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Travel Gear Giveaway – Men’s Travel Pants from Bluffworks!

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Today it’s giveaway time – I’ve got some Travel Gear to giveaway to whoever is silly enough to read this blog!

It’s a pair of very cool Men’s Travel Pants from Bluffworks.

Bluffworks Logo

These travel pants are a bit different from your normal travel gear like cargo pants that you might trash on your round the world trip.

Bluffworks pants are designed to be worn in the office but also out travelling. They’re made from 100% polyester so you don’t have to iron them often which is great because not many people have access to an iron when they’re backpacking.

Travel Gear For Men

But they’re also just at home for when you have meetings in the office.

Anyway, a while back, Stefan from Bluffworks emailed me to see if I was interested in trying a pair for my own use. I thought why not, I liked the concept of having a pair of trousers that I could use for both hiking but also wear out and look a bit smarter than I normally do when I’m in scruffy backpacker mode.

Travel Clothes For Men

Yes, there are times where you might want a change from jeans to wear out at night!

Men’s Travel Gear Review – Bluffworks Travel Pants

Overall, I was very surprised about how much I liked these travel pants (and I’m not saying this just because they were a freebie). They’re made in New York City, and look and feel very comfortable. I’ve spent a lot more on other pants that were inferior, and the stitching/build quality is the best I’ve seen in a long time.

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The little guy wins!

Best Office Pants

Because I’m a real gumby at sewing, I had my mother take up the pants so they would be the right length – and she even commented that the stitching and fabric quality was one of the best she’s seen in a long, long time and she’s been sewing for over 50 years!

Bluff Works, Stefan Loble, Mt. Adams Washington, Pants Shoot, 07

Anyway, I did a quick video review about Bluffworks travel pants here. They’re also quite practical, as there is a security pocket with a zip located on the left hand side so it’s very hard for pickpockets to nick things like your wallet and passport.


There you go!

So what do you have to do to win a pair of Bluffworks travel pants?

Well, I’ve taken all of the thinking away from you – just leave a comment (even a silly one) and I’ll randomly choose one using a random number generator.

If you’re a guy, you’ll really like these. If you’re a girl, enter anyway for the man you think who deserves if (eg. boyfriend, husband, brother, father etc) and you’ll be their best friend for life!

Mens Travel Pants

Stefan will then post the Bluffworks travel pants to anywhere in the world! He’ll get hold of your measurements and send you the colour of your choice.

When I do I need to leave a comment by?

Make sure you leave a comment below by 10 am on Wednesday June 11 2014, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), which is GMT +10 hours!

And you might have a pair of Bluffworks very soon!


Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

17 thoughts on “Travel Gear Giveaway – Men’s Travel Pants from Bluffworks!”

  1. Avatar Of Jarratt Horton
    Jarratt Horton

    Send me those pants!!!!

    Seriously though, I like looking smart and I hate ironing, so these sound great 🙂

  2. Avatar Of E

    I got a couple pairs of the original cuts of these – still wear them almost every day over a year later.

    These are great pants, and the people behind them are worth supporting!

    I’d love to try the new cut!

    Keep bloggin’! :>

  3. Avatar Of Damien Fisher

    I have a pair of Bluffs and wear them as part of my work attire, selling $300,000+ Aston Martin’s. They fit right in and look the part while being comfortable and easy to maintain.

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