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Toilet Photos – The Korean Urinal Sign

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Toilet Photos With A Giggle!

Today’s Funny Travel Photo comes from Nomadic Samuel. Say hi to @NomadicSamuel on Twitter. There’s also a Nomadic Samuel Facebook Page as well. Sam’s pic is something to add to the collection of Toilet Photos on this site – it’s the Korean Urinal Sign! It’s up there with the House Of Curries sign and the Waterfall Urinal!

Ah, toilet humor – just seems to make the world go round! While the art or necessity of needing to relieve oneself from natures call is universal amongst humans, the way that human excrement should be expelled from the body does vary a lot, based on the toilet signs that are around the place.

I guess it makes for interesting dinner party conversations – that is, if you are not eating at the time!

The Toilet Photo of the Day!

Here it is! A South Korean version of how to use a urinal! Have a look closely at the graphics and the picture in general!

Toilet Photos - Korean Urinal SignNomadic Samuel says ‘This is a picture of a hilarious toilet sign in Seoul, South Korea. What I find humorous about this Toilet Photo is the way he’s holding his hands on the back of his hips and then the visual urine display (as if somebody didn’t know how to take a piss) as a how-to-guide. Also, instead of urinal they put in English ”urine”…LOL’

Hey, what’s wrong with striking a pose when you are doing something necessary at the same time? ;P

But anyway, yes, maybe they are taking the piss with the sign… so to speak.. Pardon the pun.

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