of the kind cooked and guzzled in the particular establishment. This photo is of El Bernadino’s front window. Bear in mind that wee little suckling pigs are usually whisked away and slow roasted – head and all. And, peculiarly happy mother pig giving birth in the window or no, it’s the specialty in this restaurant.

In case the birthing pig puts you off pork, they also sell lamb – as evidenced by the fluffy little lamb in a cooking pot, also in the front window.’

This photo is almost as bizarre as the Casa Del Formaggio in Florence, Italy. Oh well!

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