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Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Cover – The Anti Theft Version!

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Funny Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Cover!

The Amazon Kindle eBook Reader has been selling like hotcakes since it was released into the world. The Amazon Kindle is like a device that can store a whole library into a small electronic bundle for you to read at any time you want – almost making the libraries around the world obsolete, and a lot of rainforests much happier.

An example of one is shown below.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Well one of my mates, who runs, has come across an ingenious contraption to help deter potential Amazon Kindle thieves whilst travelling on the road! This is an absolute beauty!

The Amazon Kindle Reader Trick!

Check this out. This looks like a normal notebook on first glance, doesn’t it? There’s no evidence here that a relatively expensive piece of electronic gear is being stored anywhere nearby.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Cover

Well, it’s not! This device is a clever form of disguise. It’s worthy of a display at the International Spy Museum!

It’s the Anti Theft Cover! Open up the notebook, and this is what you get!

Ebook Reader Cover - Amazon Kindle

My friend says ‘ This is an awesome contraption created by my good Colombian friend (who remarkably has been travelling for the last 6 consecutive years). Its a regular notebook that he has carved out in the center to fit his Kindle flush in and hide away from grubby backpacker thieves!’

What a brilliant, but simple idea. I think you could do this trick for any Travel Gadget you take overseas! Gold!

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If you really want an Amazon Kindle, buy one from Amazon! Somehow, I don’t think they would be offering this ingenious cover as an add on, but just go and buy a cheap notebook from your local stationery store and start cutting away at the inside pages. You could probably use this for iPads and other electronic gadgetry that you haul all around the world.

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9 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Cover – The Anti Theft Version!”

  1. Avatar Of Edmaration

    Hello travel tart! I have been stalking your blog several months now and it is my first time to leave a comment!

    I love this disguise, I think this is an effective way to carry this gadget everywhere.

  2. Avatar Of Brad@Kindle Fire Leather Cover
    Brad@kindle fire leather cover

    lol this cover is seriously awesome! I have never seen this before. How cool would this be to have in a boring class where you wanted to do some secret reading with your kindle. This has to be hands down the best cover I have seen for the Kindle. LOL I love it!


  3. Avatar Of Gina

    Love this! Good for the beach when you want to go for a dip in the ocean, but worried about leaving electronics behind.

  4. Avatar Of Abhishek Behl

    Very creative and nice this cover. Thanks for sharing and great post Anthony ?

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