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National Geographic Photography, Television and Shops – Won’t Mention National Pornographic!

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National Geographic Photography – probably hasn’t seen this yet!

Today, I’ve got a funny National Geographic Parody T-Shirt that one of my friends spotted on a trip a few years ago to Hungary. It was that funny, that he just had to buy it on the spot! Actually, if I had spotted this Tshirt, I would have bought one as well!

One of the joys of travelling is checking out the send ups of well established brands that one may find at the odd flea market around the place. I’m not sure if these clothes manufacturers actually bother to ask permission to make fun of the logo, but hey, this is a a great way to make your friends laugh.

Anyway, the funny send ups include some of the Funny T-Shirts and parodies that occur. And this one is one of the funniest I’ve seen!

It’s the National Pornographic T-Shirt! Looks like it’s one of those ‘Genuine Imitations’ of a famous logo with a slight piss take!

All in the name of nature! I know two rhinos are featured in this logo, but if the animals were camels, I’d be saying ”One hump or two?”

National Pornographic

You can wear this Tshirt out anywhere for a good laugh! Actually, my friend has worn this T-shirt out to many places and it’s an instant conversation starter!

I’m thinking of stealing it from him so I can wear it on my travels so I can strike up conversations with strangers who might otherwise ignore me at the bar!

National Geographic Shop, Photographic And Television - Not

More National Geographic Stuff.

Like most travellers, I’m a big fan of the National Geographic brand and how they can bring the world into your living room. They are probably responsible for infecting me with the travel bug in the first place.

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Anyway, for more legit National Geographic stuff, check out the numerous National Geographic Productions that are out there! Just to give yourself more itchy feet!

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  1. Avatar Of Henri @ Europe &Amp; Beyond
    Henri @ Europe & Beyond

    More funny T Shirts is exactly what we need to chuckle our way ourt of the economic doldrums.



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