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Digital Travel. What Travel Gadgets Should You Bring?

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Digital Travel and Travel Gadgets – Some Not So Serious!

Digital Travel is well and truly alive and here to stay.

I’m just wondering if anyone remembers analogue travel?  You know, when you had to bring a film camera, film video and had to post stuff home because the backpack was full of tapes and rolls of film?

I remember watching the Australian Broadcasting Corporation series, Race Around The World in the late 1990’s (check out how daggy the website is!).  For those outside of Australia, this was a TV program where contestants had to ‘tape’ their travels on a round the world trip, edit them, and then post them home to Australia before a deadline.  Their stories were then aired on the show.

That was only just over 10 years ago! But this way of travelling now seems so antiquated!

With the advent of Digital Travel and new Travel Gadgets, one can now take photos or video footage during the day and upload it that night (or even straight away) for the entire world to see.  If it’s something silly or stupid, it might even become viral and you could have your 15 minutes of internet fame.  Your stuff ups are not safe anymore with the advent of Digital Travel!

So, what are the Travel Gadgets that now more or less essential for the Digital Travel Nomad?

Well, that depends on your point of view.  Let’s have a look at the Digital Travel options.

Digital Travel Gadget Number One – Digital Still Camera

Sounds obvious – we want to take memories of our great trip.  That’s because it provides us with motivation for another trip when you are staring at your computer wallpaper when chained behind the desk of your work cubicle, or fluorescent prison.

For me, I have a Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, and I’ll never go back to a compact – simply because of the image quality and speed.  I have a Nikon D60 which is almost 2 years old.

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Nikon D60 Slr Camera Digital Travel Gadget

This is quite a small SLR and does the job for me perfectly.  I have the 18-55mm and 55-200mm kit lenses which takes awesome shots.  But I want a Nikon 18-200mm lens because this would cover the vast majority of the focal length ranges when travelling, without the need to change lenses.  I can fit this camera (and the lenses) into my small ‘man bag’ and carry it around all day without the weight pissing me off.

I also carry a small, Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens which is great for night shots and special effects.  Other good small SLR’s are the Nikon D5000, Nikon D3000, Canon 500D, Olympus E-510, Pentax K-x or Sony A350.  In fact, it doesn’t really matter which model you choose – it all comes down to preference!

Some SLRs even have video now.  But using an SLR as a video recorder as well isn’t exactly ‘stealth worthy’.

Alternatively, there is the digital pocket camera.  These are great for portability reasons, but the image quality is less than a SLR, and it’s much slower.  Pocket cameras are great for a big night out, because they fit in your pocket and you can hold a beer with one hand, and the camera with the other.

If you were really desperate, you could have an operation and have a camera inserted into your prostehtic eye, like this guy.  That’s too hardcore for me.

Digital Travel Gadget Number Two – Digital Video Camera

Personally, I don’t want to see my entire trip through a viewfinder.  But taking video is great for the odd piece of footage which provides that extra dimension to your Digital Travel experience.  You could bring over the entire David Attenborough film crew, or something much less compact.  You don’t need the flashest gear – the famous ‘Battle at Kruger’ clip was shot on a handy cam, and became the most viewed YouTube video of 2007.

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You can now possess a high definition video camera that is the size of a mobile phone.  Examples are the Vado HD or Flip HD. The Vado is shown below to indicate size:

Vado Hd Video Recorder Travel Gadget

I own the Vado HD, and I love it because it’s small, compact and inconspicuous.  It looks like a mobile phone, so it’s great for portability and I can still fit this in my man bag with the Digital SLR.

Digital Travel Gadget Number Three – The Mobile Phone

I hate mobile phones – they feel like an emotional ball and chain to me.  Waiting for that damn phone to ring.  But, on my recent trip to Indonesia, I found it very handy.  People from home can also text you now and then to see how you are going, and you can text back saying what a great time you are having.  You can buy a sim card in the country, which usually works out cheaper.

Mobile Phone Travel Gadget

Actually, I found it great when I was texting a transport service, requesting a space on a mini-van.  I translated some words out of my Lonely Planet Indonesia guide, with a note at the end saying that I didn’t speak Indonesian, and this worked a treat.  They texted me back and booked me a seat! Seriously, this works!

Digital Travel Gadget Number Four – Laptop or Notebook

You need somewhere to store all of the Digital Travel crap, don’t you?  Well you need to either upload it somewhere via the internet, or store it before you do.  Storing this may be required, especially if you are spending long periods in isolated areas, or in some countries with crappy internet speeds.  A notebook is a lot smaller and more compact than a laptop, but they suck for people with big fingers like me.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a microchip in our heads to dump all this Digital Travel data!  But we may have this in the next 10 years.

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These computers are also Wi-fi enabled, so you can hook up to the internet almost anywhere.

Digital Travel Gadget Number Five – Power Adaptors

All of the Digital Travel Gadgets require a thing called power to run them.  Some people have enough Travel Gadgets, that the seemingly simple act of charging them is enough to release a truckload of greenhouse gases that would submerge entire island nations.  But you need to right power charger and/or plug to keep your Digital Travel existence alive.  You can bring separate adaptors, or now there are some all in one models.  You can even buy a solar powered charging device that you can plug your stuff into in remote areas as well.

Digital Travel Gadget Number Six – The Remote Controlled Fart Machine

For practical jokers like me, The Remote Controlled Fart Machine is a priceless Travel Gadget that is guaranteed to generate many laughs.  Unfortunately, it also looks like a remote controlled bomb, and it may gain you a cavity search by irate immigration officials.

