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Sake Bomb – How To Drink One In Japan

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Sake Bomb – Enough of them will blow your head off!

A Sake Bomb is a beer cocktail created by pouring Sake (a Japanese spirit distilled from rice) into a shot glass and dumping it into a pint of beer – and sculling in quick time. Just another example of another way to drink alcohol on your travels.

I discovered this type of beer shandy on a G Adventures trip to Japan.

The method of drinking is similar to that of a Jager bomb. But sometimes two chopsticks are placed parallel on top of the glass of beer, and the shot glass is carefully balanced on them. The aim is to then make sure the sake shot glass falls into the beer, which creates an amber/spirit mix!

There is then a drinking ritual where the (formerly sober) drinker then chants “SAKE!” and slams the table with his fists, dislodging the chopsticks and causing the sake to fall into the beer. The beer/sake mix is then drunk immediately, and quickly! Probably causing a massive rush to the head!

This drinking ritual probably doesn’t fall into the responsible/sustainable drinking category if you had a few of these in a row, but hey, it’s a lot of fun with a few friends in tow!

Sake Bomb Video – Putting things in to practice!

Here is some footage I capture showing how to drink a Sake Bomb!


Hmm, a great way to wipe yourself out! Fire away!

More Sake Bomb Stuff

If you feel like writing yourself off with a Sake Bomb, check out The Insider’s Guide to Sake. I’m sure there are thousands of way to practice Darwin’s theory of Beer Drinking – that is, you kill the weak brain cells so only the strong ones survive, so theoretically one becomes smarter.

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I’ve been experimenting with that theory for years. Not sure if it’s working yet…

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