Remote Controlled Fart Machine

You can read more on a previous article I wrote about the Remote Controlled Fart Machine.

Digital Travel Summary

So what’s the bottom line?

Well, you bring what is suitable for you.  We all have different Digital Travel needs.  Digital Travel is many things, and not just one thing.

But for me, I’m anal when it comes to backpacking.  I’d rather take as little as possible, and if I do take it, it needs to be small and light.

I am definitely not the Gadget Geek Travel Personality type, which I wrote about a while ago.

How about you? What works well in your Digital Travel endeavours? Leave a comment and have your say!

Anyway, enjoy your Digital Travel!

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

21 thoughts on “Digital Travel. What Travel Gadgets Should You Bring?”

  1. Avatar Of Sasha

    I’ve never thought about travelling with a remote control fart machine, this sounds like the new age version of a whoopee cushion I can see the potential!!! I may have to add it too the list LOL. It’s great to see you admitting to using a ‘man bag’ I know many people who refuse to admit it even when it’s on them (‘It’s not a man bag, it’s a satchel’ is a common explanation)

    My one digital travel indulgence is my waterproof camera and 12 memory cards!!! (first time I used in the wet I dropped it in a nice muddy river luckily for me a nice Thai may dove down and got it!!!)

  2. Avatar Of Laptopaid

    Those gadgets are really looking very cool because all those gadgets are highly advanced and great in functionality. I am really glad to know about that. Anyways keep it up and keep continue.

  3. Avatar Of Luc J

    A multi-charger is a must. I used to travel with following separate chargers: reflex camera, camcorder, cell phone, gps, laptop, iPod – and then there’s the one I always forget, but I can’t remember what it is 🙂
    That was a whole bag full of chargers and cables!
    .-= Luc J´s last blog ..Rechargeable Batteries that Hold Their Charge – LSD batteries =-.

  4. Avatar Of Alyudha

    remote control fart machine ???

    hmm..seriously, i never imagine some kind of machine for a joke @travelling hohohoho

  5. Avatar Of Holidaysandcashonline

    LOL ok cute gadget. It’s a wonder they are not being sold in auction sites.
    Imagine the young teens going crazy over them!

    This is fast becoming one of my fav blogs! Thanks for this morning’s smile and Happy New Year to you all!!

    Jules 🙂
    .-= HolidaysAndCashOnline´s last blog ..Vanuatu Travel Deals =-.

  6. Avatar Of Awesome Stuff

    I am looking to get a new phone.. this helped me make my decision, thanks!
    .-= awesome stuff´s last blog ..Black Pearl Watch? =-.

  7. Avatar Of Gerry@ Small Laptop Computers
    Gerry@ small laptop computers

    It may not make your top ten but but if you can’t bring a Laptop or Netbook computer thatn at least bring along a USB jump drive with a portable version of your Internet browser on it. this way you can plug the USb stick into any computer and have your email accounts bookmarks etc right with you and operate from any computer as you travel. This way you can be secure and not leave your browsing history on the computer you use.

  8. Avatar Of Gerry Laptop Carry Bags
    Gerry Laptop Carry Bags

    I love gadgets, but most of all I like gadgets which combine many functions into one, eg my mobile phone has a decent camera, does text, internet connection with Skype, and email. I have an all in one adapter although I am often challanged when configuring it for a new country. My motto is keep the number of gadgets to a minimum and the functions each does to a max.
    .-= Gerry Laptop Carry Bags´s last blog ..About us. =-.

  9. Avatar Of Canon Digital Slr
    canon digital slr

    i realy love Canon DSLR. .
    .-= canon digital slr´s last blog ..Dads Choose a Camera for Family Photos =-.

  10. Avatar Of Gayle Pescud

    THis is what I’ve been looking for for a while. And I’m old enough to remember the rolls of film. We spent $2000 alone processing photos from Italy some years ago. I don’t like gadgets and don’t want to do the research so this is perfect. Cool.
    .-= Gayle Pescud´s last blog ..eXtradordinary People, Perception, Attitude and Change =-.

  11. Avatar Of Adriana Campbell
    Adriana Campbell

    i have found my biggest money saver is to have a phone with skype, or a nice a laptop with skype to call home from Colombia. is the coolest application for travelers. OR BETTER PEOPLE THAT WANT TO FOOL the world so noone knows exactly where you are.

  12. Avatar Of Terri

    I loved my flip camera. I can take it anywhere and then when I get home I can get still photos from it also along with the video. Great blog!

  13. Avatar Of Catia

    I travel with all of those except the fart machine (although my phone could have one as an app somewhere on there :p)

    A handy gadget to bring though if you’re travelling to somewhere without drinkable water is a steri-pen. It cleans water and takes up relatively little space!

  14. Avatar Of A@ Semi Trucks
    A@ Semi Trucks

    I like two gadgets more from above six gadgets. One is Digital Video Camera and second is mobile phone. I think this is most necessary gadgets for travel and i will use Remote Controlled Fart Machine in my next travel.

  15. Avatar Of Liz Harmon

    I’ve heard of using humor in your posts….but a fart machine??? 🙂 Seriously, very nice blog with some good ideas… I use some of them, like taking pic on my phone and sending them to my email. Makes posting on craigslist very very easy from a distance.

    Canon also makes a very good series of SLR cameras. It’s a matter of preference… But no matter the camera you choose, assuming good quality, photography is seriously one of the best hobbies available because you learn to see art in your surroundings.

    To Your Success,

    Liz Harmon

    Keep up the good work here…

  16. Avatar Of Bank Jobs

    This camera is very nice. The photos are very clear with good picture quality. One can get good idea about the scenic beauty takem

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